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what kind of skin do i have?and how to handle it?

Discussion in 'Face & Skin Care' started by shobhamumbaikar, Oct 20, 2014.

  1. shobhamumbaikar

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    Hi ladies,

    I have some problem regarding my skin. My problem is i tend to have wrinkle on my face easily around eyes and mouth and also in forehead and i also have dry patches on the chin areas in winter but at the same time i am very prone to acne and pimple, so can't use heavy creams, or even homemade things like honey, milk cream etc even in winter. Recently i have developed some kind of allergy to most of the brands of cream as well. I am Simply at a loss to figure out how to take care of my skin which i don't know if I should call dry or oily. :drowning

    I have seen many doctors, who give me either anti-allergy medicine or some medicated lotion. That works for sometimes, but then it comes back to where it was. there is nothing i can depend on on a daily basis. Once i saw an ayurvedic doc and he told me not to use any cream at all, but it is almost impossible not to use any cream specially in winters.

    Also i used to be really fair once, and now i come in the category of medium complexion.:cry: Can any one please help me know what is happening to my skin? and how to take care of it? And if there is any way i can regain my complexion? it will be of great help, thanks
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  2. umasivasankar

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    i think u are having combination skin.in combination skin the T-zone is oily
    cheeks are either in normal or dry skin
    in this skin type maintenance is risky
    cleansing should use on cheeks and face wash should use on T-zone

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