Where do we stand ? Common citizen's Woe's & Longings...

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    Dear Friends,

    Here I like to share the common citizen's Woe's & longing for a better society with more humantarian approach.

    The society consists of all walks of people with different ideology & faith.

    Gandhiji promoted friendship and harmony amongst all Indians.
    Are we walking in Gandhiji's footsteps and his dream?

    Talking about freedom of speech and expression, can a citizen point out the flaws in the system or point fingers at the wrongdoings of individuals without being witch-hunted?

    Your answer will be as good as mine.

    Crime rates are on the increase and there is a decrease in racial tolerance.

    Terrorism & its irrepairable loses of innocent lives.....

    What significance is the day to a young bride who is sold in marriage for a hefty dowry and mistreated thereafter?

    What significance is the day to a society where the birth of a girl child is still considered a sad day?

    When People in this society is deprived of their fundamental rights to express, move, act, perform their worldy duties & suffer due to unforeseen, unwarrented strike calls and Bandh's or Harthal by a few political parties, there by the free movement of transportations, shopping essential commodities and health services disturbed.....

    These strikes and hartals, which effectively shuts down essential and non-essential services in the state.

    Rioting is far more serious than hartals and shutdowns, because mob violence is the worst expression of a civilization.

    It is what happens when people disagree to talk and resort to violence to express themselves.

    The vast economical, production, manpower and Business loses are enormous...

    Public and private properties damaged, cars, two wheelers, buses and trucks burnt during mob violence.....

    who will compensate these loses ?

    What happens if someone is sick.

    What about a baby..what about a pregnant mom ?

    What if some one wants to conduct & attend their family functions like marriages, funerals.

    Is judiciary is doing its timely judgements or Power centres in State & Central Controls us.

    We have to fight against our own politicians who control India for their own selfish benefits, for their own selfish commitments and to abet their own selfish finances.

    We want to see growth in the Agriculture, Irrigation, Education, Health, Employment, Urban Renewal and Infrastructure.

    Female foeticide, infanticide, dowry deaths, rapes on one hand; religious bigotry that has killed endlessly and sent fears up the spine of the living dead;

    Government machinery that is elected to fuel the politician's insatiable thirst for power, someone please tell them coffins have no pockets.

    Where do we stand ?

    When are we going to be transperent & helpful to eachother !!!

    Every Elections we Vote and anticipate for a change, Do we get it !!!


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    You have raised question/doubts/longings of every citizen in India especially in Tamilnadu today.

    My first and foremost concern is our political system, the hooligans that rule the politics (country) and the uneducated mass that vote for them repeatedly just for Rs.100, a bottle of beer (saarayam) and one time meal. As long as the above exists, things can never change.

    Now, there are political parties that have diffrent set of views and vision to make India better, but those political parties are not skilled enough to deal with these hooligans in their own way. What we actually need is to deal with these atrocious politicians in a very upper handed way by terrorising them to behave differently. In a a nutshell, As Director Shankar shows in his films .. in Indian, Muthalvan, Anniyan etc., where ONE MAN has enormous power and he uses all his powers to remove the evil politicians/forces without involving justice system. It can never happen in reality.. and it is just impossible for a single man to deal with a whole bunch of wrongdoers independently.

    India does not need democracy as majority of the people do not know how to behave/use freedom for constructive reasons, hence they need to be told/corrected/severely punished to learn the right behaviour and groom them for years about constuctive use of freedom and create a sense of fear if they misuse the freedom like in China especially where the system (though it is communism) works for betterment of the socity. Though the chinese way too has lot of corruption and other issues, but the common man is definitely given a better life when compare to India. Also, internationally, Chinese work force has enormous displine when compare to Indian work force. Indians are much more educated, brainy, hardworking, but all the above has no impact whatsoever because of our stupid, selfish, uneducated, ruthless politicians who have done very little for the country but have become extremely wealthier personally.

    Well, how do we get rid of such politicians.
    1. First thing is to bring in a law indicating that only educated people can enter into politics, then have a group of educated, experienced and knowledgeable set of people at the top level to monitor the performance of elected officials and have a law to remove them during their tenure itself if they fail to fulfill their responsibilities.

    2. Make education atleast until high school level a must for everyone and let the Govt pay for it. It is a good investment that make India a real super power. Punish children who refuse to get educated and same for parents who don't send children for schools.

    3. Create law to punish anybody who doesn't vote, as voting rights to be taken seriously and only then, such gundas won't be elected.

    4. Monitor constantly thro' detectives to check about bribery.. in every govt office/dept to see who offers and who takes bribe and immediatly remove the person recieves the bribe from service with no pension even in his retirement. The person who voluntarily offers bribe should also be punished severely. In my opinion, no one is a fool to offer bribe voluntarily unless asked for or coerced.

    5. Regarding the youth who just do nothing and lazily spending time on road, based on their education and expertise, make them work in jobs like cleaning the roads, watering all plants/trees and such manual activities and then feed them for the work and make it a law that nothing is free even if one starves to death. In India, the major issue is the freebie offered by Govt/political parties for thier benefit. If the freebies are removed totally, everyone will have to get up in the morning to do some sort of work to earn thier living and police should monitor anybody doing nothing and make him work. It atleast reduces the crowd on streets!!!! Work culture has to be initiated among uneducated lazy youth to make them better human beings.

    6. Corruption, laziness, food for work and strict laws about every inefficiecy, crime, etc must be seriously taken and the punishments should be severe, then automatically it creates a sense of fear in the mind of the people and after a while, the new pattern of behaviour starts to work in their mind which eventually make them a changed human being.

    One MAJOR law should be passed that NOT MORE THAN 2 political parties are allowed in the system throughout India. Indians should not be allowed to create a party every day for each one and start causing problems in the parliment by opposing every single issue and making life difficult for common man. This also elimanates the reelection issue every year or so because of the noncooperation from the minor parties in times of need.

    I am just not sure my dream of a decent civilised India will ever happen during my lifetime.

    In my opinion, Tamilnadu tops the list of imperfection in every level and I hope and pray God to shed some thoughts on the minds of our dear politicians to think differently and make life better for us Chennaivasis. Infrastructure projects are just not moving fast enough, water issues are still bad, cleanliness, pollution factors..etc., are all few examples of imperfection.

    Well... I can express my views in volumes, but i wait until to see until how others feel.

    Take care,
    Geeth Priya:-(
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    Thanks to Geeth priya for the feedbacks and wonderful inputs.

    Good interactions and valid points included too.....


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