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"when Love Is Not Madness, Its Not Love" - The True Blessing.

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by IniyaaSri, Jul 17, 2019.

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    :hello:Congratulations though belated. I trust baby and your family members all maintain good health and in cheers.

    2. You must be enjoying motherhood and watching keenly daily growth and development of your baby .

    3. In July 19 you had posted a query about disposal and or drinking Of puja water into Tulasi plants. I trust you continue to get more do benefits of doing Pooja.

    4. I enjoyed reading Episode 65 . It reveals your depth of understanding human emotions and enormous patience required to type within quotes - line by line dialogue - by characters and add a line about instant expression or explain characteristic moves of dramatic persona.

    5. The episode demonstrates your percipient nature in understanding entire gamut of human emotions that enables you to write suspense filled story. Your followers agog to know further developments and twists in the story.

    Guard your health and of the baby.

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  2. IniyaaSri

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    Episode 66:

    Veni was busy worrying thinking about the two ladies who are about to arrive.

    “Oh God…..One is fifty plus and one is forty plus….6 of us in this small house…..” Veni frowned biting her nails.

    It was a weekend and Rishi was busy watering the plants. Veni heard someone opening the main gate and there she was. Veni kept gazing the lady and Rishi came running out of the house.

    She was wearing a dark pink saree with thin zari border….Her hair was long and beautifully braided and locked with a fancy hair tie… Her gold earrings, colorful bangles and a handbag said something about her…

    “No way she is fifty plus!!! She looks like forty!” – Veni thought while her eyes were simply gazing her through the window.

    “Aunty…..Please come! I thought you would call my mobile! Managed to find this house?”- Rishi asked getting the duffel bag from her.

    “No problem at all! You already sent me the address…I informed you the time as well! Then would I call you?” - The lady asked straight away with a wide smile.

    “Ha Ha…. Usually whoever visits us, call us for route guidance since its little hard to find the house….” – Rishi said as they stepped in.

    “Yeah, it is not very easy as you said. But I got down from the auto and asked few people here and there…! And it became super easy to locate your house. ” – She said as she sat on the sofa.

    “Oh ok aunty! Just a minute” – Rishi went inside and brought a glass of water for her.

    “Have this aunty! One minute” – He went to his bedroom and saw Veni standing quietly listening to their conversation.

    “Hey my friend’s mom has come! She is very independent basically. She won’t trouble you much. So need not worry. Will you come and greet her? At least for courtesy?” – Rishi looked at her.

    “ok. By the way she does not look like fifty plus and all. She looks like forty…!” – Veni

    “Come soon na…..” – Rishi pulled her.

    “And her name is Vijaya!” – Rishi said as they stepped out of the bedroom.

    “Hi Veni! How are you?” – Vijaya aunty gave a bright wide smile.

    “Good. Thank you” – Veni smiled back

    “By the way you are ok with me staying here na!! Just a week!” – Veni didn’t expect she would ask such a question straight away.

    “Yeah! no problem!” – Veni smiled

    “Thank you” – Vijaya aunty smiled back.

    Vijaya aunty started to settle in the new environment. Don’t know why Veni felt very different to see her. She was very energetic for her age unlike her mother and mother-in-law. Veni did not talk anything about her to Rishi and Rishi was careful not to annoy Veni in anyways.

    Veni was preparing tea for herself in the kitchen and Vijaya aunty stepped in. Veni flashed a reluctant smile and moved her eyes away from her.

    “You look beautiful by the way! Got lovely eyes as well! Lucky Rishi” – Vijaya aunty said generously.

    Veni did not expect that compliment and she smiled thankfully. Veni felt good about Vijaya aunty suddenly after receiving a compliment from her.

    “Aunty! You look much younger to your age! You do Yoga?”- Veni was curious.

    “Thank you! Many has complimented on the same” – Vijaya aunty’s face was glowing.

    “And no, I don’t do Yoga” – Vijaya aunty

    “Then how is that? How do you look so young?” – Veni

    “Honestly speaking, I inherited that from my mom and of course yes I do few things to retain that” – Vijaya aunty.

