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"when Love Is Not Madness, Its Not Love" - The True Blessing.

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by IniyaaSri, Jul 17, 2019.

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    Thank you for waiting for me. Sorry that I couldnt write. Whole family had turns of having viral fever and the whole month passed as such. Was quite difficult. Posting the next episode today.

    Episode 76:

    It was few days after Veni’s discharge. Her parents and her brother’s family came and visited her at home. They all left and Veni was sitting quietly. She started going to the toilet by herself though it was her mother in law and husband who helped her at the hospital.

    Veni didn’t have any work at home other than lying or sitting on the bed. She was simply sitting all the day with her mobile and her mother in law did all the work. They appointed a helper for washing the vessels and clothes. The house was into a whole new routine. It was much more peaceful. Everything was good and days passed by.

    It was almost 3 months after Veni’s surgery. She was getting better with physiotherapy and mentally she was becoming ill. She did not have any problem but she was not happy. She was fed up of the videos, browsing through the internet, reading, learning…Everything was annoying her infact giving her stress. She did not know what to do. She started reading books and it get gave her whole new insight on many things. But she was missing something big.

    One such day it was. It was around morning 11, her mother in law gave her a tall glass full of butter milk and Veni was not in mood to have.

    “Have na….Too many tablets all these months…Body gets heated up…Have now…” – She kept on the table and left.

    Veni was not in mood. She did not know what to do…There was a huge void and Veni just closed her eyes and slowly her thoughts were going around her.

    “Veni…..Did you have the butter milk? It wont taste good if you don’t have it now” – Veni heard her mother in law from Kitchen.

    “Yeah am having now” – She gulped the buttermilk in few seconds and leaned on the chair.

    She closed her eyes and started introspecting.

    She got reminded of reading in a book and thought of applying that concept in her life.

    How positive is my life? – Veni asked herself.

    First thing. I had a great childhood which was full of love, affection, care, nourishment, financial comfort, friends and I should say it was an amazing childhood and not many gets to live such an amazing childhood.

    And then I was popular in school. Good with studies, topper, Teachers’ favourite, and everything was great.

    And then got to marry the love of my life. He is sincere, loyal and values my comfort and feelings. I cannot deny this no matter what. above all, he is one good soul.

    Hmmmm….My in laws…yes it was difficult and hard…But she saw that tall glass which had butter milk few minutes ago.

    Never in my life I thought she will cook for me, she will take care of me….. May be I didn’t see them from any other perspective…..? Neither me nor them didn’t put any effort to weave a beautiful relationship?

    May be we should talk in person? But what to talk?

    Or may be few things are better when not said…?

    Veni was thinking about talking to her mother in law…Before her heart made excuses, she got up from the chair and walked into the kitchen.

    “Do you want something?” – Veni’s mother in law asked.

    Veni kept the empty glass and said “Aunty can you come to my room please?”

    “You need to change your dress?” – She asked as she stirred the vegetables for lunch.

    “No. something else. Please come now” – Veni was trying hard to supress her anxiety to initiate a conversation with her mother in law.

    “Why? What happened?” – Her mother in law asked casually.

    Veni turned off the stove and pulled her hand “Please come soon”

    “Ok.” – Her mother in law followed Veni.

    As they entered the room, Veni closed the door and locked.

    “Got to change your dress?” – Her mother in law

    “No. Please sit on the chair” – Veni said as she sat on the bed.

    “But why did you close the door?” – Her mother in law did not understand anything.

    “Something personal” – Veni said softly.

    “No one else is here. Only Rishi…That too in the terrace. What happened to you?” – Her mother in law asked.

    “Cant we have personal conversation? Just you and me. Not even Rishi should know this…” – Veni said and her mother in law was surprised.

    “Aunty….Lets talk….” – Veni started

    “First of all, am really grateful for you and uncle for taking care of me this much…I never expected all this. I use to hate you both and you know that. But when I realised how peaceful things can be if we all put effort….Life is peaceful now….” – Veni said and her mother in law was quiet.

    “I know you would not have liked me… May be because I was not your choice …. May be because I come from an affluent family…May be because am short tempered…adamant…rude…” – Veni looked at her mother in law’s face.

    “But above all, what you are doing to me is…. I never expected ….Thank you so much aunty. I mean it” – Veni said looking into her eyes.

    “You forgot one thing Veni” – Her mother in law said firmly and Veni was waiting for the answer.

    “You are my daughter in law” – Her mother in law and Veni smiled emotionally.

    “You are right Veni. I did not like you. Even after marriage, I didn’t like anything about you….But above all, you both are married now. You are my son’s life. I know. But it was hard for me to accept that. But truth is truth. You are his life.” - Her mother in law

    “Life is peaceful now aunty…” – Veni said all of a sudden

    “Even for me” – Her mother in law

    “Shall we both put some effort to make this relationship beautiful aunty? I confess. You and uncle are important to me from now. Rishi loves you and that’s how everything starts. But now, I need both of you in my life. You are important to me. No matter what I do…even If I do things that you don’t like or agree with, You are important to me. I want you to remember this forever aunty. You are important to me aunty.” – Veni said and her mother in law smiled with mixed emotions.

    Both were quiet and the whole room was filled with stillness. First time both were feeling comfortable sitting in silence. Few minutes passed as such.

    “Isnt this relationship special aunty?” – veni asked and her mother in law looked at her.

    “One younger and one elder. Naturally both has different upbringing, different perspective, different thought process….but both living under the same roof….One for her son and one her husband….” – Veni continued

    “Why don’t we live this relationship without involving Rishi in this aunty….?” – Veni asked gently

    “Is that possible….He is the only bond between us. Isn’t it?” – Her mother in law

    “Definitely yes….But why don’t we see each other beyond Rishi?” – Veni asked and they both heard a thud sound.

    “It must be Rishi…” – Her mother in law got up and opened the door immediately

    “What happened?” – Rishi was confused seeing both the ladies inside a locked room.

    “Nothing…Just….” – Her mother in law tried

    “I wanted to change dress” – Veni interrupted.

    “So done?” – Rishi asked

    “Yeah…” – Veni replied but Rishi sensed something unusual.

    “I will go and cook” – Veni’s mother in law said as she walked away.

    “Veni I got to talk with you” – Rishi said and Veni smiled

    “What?” – Rishi asked

    “Nothing! Tell me.” – Veni looked at Rishi and he was going to have a life changing conversation with Veni.

    “How are you Veni?” – Rishi looked into her eyes.
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    Beautiful episode Iniya...how beautiful can relationships be, if we are less selfish :)
    Hope you and family are getting better...take care girl
  3. happyperson

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    how are you and family @IniyaaSri ...hope you get some time to continue this story....

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