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Who Am I?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by jayasala42, Nov 5, 2022.

  1. jayasala42

    jayasala42 IL Hall of Fame

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    This article of mine was published in the Hindu Open
    Page three weeks back under 'Web page' column.
    WHO AM I?


    Who am I ?This question has been lingering in human

    mind for ages.Sages like Ramana and many other

    Acharyas have dealt with ‘Forget I’ concept.But today

    KYC is the moola mantra everywhere.

    Twenty years back ,I gave a red carpet welcome

    to PC. I opened an e mail account with a password

    containing a beautiful admixture of letters,numbers

    and punctuation marks.

    After two years ,suddenly the idiot box refused to

    recognize me and raised all sorts of questions as

    Pet animal,name of childhood friend etc which I had

    totally forgotten.I had to open a fresh account.

    Within 10 days I received tens of mails from my relatives

    and friends enquiring about an unoccurred accident

    in Germany in which I was stated to have been involved

    and whether I needed any financial help.Some haker

    had dome the mischief.

    Again a search for password!I got screwed up when

    I had to find different passwords for different e-mail

    Accounts,ATM, On line banking etc.Confusion confounded

    When I used the words like Sami/Swami/Swamy/koil/kovil

    Etc.Very often I forget where to place the _( underscore).

    I feel that ‘password’ itself is a wrong nomenclature

    Since it is a ‘ failword’

    Being an octogenarian I tend to forget names,including

    my own.I carefully note to record all the I. D.s and

    passwords in a secluded place very often forgetting

    Where I have recorded.

    My secret box contains tens of identities- passport,

    Ration card.ATM,Credit Card,Aadhar card,Employee

    Identity Card,Health Insurance card etc.The list

    Is endless each having an unmemorisable number

    Not to talk of the Gas Allotment Letter issued

    50 years back,almost in its death bed,having

    turned brown and blank.Our door number has

    been changed thrice under the whims and fancies

    of the corporation authorities.

    Bank Account number which was a tiny four digit

    number has grown like Hanuman tail,challenging

    even memory wizards.

    A king approached a sage and asked.” I have won

    over many States and lands and my treasury is full

    of riches.But when can I become really happy?”

    The sage replied “ you will be happy only when

    ‘I” die.The king in rage dragged his sword,but

    the sage calmed him down and said.” By ‘I’

    I mean your ego.

    As an ardent devotee of Ramana whenever I

    make an attempt to forget ‘I’,all the multitudes

    of passwords ,and 15 digit numbers with various

    signs and symbols start threatening me.They do

    form part and parcel of my identity.They seem to

    mock at me and sage Ramana’s book in my hand.

    I need neither Identity card nor a password.

    Don’t disturb me for KYC norms.Leave me alone.

    Vathsala Jayaraman


  2. joylokhi

    joylokhi Platinum IL'ite

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    :) enjoyed reading. Like it or not, we have to learn to cope with passwords , if we have to manage our financial affairs in particular, digitally. I however feel it is a small price to pay for the convenience of operations that the digital world affords us.
  3. HariLakhera

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    Great. What are we today without a password? SBI wants me to change my login password every after 180 days. Each password must contain a Capital letter, a number, and a minimum of 8 letters. No password can be repeated. In spite of all this, hackers can take my money from the bank.
  4. umaakumar

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    Dear Jayasala,

    Nice writeup. Simple things have been complicated.
    I tried to open a new login in IRCTC. Though I tried so many passwords, it never accepted. Kept saying it needs number, a special character, 8 words long etc etc. I finally gave up.

    I dread creating new password and just like you cannot remember them after a while.

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