Vehicle For Goddess Laksmi

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    :hello: Vehicle for Goddess Laksmi :hello:

    She is coalesced at the heart of his consort Vishnu and was brooding in such a state that she can never roam around the universe on her own.

    She found even the sub Gods down the hierarchy each having His or Her own vehicle. Saturn is having the black crow. Yama has a Buffalo. Murugan is having that strutting bluish- purple peacock. Andal and Kamakshi are Having the green macaw - the parrot.
    The Durga is mounting merrily on a tiger. Brahma is having a swan.

    So Laksmi the queen of Vaikunda decided instead depending all time on hubby Vishnu for His vehicle “Garuda”, to have her own vahana - the vehicle. With this thought, she was taking a stroll around heavens.

    She then decided, whichever creature she come across first, that would be her vahana - the mount.

    Her path was intercepted by Lord Indira who mounted on his vehicle - the huge elephant king “Iravatham” in the streets of Vaikuntam. His guru Brihaspati that morning only told him that that day is very auspicious for him and he may be lucky to have Laksmi with him all the time. If that materialises, then there won’t be any need in future for him to beg for money from Kubera.

    Seeing Lakshmi strolling around and coming across his path, Indira decided to capture and keep her with him forever. He dismounted from Iravatham gripping his silver sword, came upfront Laksmi with intent to capture & kidnap her.

    Indira was the first “creature” Laksmi saw that morning and so as planned earlier, decided Indira would be her mount. But then, standing in front of Laksmi, Indira could not withstand the dazzle on account of “hundreds of suns combined effulgence” emanating from Laksmi. Indra got instantly blinded.

    Lakshmi casting a broad sarcastic smile said to Indira, 'what a fool you are - how can you ever think you can bound me! Look, I have decided that the first creature that I would see on my way this morning, would be my vehicle - my mount. I saw you first.
    Therefore, henceforth I will be sitting on you and ride over the universe.

    Blinded Indira thought for a while . In a way it was a consolation. That way he will never loose laksmi ever and “I will have my desired wealth”.

    Next instant, Lakshmi patted the thousand eyed blind Indira who was transformed into a thousand feathered Owl (Ulluka).

    There was chaos in Indiralok. The entourage of Lord Indira came to know this incident . With sub Gods, they all rushed at once to Laksmi and prayed for returning their king. If their king become a bird, who will rule the Indiralok now?

    In response, Lakshmi said, 'in “day-time” Indira will rule on heaven, and in night he will be at my disposal as Owl - vehicle (Vahana).'

    So, night time one has to be more careful, as Godess Laksmi would be strolling around invisible, sitting on an owl in front of your balcony!

    (Adapted from bengali saga of the glory of Lakshmi)
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