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    Dear IL’ites,

    Today, we are proud to introduce IL blogs.

    A forum is a great way for members to discuss, ask questions, share opinions and exchange views. However, some members have a desire to keep all their contributions in one place so that they can build an identity for them as bloggers. Out of this member-driven necessity, IL blogs are born today!

    If you are interested in starting a blog in IL, please send an email to admin@indusladies.com. We can then turn-on your blog-writing access.

    Couple of requirements to blog in IL:

    1. You should make a blog posting at-least once a month. This is to make sure that blogs are current and active in IL. Research shows that readers come back again and again only to those sites that are live and kickingJ

    2. You need to be reader-centric in your approach to blogging. Reader-centric means keeping the readers needs in mind, respecting their time, responding to their comments and building a relationship with them through conversation and dialogue as opposed to one-sided recitals.

    If a blog isn’t updated monthly or if a blog gets three “terrible” ratings (and no positive rating), we will suppress that blog from public view.

    By keeping a clean and live blog space, we will attract and retain more readers to our blogs. And naturally, Bloggers will want to blog here.

    With that, Happy Blogging!

    Indusladies.com Team

    Please make all your comments in the blog section here.
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