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Weekend kolaveri !!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Chokkanayaki, Feb 8, 2013.

  1. Chokkanayaki

    Chokkanayaki Silver IL'ite

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    I read an article on DESIRE a few days back.In this blog of mine,I wish to express my views.When the human mind is fuelled by the human natural urge to procure and perform to excel or compete .....all in pursuit of an aspiration or a dream....we may term the instinct as DESIRE.

    It is natural for a normal human being who is blessed with intelligence and the prudence to determine between right and wrong,to aspire, and a journey that begins in search of possibilities to realise the dream ,achieve certain goals,does not end with the first goal scored......So he continues to DESIRE.:)

    Goals near and distant are ours to be fixed.Opportunities that knock and doors that open happen by choice,coz ! an aspiration directs our faculties towards exercises that will help us to achieve the DESIRED result.Its as simple as getting the batter right to get the idlis right...Am I right ?

    Its easier said than done though, you may all say..This is just an example of a simple DESIRE where I may want Malligai poo idlis and my senses coupled with training help me to achieve the spongy platefuls.If I have realised my potential for the moment or for a day and in the process ,I have also been successful in implementation, my immediate DESIRE has been fulfilled and so my DESIRE should be stamped as rightful.... Its all about how much I stretch.... to the limits of my capacity, to ensure DESIRABLE success that I alone can define.:thumbsup

    Before I seem to confuse or perplex,let me make it clear that each one of us is endowed with the power to reason,think,comprehend ,conclude and DESIRE.Each one of us is entitled to his/her share of happiness that stems out of the personal aspirations.What one should bear in mind is the reach of the DESIRE .:)

    So dear friends ! Its absolutely right to DESIRE Have a dream,pursue your ambition,chase small joys and hold on to them....and if this be the formula...
    YOUR DESIRE MINUS GREED = YOUR DESIRE ...Go ahead and get it :)


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