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Where You Leave Kid After 7yrs? When Day Care Doesn't Take Them

Discussion in 'Schoolgoers & Teens' started by Vedhavalli, Oct 27, 2017.

  1. Vedhavalli

    Vedhavalli Finest Post Winner

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    Hi friends,
    I'm little worried, I came to know daycares both in India / US don't take kids after 7 yrs of age.(I was lil ignorant)
    My concerns are
    What generally people do? ( No elder support to look after kid)

    I know some after school exists but worried about thier standard and quality,
    I see 25-30 kids are dumped in a hall..
    Do homework, no play nothing.
    I'm super worried.
    I see a general decline of women in workforce after child birth n when kids reach teen.
    How in general working women manage kids after they are 10?
    When the IT offices are in other end of city, with choatic traffic like Bangalore n Chennai?
    With tough deadlines and late night calls?
    Pls throw some light for me

  2. ashneys

    ashneys Platinum IL'ite

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    In a similar situation, I have seen moms hiring helpers. Either as a live in maid, who stays 24/7 or part timers who comes in n stays with the child from school time till the parents come in.

    We live in a residential society, Usually kids above 10 can take care of themselves,

    so say for e.g they reach home at 4pm, they bath, change, eat something, maybe tv, gadgets or homework for sometime.

    Then our society offers classes like basketball, football, tennis, martial arts, dance, arts, etc.. depending on the child's preference they pick one or more. N it keeps them busy for sometime.

    Even if no classes, many kids are out to play from 5-8pm in the society parks n play grounds.

    So for everything, they are safely inside the compound with guards, neighbours who knows the kids n parents n no vehicles zooming at high speed.

    After that dinner time, n sleep.

    I have also seen the pattern of picking a house closer to atleast one spouse's work place. Even if they own a house, they rent it out n move closer to the office.
    Or look for work that let's you work from home atleast for a few days in a week. So that one parent can be available more.
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  3. blackbeauty84

    blackbeauty84 Finest Post Winner

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    Hire help or care takers.

    My cousin has hired someone who will give the kid tiffin(prepared by my cousin) and milk , be in the house/play area till one of the parent arrives.

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