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Wedding in May..in Trivandrum..

Discussion in 'Trivandrum' started by Luksgs2000, Dec 14, 2009.

  1. Luksgs2000

    Luksgs2000 New IL'ite

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    Dear All

    My sister s wedding is in May and is going to held in Trivandrum. I would like to get all the tips and suggestions from you. Also I ve some questions to ask u all.. Expecting you all to gve me suggestions and replies. Theses are my questions.

    1. Auditoriums in Trivandrum with the rent(approx)
    2. Catering Services in Trivandrum with charges(approx)
    3. Floral decorators in Trivandrum with charges(approx)
    4. Beauty Parlours in Trivandrum with charges(approx)
    5. Jewellery shops in Trivandrum from where we get light weight and beautiful design ornamnets
    6. Wedding saree centers in Trivandrum
    7. Churidar shops in Trivandrum
    8. Fancy Centers in Trivandrum
    9. The things to be done in these 5 months for the skin care and body care from beauty parlours
    10. Some constructive and new tips to make the wedding grant in minimum price
    11. What to give the groom after wedding as a special gifts
    12. Studios in Trivandrum for videos and photographs
    13. Other tips to make the wedding in a special and grant way

    Ps: I am not looking for brand; but good service

  2. jezz_nish

    jezz_nish Senior IL'ite

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    u seem very excited ,well i wish you good luck for your new life.
    about your quiries i can help a little out..as thats all i know

    auditorium: subramanium is the best available in trivandrum,its fully air conditioned also

    beauty parlours: lakme salon,excotic,eves ,catalyst etc

    jewellery shop: bhima is good,now they have opened a new and big showroom

    wedding sarees:joy alukkas wedding centre(but i would advice you to do shopping in cochin as trivandrum really as very little shops and collections)

    churidar shops:czareena boutique

    gifts for husband:watch...as its gona be with him for long time

    check out the shop styleplus...it is the best shop in trivandrum so far...you get everything there


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