    “That’s what! What is that?” – Veni was becoming restless

    “Nothing in particular. I love long walks! I do that every day! And cutting off unhealthy food completely from my diet… And sometimes dancing” – Vijaya

    “Dancing?”- Veni could not suppress the shock.

    “Yeah! why?” – Vijaya aunty could not understand

    “No no… nothing aunty”- Veni said as she poured the tea on her cup.

    “Shall I prepare tea for you as well?”- Veni.

    “No no! I like to do it myself” – Vijaya aunty.

    “Oh ok” – Veni walked out of the kitchen thinking about Vijaya aunty.

    She sat in her room calmly thinking about her mom’s cousin who is arriving the next day.

    As she finished sipping her tea, she stepped out of her room.

    She could not believe her eyes. Vijaya aunty was walking across the living room in a loose aqua tee shirt and a black room pant, and her long black hair was tied into a bun.

    “Oh God! My mother-in-law won’t even like me wearing sleeveless and this lady walking across the room in this attire?”- Veni’s blood pressure spiked. She went into the kitchen and gulped a glass of water and stood as such.

    She saw Rishi coming towards her.

    “Hey! What is this? What’s her age and what is she wearing?”- Veni asked suppressing her irritation.

    “What?!” – Rishi

    “Did you look at her?” – Veni

    “Yeah, but how can I talk about her clothing Veni?” – Rishi sounded reasonable and Veni could not yell at him this time.

    “Tomorrow my aunt will be coming! I do not know how she is going to react to all this! You know about my mom’s family na…. Everyone is ….” – Veni started

    “I know I know…. Just a week! We got to manage somehow! Please! Single parent she is”- Rishi.

    “That’s why am unable to digest….!” – Veni said softly

    “What?” – Rishi

    “Nothing! I will call my aunt and guide her the route in advance!” – Veni said and walked away.

    As she came out, Vijaya aunty was sitting beside the window with her wireless headphone.

    “She seems to be enjoying….” – Veni murmured with irritation as she walked into her room.

    Tulasi could not believe what is happening around her. She was panting, her eyes were red with tears.

    She feebly took her phone and dialled her grandma’s number.

    “Dear…. How are you….? Why didn’t you talk to me when I called you…?” – Grandma

    “Maa….” – Tulasi broke down into tears. Her voice was shaking, and she did not know where to start.

    “What happened dear?! Is everything ok?” – Grandma was becoming restless.

    “Maa….”- Tulasi tried hard to talk amidst crying.

    “Dear….tell me what happened” – Grandma was becoming restless.

    “Will tell you ma” – Tulasi said trying to wipe her tears.

    P.S: Posting after a very long gap. Not sure when the next episode will be. Thanks for understanding.
  3. IniyaaSri

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    My dear Ladies,
    Just wrote the next episode as well. Will post it soon after reviewing it once again.
    Have already posted one today.
    And am writing after a very long gap, bear with the mistakes if any. Thanks in advance.
    Also I really do not know how my writing is after the long gap.
    And I did see many private messages and notifications. But everything got vanished as I didn't login for a very longtime.
    So couldn't read any. Incase if there was no response from my side, please understand as this was the reason.
    Thank you all once again : ) Have a lovely day ahead : )
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    OMG Iniyaa.... Your post made my day!!! was worrying about you a lot and missing your story as well.... Happy to see you back dear...
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    Dear IniyaaSri,
    As usual with the onset of summer I start keeping a bowl of water and grains for the birds and like every year the sparrows visit in groups but now Tulsi is in my mind whenever I see a sparrow picking up grains and I feel like telling her she can have her food.:blush: Thanks for posting the next episode.TC....
  6. IniyaaSri

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    My dear Ladies....

    Posting after a long gap. Let me know your thoughts after reading this episode : )

    Episode 67:

    “Maa Sammu aunty is not well” – Tulasi said as her voice shrieked.

    “What happened? She just returned from tour, right?” – Grandma

    “Yeah, she was all good when she came back. All that she had was a headache and slight cold”- Tulasi said as she wept.

    “ok. She would have got fever, right? Something serious?!!” – Grandma asked inspite of understanding something big has happened.

