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What I Packed In Hospital Bag For Twins?

Discussion in 'Pregnancy & Labor' started by Myliltwincesses, Oct 31, 2019.

  1. Myliltwincesses

    Myliltwincesses Silver IL'ite

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    I had my hospital bag packed at 30 weeks itself. As it was a twin pregnancy, I felt it would be better to finish packing earlier.

    I totally had two bags packed – one for myself and another one for my babies.Some family members told me that it’s not good to buy things for babies before they are born.But I didn’t listen to them and I bought things when I was around 8 months pregnant.

    What I packed for myself:

    • Cotton nighties ( I bought some nighties with front open buttons.It was very useful)
    • Maternity feeding nighties
    • Kurtis along with cotton salwar pants to wear when coming back home after discharge.
    • Maternity Panties ( I bought them at Naidu Hall stores)
    • Feeding Bras ( I feel it is necessary and useful while breastfeeding and I got them at Naidu Hall stores)
    • Sanitary Pads
    • Bath Towels
    • Toiletries
    • Bathroom Slippers
    • Hand Sanitizer and hand wash products
    What I packed for my babies:

    • 15 Cotton Jhablas ( I bought them at Naidu Hall.I got both shoulder tying types and sticking types.It was very useful and quality was also good)
    • Mittens, booties and Caps ( I bought them at First Cry Store).
    • Diapers ( Pampers New born)
    • Baby Wipes with lid ( Chicco baby wipes – My personal opinion is that wipes with lid is comfortable to use)
    • Muslin swaddle wrapper ( My milestones brand at First Cry – It is very good for wrapping babies)
    • Baby dry Sheets ( Babyhug smart dry protector sheet)
    • Sleeping bags (I purchased 2 Babyhug sleeping bags.It was useful for carrying babies and I also used it as mattress for sleeping)
    • Hooded towels
    • Cotton bath towels
    • Small towels
    • Feeding bottles (Philips avent)
    • Paladai
    I washed baby clothes and other items in home before packing them for hospital.

    All these items were very useful after my girls were born.Planning in advance and packing these items definitely helped a lot.

    So, What did you pack in your hospital bag? Please comment.
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