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what use is life with out his namam again by purandara

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by sunkan, May 14, 2007.

  1. sunkan

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    In another song Dasa ridicules more at such daily rituals of show off by the elites.

    “Adharindenu pala Idharindenu pala Namma
    Purandara Vittalana namava neneyade…”

    In English:

    “What’s use of that What’s use of this without
    Taking the name of our Purandara Vittala
    Without cleansing their inside heart, in vain
    They take a dip in water at sunrise’n sunset
    Full grown frog is better drowned in
    Water through its life; what’s wrong with that?
    For ever under water lay the rocks within
    Will they become idols seasoned and divine?
    They keep counting the beads of a rosary in hand
    In their mouth criticising others who don’t
    Often they bathe take many a yogic pose
    In silence seated they as if frightened
    Close their eyes and hold their nose
    But they cannot hold their mind enlightened
    Withstanding austere rigor giving religious alms
    Not leaving lust, anger, vengeance and pride
    Petting these four beasts with bosom inside
    What’s use of holy dip in sacred
    Adorning three pairs of garlands like
    Wild Goddess with cowry strings on neck
    Will recite upside down triple six scriptures
    Not singing from heart cupid father’s name
    Hungry I am, wash Gods in haste they say
    Will not worship from their inner heart
    Like the hood of just hatched snake
    Stick their head every where on earth
    Eyeing other’s wealth, other’s spouse, other’s gossip
    Can one wash these sins by dips in stream?
    Dropping such skins if one takes Lord’s name
    Our Purandara Vittala will give name and fame
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  2. knbg

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    Dear Sunkan,
    Thanks for this nice translation of Purandharadasa......:)

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