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We Have A Knack To Choose Who Is Worst For Us

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by SuiDhaaga, Jun 30, 2021.

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    Girl why do you like him
    Is it because he is rich
    Have you seen how he sees women
    What makes you think he
    Will not refer to you as his b**ch

    Sure you've had bad experiences before
    Sure your marriage imploded
    And fell through the floor
    But just because he is better than the other guy
    Doesn't mean you can melt his heart
    What if he sees you as someone
    Whom he can steal, cheat, and lie

    Of course, he is more hard working and
    Successful than other men
    Tell me, would you give him a second look
    If it were not for his fame and fortune
    And the home movie theatre located
    In his oversized Livingroom den

    Is this what you call love
    Is this what you call delight
    Girl be careful what you wish for
    If you get in, you may be in for
    A nasty, nasty, fight

    Look into his eyes what do you see
    Do you see a person with a heart
    Or a sense of normalcy

    Look at his habits
    Look at the women he likes
    Do you think he would appreciate your beauty
    And light your fire every night

    Girl, what can he give you
    That God cannot give
    With him you will walk on eggshells
    To please him
    With God, he Loves and Forgives

    A Husband is because God cannot be
    Physically on Earth with you
    Did you ever think that putting such a
    Man on the pedestal of God
    Is the worst possible thing you can do?

    Bing Wallpaper: Kamikōchi, Nagano Prefecture, Japan (notice the pathway to top of the Mountain)

    Kamikochi Nagano Prefecture Japan.jpg
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