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what shall i do now?suggest me

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by jayashree, Nov 20, 2007.

  1. Arunarc

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    Hello jayashree
    I was very sad to hear your story at this age hubby doing this way sounds very creepy. Good to know that you want to take your steps carefully good I would be happy if you will find a way to expose them both nakedly, such people should be thought a good lesson. If I was in your place wouldn't have attended his wonderful 60th B'day would have gone and spent the day with some friends. This would help the people to find out what happened. About suicide these type of people only speak will never have the guts to do so.
    Anyway dear all the best for your next step. Awaiting to know what happened and hope everything will go on as you wish.
  2. Ria2006

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    Its nice to hear you positive. But you are part responsible in making this complex situation easy for them. YOU DONT HAVE TO. AND YOU SHOULD NEVER.
    Suicide threat is just a mind game he's playing with you. He knows this woman is kind hearted , fears god. So he can play his threat games with you. Next time you call your dear husband home alongwith that lady. And make sure just you three are there.
    And discuss all the matter openly and ALSO RECORD all this conversation with some HIDDEN cassette player. Dont show your anger to them , just talk peacefully. Whole point of doing this is gaining a legal proof of their making mockery of Hindu marriage act.
    The very cousellor lady can be booked in same police station she goes to counsel. THIS is criminal offence , both are doing. Do you know how many years you can put them in jail for this. More than 10 YEARS.
    Dont allow injustice to happen with you. Their false respect in relatives and society is all because , you have accepted a low life of depression, sadness and inferiority for yourself.
    Teach them a good lesson.

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