What To Do With The Yellow Thread?

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    I'm myself a doctor so i dont even wear my mangalsutram on daily basis. We are not allowed to wear it fr operation theatres.nor I'm that traditional to care about wearing it or not wearing it.

    I do not believe in having it tied around the neck 24x7 whether gold or thread.

    I only wear for festivals or functions or when i go to temple. Thats all . I like it this way only

    I wouldnt wear sometimes even for months.... It doesnt bother me.

    Just had the doubt for the yellow thread received in thamboolam / vayanam :)
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    We are just regular indians. Not doctors, or rationalists. Today is Varalaskhmi Vratham day. The belief is to do the puja, with the various symbolisms that go with that puja. All directed in prayers to give our husbands a long and happy life, and through them give a long and happy life to ourselves.

    I am pretty positive that doctors can give themselves long and happy lives without all the puja's and the various tasks that go with it, nor the thread or metal-chain on their necks. After all, they can write themselves any prescriptions they need to fix whatever they need to fix. But for the rest of us, who are in a fix, we need the fix of a Varalakshmi puja, and the constant vigilance that comes of holding that yellow thread/chain around the neck.

    That said, I am really really glad for the confident girls of today, who dont need all that mumbo jumbo of yesterday.

    Have a good VV-day.
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