What Are Your “dreams” And “goals” In Life?

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    No matter how much I think..I feel like I have already done what I want in life.I do feel content.

    Plus my current goal is to get a yoga certification which I have enrolled myself in:)

    Living and doing my best each day with what I have is my only dream.

    I have never been ambitious or dreamed to be this and that..like so many!Sometimes I feel if am doing the right thing in life.

    People around me constantly tell I have to do more and this and that..but what they want me to do is not interesting to me.We all can do only what we like right?

    Many taunt me that am not enough etc etc..but no matter how much I break my head..I feel am enough.Is it wrong to feel this way?

    I know I can never be called “successful “ in society’s terms but am inwardly quite a content and happy person. I don’t care to be successful but enjoy what I do and try my best.This is my motto.

    what is your dream and goals and how hard are you working towards it?
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    how is it possible for people to put their whole palms flat on the ground next to their feet without bending the knees. That would be a good goal for life.
    Yes. I can identify with that. I am old, retired, nobody else at home, children think I am odd, but quite tolerable. I have gobs of money in three different countries' banks.

    Waking up, and finding myself alive is a good thing, and a bad thing also. I can teach you about valuations of options, but this unknown date of expiring, is a weird option, and require fuzzy logic and chaos theory to get at an explanation, albeit not a helpful one.

    I know that most desi housewives in America went to college to earn a B.E. or B.Tech. -- former engineers, all of them, and can do logic [i.e., write code]. If you had done everything -- had a nice childhood, college-hood, married-well, lived in different cultures (may be married NRI to achieve that), and now you are wealthy (no need to sweat for your daily roti/subji) and feel peaked too early in life, I have this suggestion: cause chaos in your life. At whatever level you need to ginger up your life.

    Good luck
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