    “Seems she has already got lung infection and now it has got aggravated that….” – Tulasi couldn’t complete

    “What the doctors are saying?”- Grandma tried to sound calm for Tulasi

    “They are saying that she wont……” – Tulasi.

    “No. Don’t say that dear…She will be alright. Trust in God”- Grandma

    “Maa…Am totally fed up….Everything happened all of a sudden!!! She was all happy when she came back and in few days doctor says she will be …..” – Tulasi

    “Don’t say that dear…” – Grandma said firmly

    “I cant say that….Thats why I stopped” – Tulasi broke down

    “Dear…Don’t worry! I will come there. How are the boys there? Sammu’s husband is ok?”- Grandma

    “Ma……” – Tulasi cried heavily.

    “Everything was falling into place….Krishna just understood about Sammu aunty and he was all set to live a happy life with her…. We were all eagerly waiting for them to have a wonderful bonding….But all of a sudden Why did this happen?”- Tulasi cried

    “Sometimes we wont have answers dear….Dont worry. You stay strong! Else people there will have no support” – Grandma

    “I pretended to be strong these days just for them ma… I didn’t call you because I was sure I will break down if I talk to you….” – Tulasi

    “Ok…Just wipe your tears, wash your face and be with them. I will come. I will get ready now”- Grandma hung the phone.

    Tulasi walked towards the boys feebly. She had to wear a different face in front of them. Krishna was sitting lifeless and the boys were leaning on his shoulders. Tulasi felt very bad seeing them. Krishna is waiting for a wonderful mother in his life and the boys were missing their lovely mother. SadhaSivam walked towards the corridor and sat quietly.

    Tulasi walked towards them “Am going to the canteen. Come on three of you. Have something. We will buy something for Uncle as well.” – Tulasi said and the boys opened their eyes slowly.

    “Come! Get up” – Tulasi

    “We are not in a mood to eat anything. Its my wife struggling to be alive. Its their mother…. Do you think we will be able to eat? She is our family member. You can go to the canteen and have whatever you want.” – SadhaSivam said hurtfuly.

    “Dad…..” – Ashwin murmured feebly.

    “Idiot! Your mom is in her death bed and you are still supporting her?” Sadhasivam’s pain came out as frustrated words.

    “Both of you go and have something along with her” – Krishna said patting at their shoulders.

    “Anna….” – Arjun

    “I will come. You both go with her now” – Krishna.

    SadhaSivam gave him an angry stare as they three walked away slowly.

    Krishna closed his eyes and leaned on the wall. Tears dripped from his eyes thinking of Samyuktha.

    “You have done everything a mother would do for her children and family. You never made me or the boys feel like you are our step mother…Don’t know why I always stayed away from you… Never talked to you heartfully even if you tried. Infact you tried every single day…I know….But I stayed away even after grandma wasn’t there to stop me. Why did I stay away from you? You would have longed to talk to me…Maa….. I never uttered the word “Maaa” even after knowing about your unconditional love for the family.

    “Is it that I don’t deserve your love and care? And that’s why you are leaving us?” – Krishna covered his face with both his palms and wept. SadhaSivam watched quietly

    “Oh! you are crying for her?….adamant fellow….You never spoke to her…See…. But now you are crying for her….That’s my Samyuktha…Has she ever treated you like a step son?! She always loved you unconditionally. Have you ever uttered a word of love or appreciation to her? According to you she is cruel and thanks to your grandma for that. But you saw right? Every single day from your childhood, the unconditional love she showered on our family. Then….Why the …..why you never spoke to her..?! You know how much she loved you and always wished for your wellbeing and happiness?!!! Adamant fellow! Such a big punishment for all of us.” – Sadha sivam said wiping his tears

    “Dad….please…” – Krishna cried and SadhaSivam walked away without knowing what he was doing.

    Krishna wept quietly with all the guilt and regret….

