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What Do You Want To Be When You Grow Big

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by kanaka Raghavan, Sep 16, 2007.

  1. kanaka Raghavan

    kanaka Raghavan IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear friends
    I was inspired to write this when I came across an insurance ad,wherein a little boy tells his father what he wants to be when he grew big.First he was pilot,later actor and then cricketeer.
    Each one of us would have dreamt of being something.
    I remember when was in the 6th I wanted to be a heart specialist,then couple of years later it changed biologist.Then 2 years later it was astronomer.Then I was inspired by science teacher to turn to nuclear sciences.Then suddenly I started writing poems and stories.When i landed up in college it was economist.Later I stopped dreaming .Once i got married I was happy to be a home maker.Now I feel very contended .There are so many things to keep me occupied.I t keeps me happy.I am proud to be a home maker.
    I remember one of nephews kept on changing his dreams.But suddenly he decided he wanted to be cobbler!!!!!!!!.The simple reason was he comes at 10.30 and stitches upto 1o clock.Then has his lunch and sleeps up to 4.Then gets up todo his work and packs off at seven.My nephew felt that time was not criteria and he was the master of his own work.!!!!!!!!That is a child's innocence which does not realise how much the cobbler has to slog for those pennies.
    I feel as long as you are happy and contented any work is fine..........But we have to work to fulfill our financial needs as well.

  2. RamyaVaradharajan

    RamyaVaradharajan Bronze IL'ite

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    hello Kanaka ma'am, very pleasant and prosperous evening!

    Yes of course. I do totally agree with your view points.

    All of us are born for some purpose and the almighty has kept some hidden treasure for each of his creations as is rightly pointed out by the famous author Paulo Coelho in his brilliant work entitled "ALCHEMIST". And it is up to us how we find it and unravel the mystery behind the same. As you said; as children we attach ourselves to whatever field that amuses us. We are bound to the world of fantasy at that tender age without knowing the difficulties involved. But, as we grow up, we gain experience and our level of maturity equally grows too!!

    Regarding my own self ; when ever i used to walk on the roads with my father, during my school days, the finely constructed and architecturally surrounding houses and bungalows captured my attention, and i used to share my views of laying out a plan for our own house by myself:-D. According to me, dreaming and fantasy world brings in a lot of creativity among the youngsters.

    The point to be highlighted is that; if one understands his purpose in life and takes his own conscience as the sole-guide, he will surely reach the stepping stone to success.
  3. Shanvy

    Shanvy IL Hall of Fame

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    hi kanaka,

    It is a nice one inspired by the ad. My first inspiration was my grandmother..who stayed alone for 25 years of her life...taking care of the property ...lands...single handedly...so thought i should be like her.. then dad...he strugged hard and came to a very good position in life ...made lot of money...so thought accounts was fun.... then wanted to be lawyer..but ended up as a computer engineer.

    Today my son wants to be a cricketer..sometimes...along with being a rock scientist and also engineering..so we have to wait and see what will be the flavour later.....some time back he wanted to be "cooker" until we realised what he meant was a chef...since he loves eating ..he thought cooking was the solution...

    Daughter wanted to be art teacher all along....but now she has kind of steadied her idea..wants to be a chartered accountant...

    But there is still time to find out.....but what i would like my kids to be is good indviduals with good values....and being a good human being...
  4. rajmiarun

    rajmiarun Gold IL'ite

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    Ke sara sara
    what will be will be
    the futures are hours to see
    ke sara sara

    I remembered these lines when I first read your post Kanaka. It is a nice one. Infact everytime that ad comes, my daughter will say amma why does that boy changes his mind so often cant he just want to be one thing?

    She had always wanted to be a doctor (she is 6 years old and right from the day she started going to school that was her thought). Along with that a musician too. She wants to teach music to less previlaged children and do some research using music and ragas and how ragas will cure diseases. But yes there are hours and miles to go. So waiting with crossed fingers as to see what she will become.

    All along my school days I had wanted to become an archeologist exploring the writings on the temple walls, deciphering them and finding about the history of our country. But somehow that changed when I went to college as I had to take up commerce. I wanted to become an administrator. But now I am working with the kids as a teacher as a councellor and also as a HR person.

    Yes dreams change and the reality are always different from our dreams.
  5. Kamalji

    Kamalji IL Hall of Fame

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    Wonderful blog really.short and sweet.

    I liked yr last line.We have to work for our finanacial needs too.So very true.Hobbies may be good, but we have to see whether they will burn the fire in our kitchen.


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