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"when Love Is Not Madness, Its Not Love" - The True Blessing.

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by IniyaaSri, Jul 17, 2019.

  1. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Episode 40:

    It’s a week since Tulasi joined college and she was syncing well with her new routine and new people. She couldn’t go to her house since there was a heavy rain and Grandma promised to meet her the next weekend.

    “Very colorful! You draw very nicely” – Samyuktha aunty said as she looked at the Kolam(Rangoli) at the entrance.

    “Come in aunty! Thanks” – Tulasi got up from the chair.

    “My grandma use to teach me! She has 5 big notebooks and she is a pro” – Tulasi laughed.

    “Ha Ha! That’s nice! I use to draw. But don’t know why I stopped. Its years since I did that” – Samyuktha

    “If you don’t mind, Shall I do that from tomorrow? I enjoy drawing colourful Kolam(Rangoli)” – Tulasi

    “I am not going to object, if you are going to enjoy!” – Samyuktha aunty.

    “Thanks aunty! I will start from tomorrow” – Tulasi smiled

    “And heard about your sun prayer and all” - Samyuktha aunty.

    “Oh! Ashwin told you is it?!” – Tulasi

    “Yes! They share all the stories to me!” – Samyuktha

    “Oh…!” – Tulasi smiled

    “Why don’t you come down now?! Its boring to be all alone in that big house” – Samyuktha

    “Yeah I will come aunty” – Tulasi said with hesitation

    “Come on” – Samyuktha took Tulasi and both reached.

    “I will prepare some juice for you!” – Samyuktha said as she entered into the kitchen and Tulasi didn’t want to stop her.

    As she was waiting, she saw the photographs on the wall.

    The three boys were looking similar and their facial features showed that they are brothers.

    “nice pic aunty” – Tulasi said as she saw the picture.

    “Yeah! That’s my all-time favorite! My Lovely boys” - Samyuktha

    Tulasi saw Vamsi’s smiling face and it was kind of new.

    “They are very close with each other! Though there are these many rooms in the house, they share a single room just to be with each other" - Samyuktha.

    “Oh…..!” – Tulasi said as she sipped the juice.

    “Tulasi! Are you interested in cooking?! The other day you guessed the ingredients correctly?” – Samyuktha aunty asked as she sat beside Tulasi.

    “Interest? I really don’t know. And regarding the ingredients, my grandma used to prepare it the same way. So I guessed correctly” – Tulasi.

    As they were talking, Ashwin and Arjun came in.

    “Hey Tulasi!” – Ashwin said cheerfully and Arjun just smiled for courtesy.

    “Hmmmm! You would have had nice food at your Grandma’s place na….” – Samyuktha

    “Yeah aunty. But you cook really good that I am getting reminded of my grandma…!” – Tulasi smiled

    “Ashwin! Where can I get Tulasi plant?!” – Tulasi

    “Tulasi asking for Tulasi! Ha Ha Ha” - Ashwin laughed and Arjun chuckled

    “Very funny!” – Tulasi

    “Why do you want Tulasi plant?” – Ashwin

    “I am getting reminded of my house there! We have a huge plant in front of our house!” – Tulasi

    “Oh! I will take you to nursery tomorrow morning!” – Ashwin

    “Thanks!” – Tulasi

    “Hey! You wake up early right?! Shall we jog?” – Ashwin

    “Jogging?! I can walk! But I am not interested in jogging!”- Tulasi

    “No problem! I will jog and you will walk! Let’s start from tomorrow! I never got company all these years!” – Ashwin

    "Ashwin! Get one more plant for us as well! I remember my childhood days at home...." - Samyuktha aunty

    “Ok then!” – Tulasi smiled and Arjun didn’t like it.

    "So be ready at 6 Arjun!" - Tulasi looked at him

    "Arjun waking up at 6?!!! He and Anna(brother) are not early birds! No way Arjun will join us"- Ashwin

    "See you tomorrow at 6" - Saying this Arjun left.

    Saravanan was sitting in the balcony gazing at the sky. Mom and son were busy in their own ways and Veni is yet to reach home.

    “Shall I talk to her today?” – Saravanan asked himself.

    “But what was my mistake?! Being protective is wrong? Am her father after all!”

