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What's Wrong With Him?

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by jayasala42, May 18, 2020.

  1. jayasala42

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    After a morning walk, a group of doctors were standing at a road-side restaurant enjoying a cup of tea..

    They saw a man limping towards them..

    One Doctor said, "he has arthritis in his Left Knee.."

    The second said, "he has Plantar Faciitis.."

    The third said, "just an ankle sprain.."

    The fourth said, "see that man cannot lift his knee, he looks to have Lower Motor Neurons.."

    "But to me he seems a Hemiplegia Scissors Gait," said the fifth..

    Before the sixth could proclaim his Diagnosis, the man reached the group and asked,
    "Is there a Cobbler nearby who can repair my Slipper.?"

    *This is exactly how the Experts talk in Social Media & Television on "covid-19" issue these days..!!*


  2. Thyagarajan

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    :hello:Quite a befitting humour for the current scenario.

    Each of the experts in India , speak analyse and come to ( rash) conclusions as per his or her domain expertise. There is no holistic approach to a specific problem. All in great hurry to prescribe demonstrating their busy life.

    This is how the world had created numerous experts for each of the organs of human body. One wouldn’t be surprised in near future there would be right hand expert different from left hand and so on and so forth. A Nobel laureate has prophesied so in his book “Man The Unknown” - a book that I had read several decades ago.

    In our teens, with minimum wants, we needed only a handful of general doctors and few ENT specialists. But now with huge population explosion and too many desires had given raise to numerous hitherto unknown diseases and expensive treatments without any guarantee. If a flyover collapse, contract engineers are jailed. If corporate hospital team fails, .....

    The story of four blind men leading the elephant comes to mind.

    All specialists put together could not arrive at the root cause of the problem. After considerable experiments by trial and error, and substantial revenue to the doctors read hospital, the patient would be discharged with a fantastic discharge certificate knowing well that patient is going to die soon.

    One of my six bosom friends admitted in a well known huge hospital examined as per medical records by seven specialists eventually treated for kidney problem and a fortnight later said (detected or deduced !) he is (also) having Prostate cancer.

    Yes you had guessed rightly. He was treated for that and four days before expiry at home he was discharged. On the day of discharge, when He was brought down in lift in wheel chair, I was with open arms when doors of lift opened. As I hugged him, he was telling experts prepared him for next journey. I could not stand sight of his spouse sobbing, as I moved him in wheel chair to the car!

    One has to be careful before accepting recommendation of doctors in big hospitals at its face value!
    Doctors there are not to do charity work . They think in terms of revenue to hospital first! Hey Ram!

    I have a huge list of celebrities suffered later in one or other form of cancer though they were for years under the care of world’s expensive doctors attending on them with regular check ups every now and then.

    Neither their affluence nor the so called experts team could save them from the malady. It probably exposes the deficiency of the medical system itself .
    Thanks and Regards.
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