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Wedlocked by Bonnie Trachtenberg

Discussion in 'Book Lovers' started by Mohur, Apr 8, 2013.

  1. Mohur

    Mohur Gold IL'ite

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    The story starts with Rebecca Ross’s Wedding day. With what should be a happy day turning out to be a disaster, Rebecca is left feeling that this marriage was a total mistake. A wardrobe malfunction to cake deformation would have been still be manageable, if it hadn’t been the heavy feeling at the pit of her stomach and the hushed up conversations heard in washroom that made Rebecca even more convinced. All these are followed by a honeymoon in hell! What can a girl do in such a situation and more importantly what will Rebecca do?

    We are introduced to the leading cast in the very first chapter. A small glimpse into each person’s personality and then the very next chapter goes back to narrate Rebecca’s past to the readers so as to let the readers know what all led to this particular moment. The story then moves on with an amazing twist at the end that you want to happen, but when it happens it brings a surprise along with it.

    Rebecca Ross is a character who has had her fair share of ups and downs and her own set of mistakes. I admire the fact that when she realizes that the set of cards she has been dealt with is not right, she makes it right instead of just complaining. And my God, Craig is a sample piece for sure who I wanted to be put up on show at a zoo. The man knows how to put his feet in his mouth and drag himself down. Michael and his uncle Zio are such cuties. I loved them both. There are other supporting characters throughout the book that may not seem as important, but if you took them out, the story just wouldn’t be the same.

    Good characterization is supported by the author’s simple style of storytelling that makes the story what it is. Also, the humour presented is just great advantage to the novel. Based over a number of places and countries, I wish the plot had some scope of description of the Italian landscape. It is one country I would love to visit. From Rome to Venice to Tuscany to Florence to Milan, I want to see them all. When the story took turn to Italy I sincerely hoped that there would be some great description. To my great disappointment, the storyline didn’t allow for much of that.

    Romance plus Drama plus Humour - overall it’s a great read that I practically ‘ate’ up in a matter of hours.

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