    Its years since she spoke to me. Stone hearted she is. Doesn’t she miss me?! How can she be so cruel? Even after me pleading…she didn’t…

    She didn’t even inform me about her new hobby. Only through her mom I came to know. What’s actually going on in her mind….

    As Saravanan kept thinking, Veni pressed the calling bell.

    “Hey sis! What’s your creation today?!! Show me” – Nivin jumped

    “Come on! It’s just a one-month class!” – Veni said as she removed her bag.

    “Show na!” – Nivin insisted and she showed him a beautiful glass painted flower.

    “Its very nice Veni!” – Veni’s mom smiled as she looked at the flower.

    “Hmmm” - Veni smiled gently

    “Let’s frame it and hang it on the wall” – Saravanan tried to join their conversation and Veni walked away leaving the glass in the table.

    “Its very colorful sis!!! You will draw more like this?”- Nivin was eager

    “Tomorrow is my last class! I can extend if I want!” – Veni said as she walked in to refresh.

    Finally! Something to makes her happy – Saravanan sighed

    It was next day and as she woke up, the whole family was standing in front of her with flowers and smiles.

    “Happy Birthday Veni….!” – Everyone chorused and Veni smiled.

    “Thanks everyone!” – Veni replied sleepily.

    “Sis! This is for you! I made this along with mom” – Nivin showed her chocolate muffins and Veni hugged him instantly

    “Thanks, Nivin” – Veni smiled

    “This is for you dear! A new dress” – Saravanan gave her and Veni was quiet.

    “Please!” – Saravanan pleaded and she got it from him finally.

    “Happy birthday my dear!” – Saravanan wished her and as everyone expected, there wasn’t any response from Veni.

    With heavy heart, Saravanan left the room and Veni started her day with the blessings from her grandma. Veni was wearing a Lavender colored salwar suit. Her French braid and a big single stone stud made her look very pretty on her birthday. She started early in order to visit the nearby temple. She walked and in another 5 minutes, she stepped into the temple with flowers in hand.

    She offered those flowers and joined her palm

    “Don’t know what to say! Today is my 20th birthday and am not happy. Don’t know what to complain or how to…. I know am hurting my dad and he hurts me as well by not saying sorry. Don’t know how to keep a full stop to this. Just this one thing spoils all my happiness at home. And regarding my college, its dry and the same. Life is too dry and soulless. Please show me some light. Am struck completely! Anyways! Today is my birthday! Bless me” - Veni prayed and sat quietly for another 10 minutes.

    Time was 5 when she reached her glass painting class. That was the last day of the package and Veni thought of taking a short break after that. Since that was the last day of class, Veni was busy competing her previous creations.

    It was 8 when she came out of the class. Her mom has called her and she responded back. As she walking with her phone on hand, she saw a guy dressed in formals, talking over phone beside her.

    “Maa…..!!! Please….I really cant bear this…” – His voice trembled.

    “Yeah I understand….But I don’t think I will be able to handle this” – He tried to be firm this time.

    As he spoke, his phone got disconnected and he was disappointed seeing his dead phone.

    “Excuse me Sir! Can you please give your phone! Its an emergency” – He asked someone.

    He was denied and he looked at Veni who passed by that side.

    “Can you please give your phone?!” – He asked Veni and she looked at his worried face.
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  2. Madhurima21

    Madhurima21 Silver IL'ite

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    Nice episode Iniya dear!!! I guess veni's dad will come there and again mistake her seeing with that unknown guy and that unknown guy may be Joyal.:rolleyes:
  3. ammusatheesh

    ammusatheesh Gold IL'ite

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    Wow cool who is tat new person....and pls make daughter and dad to be United soon...
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  4. meerutha

    meerutha Silver IL'ite

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    ini....eagerly waiting..........thank you for such a lovely story..
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  5. anupama1

    anupama1 Platinum IL'ite

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    So happy to read the episodes.
    Will Veni meet kind hearted Tulsi and find in her the friend she can share her feelings?
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  6. peddadas

    peddadas Platinum IL'ite

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    Is he Joyal ? I dint expect Krishna Vamsi to be rude to guests at home..parents looked normal, is it again because of Krishna Veni's incident? Did it hurt Krishna Vamsi also? Tulasi should soon realize Joyal's love!
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  7. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Episode 41:

    Veni handed over the phone to him and he dialled his mom’s number at once.

