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When To First Fix Boundary?

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by Thyagarajan, Oct 18, 2022.

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    :hello: When to Fix Boundary? :hello:

    FIRST target or goal is fixed and scheduled to finish within a quantum of time. Fixing of base includes the outer I.e. boundary. From a centre, proceed to end of periphery return to centre and again proceed radically toward boundary several times. Radii are fixed. From outer to inner at equidistance ......watch further geometry in the process in video below.
    One would marvel at its agility, speed, perfection and memory as it is busy in weaving the unmistakeable pattern.
    Is there a lesson to learn from this web story?
    Yes. Virtues paramount to attain a desired goal one must need to be planning at it & while executing need to be quick, agile, focus, intense concentration and always aim for consistency & perfection toward the goal post.


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