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Visiting Switzerland and renting Car.............

Discussion in 'Indians in Switzerland' started by simple1, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. simple1

    simple1 New IL'ite

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    HI Ladies,

    I need your help to plan out my switzerland trip.

    We r planning to visit Switzerland in couple of months for 3 days.

    I wanted some information regading :-

    1.Which places shall i visit?
    2. Can i drive in Switzerland with my Indian Licence.
    3. If i rent a Car what are all documents i need to bring with me.
    4. How to manage food their I mean what are all the good and affordable restaurents/ chain(Mcdonald Pizza Hut) like this.

    Thanks for reading my post and i hope u ladies will definitely help me....

    Thanks n Cheers,

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