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wearing lenses safe or unsafe?

Discussion in 'Health Issues' started by tanu khurana, Jul 6, 2012.

  1. tanu khurana

    tanu khurana Bronze IL'ite

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    I am 29 yr old using lenses frm past 8 yrs atleast 4 to 5 times a week fr 8 hrs... up to last year it was okay .... in the last yr i got eye irritation doctor advised me to stop using lenses, go fr new one, some medicines and later advised to wear lenses often....
    can anyone advise me to wear it or not........

  2. Sindhurak

    Sindhurak Platinum IL'ite

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    Hi Tanu,
    Its ok to use lens if u use it with proper care.
    The basic things you need to follow are,
    1. Wash Your hands properly before wearing and removing lens.
    2. If you have dry eyes(Before giving the lens itself doctor will check ur eye type) use refresh tears after removing the lens.
    3. maintain the lens box clean and change the lens storing liquid daily.
    4. Make a note of the date when u started to use a new lens pair and change the pair periodically without neglecting.
    5. while getting the lens it self tell clearly how many hour U will use the lens and get the appropriate one for U.
    6. There are various types of lenses available depends on Ur usage.
    7. Wash the lens properly for the first time when U open a new pair since it will be stored in a antibiotic liqid it can cause irritation if U dont wash properly.
    I think this information may help you.
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