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We're Going To The Market, We're Going To The Fair, To See The Senorita With Flowers In Her Hair

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jul 1, 2021.

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    Who do we dress to impress
    You, that's who!

    Wear the clothes you want
    Splash on the colors you desire
    Let the fabric do the talking
    Just be sure it doesn't make you perspire

    Stop caring what other people think
    Who cares if they make fun of you
    They just plain stink!

    Go ahead, wear that pretty red bohemian dress
    Match it with a dupatta
    That makes your shoulders feel loved and caressed

    Go ahead, wear those dangling earing
    Who cares if strangers
    Stop with they are doing and
    Give into leering

    You wanna wear lip gloss
    Under your COVID mask
    Go ahead, don't tell, don't ask

    Make your presence be known
    Remember, you cannot shine
    If you are not shown

    Doesn't matter if there is one person
    Or twenty
    You are the only person to impress
    And that is plenty

    Apply that foundation
    Sharpen that liner
    You make the clothes
    And you get finer and refiner

    Claim your space
    It is your right
    It is something you
    Must work for and fight!

    Did someone laugh
    Maybe they passed gas

    Did someone give you weird stares
    Who cares

    Only you can be you

    You can never depend on
    Anyone to lavish you
    With love, gifts and joy
    You must manufacture your
    Own-self love

    And you cannot help but be
    The object of desire for
    Every man who has dreamt of
    You ever since he was a boy!

    Someone's painting from Dari, the senorita with flowers in her hair. by Donoctavio on DeviantArt


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