    “Hello ma….Yeah I understand...but why dont you think from my point of view” – He said and the call was cut.

    He stood disappointed with fear in his eyes.

    “Oh! Am sorry! You can have your phone!” – He gave back her phone and Veni felt very bad seeing his face. Seems he is not well for days…His face looks that dull.

    Veni kept her phone in her bag and walked away. As she walked, she came across a juice shop where she saw Ashok smiling at her.

    Her legs trembled seeing his wicked smile and she came running back to her class. There stood the guy looking at the sky with disappointment and pain.

    Veni stood gasping and he looked at her.

    “Are you ok? Do you need any help?” – He asked and Veni was quiet.

    “Are you ok?” – He asked again amidst his pain.

    Veni nodded her head to show that she is ok.

    Vamsi was standing on the terrace and it was already 11. Tulasi has already slept and there wasn’t anyone in the terrace. His companion Arjun was busy writing his assignment and Ashwin usually hits the bed by 10.

    Vamsi sat slowly. He always liked that emptiness. When someone complaints about being lonely he couldn’t understand. Because loneliness was bliss according to him. No one can influence his mind. It will be plain and clear. Fresh thoughts oozes out freely without disturbances. That too the night with stars always fascinated him. That was his favorite to be away from everyone else and when the mind actually thinks. He loved his brothers very much. Loved spending time with them. But still that loneliness in the terrace, it was magical for him.

    Very often he thought about Veni…. Krishna Veni…. But he couldn’t figure out why she stopped talking to him all of a sudden. She was his only acquaintance at school! A good company to share his subject related topics. When he said one, she came up with the other and the discussions were really interesting. No one else engaged him in that way. But are girls mysterious?! I really don’t get what might be the reason for not talking with me. Even after years, she didn’t feel like finding me?!

    I don’t rely on her for anything! Vamsi felt all of a sudden. I don’t even mind! But trusting girls is a big question! It is really a big question! I don’t want to. At times I feel they are very selfish. And this stupid girl?!! Tulasi…. She wanted us to search colleges for her. But she just gave the document, as if I was born to help her! She just walked away talking to someone else.

    “Aaaah I remember…. She was saying… Joyal?!! Are you there?! Are you there” – A girl without manners…? I don’t think she has discipline.

    Till now, girls are really mysterious. I don’t want to get hurt again. Myself and Krishna Veni were really good friends by then…. Friends.?????...May be a good company to each other….? At least on the subjects…. When we were having a good relationship, though I wasn’t vocal about it…. Why would she stop talking?

    Enough is enough! No more wounds….no more hurts…. Girls are really mysterious and let me not get hurted again. Even though they are good and all sweet tongued, I will not get into the trap. They say girls are sensitive but I feel they are more practical than boys. A big NO Vamsi! Let me continue to be the same.

    It was morning 7 when Vamsi woke up and walked towards the entrance to pick up the newspaper that’s lying on the floor.

    He saw a big colorful Kolam(Rangoli) on the main entrance. Vamsi got irritated seeing that. He walked away quietly. As he walked, he heard Ashwin and Arjun talking about Tulasi.

    “Maa! She is really good! Very friendly! Today we jogged and she was a very good company!” – Ashwin

    “I thought of not waking up 6! But I don’t want Ashwin to go alone with her!” – Arjun said Ashwin laughed.

    “Don’t I know you! I was sure you will come with me” – Ashwin laughed and Arjun smiled quietly.

    “She bought Jasmine and roses from the nursery ma!” – Ashwin

    “Jasmines is it?!! Wow!” – Samyuktha

    “Yes! She said she loved that smell! I think she already arranged it near her room” – Arjun

    “By the way! My shoes all will be stained! See those colors at the entrance!!” – Vamsi sounded irritated.

    “Anna!(brother) Come on! Its an art! Not everyone can draw that big one” – Ashwin said and Arjun agreed to it by being quiet.

    Vamsi gave an angry stare and went away.

    He took his cup of tea and newspaper and walked towards the terrace. As he climbed slowly, he looked at the sparrows having their breakfast. The chirping sound was really refreshing. The sight of those tiny creatures having food together was really pleasant. As he walked slowly towards the terrace, they all flew away. Tulasi came out of the room seeing Vamsi. As both kept looking at each other unintentionally, she took that big broom stick and started cleaning.