    “She will be alright….” – Tulasi said as she kept her palm on his shoulders

    “I deserve this…..Its all because of me…I shouldn’t have fought with dad and stayed away from house…. Every single day I made her feel bad….Its all because of me”- Krishna cried

    “Hey….Why do you think all this now?” – She will be alright…” – Tulasi said hiding her tears

    “How?! Doc said its impossible Tulasi….Dont just say for the sake of convincing me….I don’t deserve her…A lifelong punishment for me for hurting her all these years….A painful punishment….I deserve” – Krishna cried

    “Shut up! What do you mean by I don’t deserve her love?” – Tulasi raised her voice

    Krishna didn’t expect that and looked at her with tearful eyes

    “Come on Tell me! What do you mean by saying you don’t deserve her love ? you mean to say she will leave us?” – Tulasi asked angrily.

    “No…but doctor has already….” – Krishna tried to answer amidst weeping

    “Whatever! But now, this moment she is alive Krishna! Don’t forget that! You are sending her off?” – Tulasi broke into tears

    “No I didn’t mean to….” – Krishna cried

    “But that’s what you are doing” – Tulasi said and sat angrily beside him.

    Both didn’t talk anything. The silence was too comforting for both of them.

    Both didn’t know how long they sat as such. It was more than an hour.

    “I will talk to her. Will get permission from doctor” – Krishna said and Tulasi remained quiet as she looked into his eyes.

    There was silence again and both sat as such.

    “And…” – Krishna

    “Sorry for my dad’s behaviour. Didn’t expect he will be rude to you even in this situation! Please don’t mind…” – Krishna said heartfully

    “He is full of pain….”- Tulasi said softly and Krishna looked at her.

    “Yeah but still that cannot be a license to yell on others….That too on someone who don’t even belong to his family….” – Krishna

    “Imagine his life this moment. Sammu aunty was everything for him. He never decides anything without getting opinion from her….And now she is ….. – Tulasi stopped

    “And by the way, I wanted the boys to eat…That’s why asked them to come with me…I left them at the canteen and came here to be with you…” – Tulasi

    Krishna was completely out of words after listening to her words.

    “Hmm…So you left them and came without eating…..My dad will understand you someday Tulasi…” – Krishna said as he held her hands.

    “Yeah I didn’t eat. Because I already ate. After all I need energy to handle everything that’s happening around me. What if I faint without eating like Arjun yesterday? I don’t want to be a burden to you all at this situation.”

    “Arjun fainted?” – Krishna

    “Yes. Even after that, he just had a coffee and nothing else after that! That’s why took the boys to the canteen” – Tulasi

    “You are strong Tulasi….” – Krishna said softly

    “Just like my Samyuktha” – SadhaSivam murmured as he over heard their conversation quietly.

    “Grandma is on the way…she is coming” – Tulasi said Krishna nodded his head feebly.

    “Come with me now” – Tulasi pulled his hands

    “Where?” – Krishna

    “I know you are just surviving with tea for the past two days” – Tulasi

    “Come on get up. Lets buy something for Uncle when we return” – Tulasi said as they walked

    “And you handover him the food we buy. If he knows am involved, he wont even eat…” – Tulasi said and SadhaSivam kept seeing Tulasi as such.

    “Sammu…This is why you wanted Tulasi to marry Krishna? Stupid I have been…” - Sadhasivam stood with tears

    “I am Stupid …..Cant live without you Sammu….Please don’t go away from me….I do not know to survive without you Sammu…” – SadhaSivam started weeping all alone.
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    A good narration which i enjoyed reading. Instead of crowded sentences, you had neatly texted the story in a format balancing blank and text space that encourages reading even for senior citizens.
    I am glad that you had come back after long hiatus.
    Trust family baby all in good health and in cheers.
    God bless.
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  8. aarthi28

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    Hi Iniyaaa

    Happy on your come back after a long break. Howz your little one and is that a She/He? and how old is he/she?
    Really happy to see your post and waiting for the next one.
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  9. IniyaaSri

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    Thank you so much sir : ) and to be honest the formatting was done unintentionally. May be primarily for myself to read easily lol. But thank you so much.

    And with God’s blessings all good sir. Grateful. Have a nice day sir : )
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  10. IniyaaSri

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    Aarthi dear,

    Really very happy to see your comment. IL remains a place of happy memories for me. And seeing your name here brings me all the nostalgic feelings and memories here : )

    And she is good with God’s grace. Going to be three soon.

    Have a nice day dear ❤️
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