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Whispers Of Love

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by blackbeauty84, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. blackbeauty84

    blackbeauty84 IL Hall of Fame

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    ‘Harini..wait..I want to talk to you alone..shall we talk in the car?’ Srikanth took me to the car.

    ‘ORK wanted me to stay abroad and wanted me not to be in touch with you while he would try to change your mind. He warned me that he will spoil both our professional lives. Harini, I’m not bothered about professional life. I mean ORK cannot do anything to us. But ..us..I can’t stand anything separating us after what we have gone through…’

    ‘You are right…’ I said holding his hands. ‘How does Mukund manage to catch everything? We could have got married silently and…’

    ‘He must have gone to registrar office for his marriage registration…Srikanth said. We remain seated in car. Srikanth got a call from Ramya which he didn’t pickup.

    ‘Your father arrived..’ I said as I saw chairman getting out of the car and president greeted him. They both glanced in our direction and waved.


    ‘Let’s get married…’ I said.

    ‘Don’t you want your mother or Nandhini…I mean it’s no more a secret marriage...’Srikanth said.

    Chairman knocked our car window ‘I have asked everyone to come home. In case you have changed mind and decided to get married let me know…I have missed an important deal thinking you guys are tying knots today…’

    ‘Yeah thanks dad…’ Srikanth mumbled.

    ‘I’m not sure whether ORK or your mother knows…’ chairman said sitting in the car back seat.

    ‘Dad we were planning to elope…’ Srikanth said while chairman sat in the car backseat.

    ‘Till we invited ourself.....We knew only about the register marriage till yesterday night. I was supposed to land by 9, thought I could catch you. It was early this morning, I came to know about temple marriage. I’m sorry guys. I didn’t mean to stop your wedding. …’ chairman’s hands reached out to cigarette. He received a call. ‘It’s Mukund…seems Ramya is giving him an earful for interfering with your marriage…Okay you know where to find me..’

    ‘Right dad I’ll see off Sameer, Rajib and then we will come home…’Srikanth answered.

    Rajib and Sameer asked us to call them if we are proceeding with our register marriage.

    Chairman and President were sipping coffee when we reached home. Sriram was relishing his cup too. I could find Priya in a corner talking in phone.

    One of the house staffs who were standing came with coffee and some refreshments for us.

    Srikanth was explaining to his dad what ORK told him the previous day ‘ I’m sorry I played a part in that…’ President said.

    ‘Didn’t I say so Priya?’ Sriram got excited. ‘I know your look when you have interfered in something…’

    ‘Hey…that’s not a purposeful…I requested for a detective check on Srikanth and he happened to…’ President started explaining.

    ‘Wait wait..why did you…’ Srikanth’s father asked.

    ‘To check whether you have anything to do with that..I’m talking about our group shares..What Jai you don’t know about that?’ President asked looking at chairman’s face.

    ‘He doesn’t....’Srikanth replied. ‘Dad I hold close to five percentage of Evolution Group shares….Apart from my expenses invested al my earnings there..’

    ‘So you thought I have been buying in Srikanth’s name…’His father asked Venkat.

    ‘Yes..I thought may be you are investing in Srikanth’s name but now I know you have no part in both the boys investment..’He explained.

    ‘You too Sriram…’ Srikanth’s father asked

    ‘Thanks for bring this up sir..tongue slip I presume..’ Sriram said to Venkat. ‘Dad I own around 3% shares of Evolution I mean not the group…’ he said to his father.

    ‘Guys…I might get caught for insider trading.. you are aware of that right…’ their father raised his voice.

    ‘There’s no such anamoly…I asked them to check on it..’ Venkat paused and took another sip of coffee.’Coming to the point when I asked him to get the background check on Srikanth for this purpose detective presumed it’s for personal rean and produced a full dossier.’

    ‘You could have asked me directly…’Srikanth’s father remarked.

    ‘I had eye on Srikanth for quiet sometime..by the time he crosses 7.5% and joins board, I want him to have a firm grip of company, hence checked his background. ‘ Venkat laid a hand on snacks.

    ‘How’s this linked with ORK, uncle?..’ Srikamth asked Venkat.

    ‘Looks like a long story ..let’s talk while having breakfast. Harini, ORK is out of country. Would you mind if we call your mother?’ Srikanth’s father asked.

    ‘I would…’ I said. Chairman laughed.

    President continued the story: that day post talking about Srikanth about the opening in Mukund’s wedding ORK paid him a surprised visit. ORK was quiet drunk by that time and was talking about the incident where Mukund’s cousin misbehaved with Priya.He was worried thinking what would people talk about me. Venkat who was also drunk by that time thrusthed detective report on him saying why worry. ORK took the report to his room and appeared as if he went threw the report.

    ‘Next day he pointed thatSrikanth had multiple girl friends prior…does not have much bank balance and he had problems with his smoking/drinking habits as well…I advised him and took him through the mistakes I done on part of Sriram…I lost Sriram because I concentrated on trivial issues of him…’ Venkat explained over breakfast.

    ‘Finally someone’s accepting…’ Sriram said a bit loudly to Srikanth.

    ‘Unless you have a girl of your own you won’t understand Sriram..you get a feeling whether he is perfect for my daughter…ORK is undergoing the same problem..’Venkat sighed.

    ‘Seriously Venkat…don’t you trust your children to take decisions..’ Srikanth’s father commented.

    ‘I don’t expect you to understand Jai,,,’Venkat replied hastily. ‘Anyway that report was supposed to be confidential…’

    ‘Srikanth what do you want to do?’ chairman asked.

    ‘I want to get relieved from Evolution. I can’t work in same place with ORK. I literally pushed Harini in agreeing in with me for getting married today..I’ll discuss with her and…’

    ‘Srikanth let me help you in relieving first..don’t look at me like that Jai. You won’t lift a finger in helping your son…’Venkat made few calls and by the end of breakfast conveyed us Srikanth will be relieved by end of the week.

    ‘Well that solves one thing..can I expect a message if you are planning to get married. I need to get to bakery now. ‘ Soon everyone left and only chairman remained with us.

    Chairman was deep in thoughts. Srikanth excused himself to make call to Ramya.

    ‘Are you trying to hide from your mom as she his hers?’ chairman asked all of a sudden.

    ‘No ..it will put her in a tough position. She will be obliged to tell ORK which I don’t want.’ I replied.

    ‘ORK got you girls very late in his life and to my knowledge doing his duty as father well. He might be little weird but definitely a nice man, I hope you realize it and take decisions accordingly..’ Chairman told me and got up from his seat.

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