    “Its clean now! Your private space is clean! FYI” – Tulasi said and Vamsi looked away quietly.

    Tulasi went inside her room and didn’t step out.

    It was around 5 when Tulasi reached home from college.

    “Come down! Boring. We shall play something! What say?!” – Ashwin’s message.

    I will be there: )” – Tulasi responded

    “Enjoy the snack my dear kids” – Samyuktha aunty flooded the table with her snacks.

    “Thanks, my dear mom!” – Ashwin bowed with a smile

    “Thanks?!!!” – Samyuktha was surprised

    “Tulasi’s style!” – Ashwin winked and everyone laughed together.

    All three started playing carrom.

    “You really play well Arjun!” – Tulasi smiled

    “You are right! He plays well! But Anna…. He plays like a pro you see!” – Ashwin said enthusiastically.

    “Oh…!” – Tulasi

    “But you know what?!!! Anna can never beat me!” – Arjun

    “Oh! Nice!! You play so well is it?” – Tulasi said as she tried to hit a coin.

    “No way! He is the best among us” – Ashwin laughed

    “Then?!” – Tulasi couldn’t understand

    “Right from childhood Anna does that! He always let us win! No matter what game it is!” – Ashwin said with pride and Tulasi was surprised. “How sweet”

    “Oh!” – Tulasi smiled widely

    “By the way, Uncle will always be busy? Didn’t see him from yesterday!” – Tulasi asked as she took a bite from the hot Vadai.

    “Yeah most of the times he is busy! Mom got to handle everything all alone!” – Ashwin

    “Great!” – Tulasi

    “She really is!!!” – Ashwin meant it deeply.

    “you know what?! Its very lively after you came! Don’t know why” – Ashwin

    “Really?! But I didn’t do anything extraordinary” – Tulasi

    “May be more the people, more the happiness! Mom used to say” – Ashwin said and Tulasi was thinking about Samyuktha aunty. Maybe she is really sweet?

    “Did I tell you both? Tomorrow my grandma is coming. I can’t wait” – Tulasi sounded excited

    “Will she bring snacks for us?”- Arjun asked and everyone were surprised

    “Of course! She will” – Tulasi smiled

    “Aunty! Can I borrow the two-wheeler tomorrow?! I need to pick her up from the bus stop” – Tulasi

    “I can send car dear! You go and pick her up!” – Samyuktha

    “Its ok! Two-wheeler is enough! I love to drive!” – Tulasi

    “Take mine! I am just using it for my tuition class” – Ashwin

    “Thanks! Morning 6 she will be here! Am excited” – Tulasi said and everyone else were excited to meet her grandma because of Tulasi.

    It was morning 5:30, Tulasi took the two-wheeler and started from home. She reached the bus stop early and couldn’t wait to see her grandma’s face.

    It was around 5:50 the bus arrived and Tulasi couldn’t control her excitement. There she is!!! She hugged her grandma at once she stepped out of the bus.

    “Come ma! Let’s go. I brought two-wheeler” – Tulasi said with excitement and Grandma walked towards the two-wheeler.

    “Maaaa…….” - Tulasi said softly and her excitement vanished.

    “Hmmmm Joyal is good! Little upset” – Grandma

    “And..” – Even before Tulasi completed, “Mary aunty is good! Convincing him”.

    “Hmmmm” – Tulasi suddenly became quiet.

    Soon they reached home and as Tulasi parked the vehicle, Samyuktha aunty came out.

    “Maa….She is Samyuktha aunty! I told you na” – Tulasi

    “Oh!...” – Grandma walked towards her and both the elderly ladies kept looking at each other as the faces were familiar.

    Samyuktha’s face slowly brightened and she asked with excitement “Do you remember me?”
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  8. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Thanks Madhu dear! : )
    Keep guessing :thumbup: Good one!
    Have posted today's episode dear! : )
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  9. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    We will know soon dear! : )
    And regarding Veni and Saravanan, lets see!
    Have posted today's episode : )
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  10. IniyaaSri

    IniyaaSri IL Hall of Fame

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    Thanks dear : ) Have posted today's episode! : )
    Happy weekend : )

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