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Ways To Make Toddler Eat

Discussion in 'Baby / Kids Foods' started by SimplelLife, Mar 24, 2019.

  1. SimplelLife

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    hello everyone.. my 26 months daughter does not want to eat .. she will take food in mouth and keep it in the side. Won’t chew won’t shallow. When she started eating after 6 months.. she was good at it.. slowly she become what she is now. I have to make her eat throw distracted only. She used to like fruits and veggie but now she is giving me symptoms as if she is just playing with them as well by keeping them in mouth and not chewing. She is 26 moths. And 10.2 kg. She born quite healthy. My heart melt when I see her like that now a days she is gaining like 200 grms a month.she don’t even drink any water .. she is still on breast feed .
    Please show me some ways. She eats a whole chapati if I distract her, will eat 3 small idli .. otherwise she won’t eat half of it . I breast feed her when she woke up around 9 am, before her nap that is 12-1 ish, after she woke up, and sometimes in the evening or when she finally go to bed. Do you thing I should lessen up feeding. Currently I am giving her zincovit to I crease her appetite. Please show me some ways

  2. Ammu2886

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    Dear Simple Life,
    I am also in the same situation as yours.
    My 21 months son doesn't take proper food.i never had any problem with him until he was 16 months as he used to eat everything and all fruits.
    And Now he doesn't take any fruit or rice or kichdi.

    He goes only with malts and home made cerelac and he is still on breast feed.I breast feed Him only in the morning and night.

    I think the time just passes as they grow up.

    Involve in outdoor activity .Let them run,play and their appetite has to increase.
  3. silentlistener

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    For 26 months baby that is absolutely not sufficient. She must be taking all cereals and proteins with other fat.

    the following recipe called cereal pulse preparation , can be given from kids of 9 months age upto 3 years.

    This video is actually made by me completely demonstrating each step in detail.

    The same has been useful in real life to hundreds of couple for feeding their young kids.

    go through the video and try making cereal pulse preparation once;

    give it to your kid give us a feedback here

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