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Varalotti's Speech And Pictures Part II

Discussion in 'Varalotti Rengasamy's Short & Serial Stories' started by varalotti, Sep 12, 2011.

  1. varalotti

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    To the question “How are You?” we give an one-word answer “Fine” most of the time not knowing its full import. Unless you are healthy in all the four dimensions that one-word answer will not be true.

    So what are the four dimensions of health?

    Physical Health
    Intellectual Health
    Emotional Health
    Spiritual Health.

    Today people have become health-conscious. You go to Marina Beach early in the morning. Or to the Race Course grounds in Madurai.

    You see thousands of people of all age groups walking, jogging, doing yoga, stretching their body and drinking a bitter soup made from a variety of grass. Gyms are doing great business. Fitness equipments sell in millions.

    All this fanfare is just about physical health, just one of the four dimensions. And the pity is most of us do not know that our physical health will be seriously affected if we are not healthy in the other departments. If we are not emotionally healthy, if we are short tempered and shout at people, our physical health will be horrible, the early morning walks, the work-outs and the grass soups notwithstanding.

    Now books have a great role to play in two of the most crucial dimensions of health – the intellectual and the emotional. What an early morning walk does to physical health, books do to emotional health. Reading an emotional story we feel quite refreshed. We actually feel a soothing effect on our nerves.

    More importantly reading books – well I don’t mean professional reading, but general reading – gives us a sense of proportion and helps us to distinguish between people and things.

    With the right books we are trained to love people and use things.Without good books many people now love things and use people.

    Like Henry, a prosperous Wall Street Stockbroker. Thanks to his working out in a gym for two hours every day Henry was in fighting fitness with a six-pack body fit to adorn glossy magazine covers.

    Henry bought a BMW car. He loved the vehicle so much that he used to personally clean and polish the car every day.

    One day he saw his seven year old son scribbling something on the car. He was so furious that he slapped his son violently on his face. Unable to bear the assault the son fell down unconscious. Henry took him to the hospital. Of course they revived his son. But the boy had lost his sense of hearing forever.

    A depressed Henry sat down by his car. Only then did he see what his son had written on the car.

    “I love you, Dad.”

    Henry felt that he had been slapped on his face by his son. Only a little harder.

    If only Henry’s mind had been emotionally enriched by great works in literature he would not have given a piece of sheet metal (that’s what a BMW or for that matter any car is) more value than his first-born.

    I am reminded of my professional colleague, a few years younger than me, but much smarter and far more successful in the profession than I am.

    Poor fellow, he has diabetes and hypertension. Once I had lunch with him and found out that the tablets and capsules he had to take were more than the food he ate. I was concerned. He blamed it on stress.

    I looked askance at him.

    “How can you be without stress, Sridhar Sir? Are we not in the most stressful profession of the modern days?”

    “Yes, we are Raghu. It’s off-season for us now. Tell me did you have any stress in the office today?”

    “I did. One of my clients who was the Managing Director of the company died. The man has two sons and both want that post. Oh My God, I was like talking with them for seven hours non-stop.”


    “Tell me what will you prescribe for this kind of stress. Don’t ask me to read Bhagavad Gita, ok?”

    “I won’t do that Raghu. You are not yet ready for that classic.”


    “I’ll prescribe a scene in Ramayana. Vibheeshana deflects to the side of Rama. There is some resistance to the Demon King.

    Rama therefore organises a coronation ceremony and makes his brother Lakhsmana crown Vibheeshana as the King of Srilanka.”

    “Sridhar, I am not a kid. I heard this story when I was seven.”

    “Wait, let me finish. As soon as the coronation is over Vibheeshana tells Rama, “Well, you have made me a King. Thanks. But you know I expected much more from you. You can even take back this crown. But I want the other crown, far more glorious.”

    Sugriva, Lakhsmana and other generals were stunned. What does that demon want? Does he want Ayodhya? Fat chance.

    Vibheeshana continued.

    “They say you are the Lord. And that you are impartial. You called me your brother. But you love your own brother more than me.”

    Rama was hurt. Others were furious.

    “Tell me what do you want.”

    “My Lord! When Bharatha came to invite you to the city didn’t you give him your feet? Didn’t you give your sandals to him? Is there anything more precious in the whole Universe than your lotus feet, My Lord?

    Aren’t they worth more than any Kingdom in this world? I beg of you, my Lord and my Master, please place your feet on my head.

    Only then my heinous sin of having been been born as a brother of a man who desired another man’s wife will be washed away. Please, my Lord.”

    Even that hardened accountant was in tears. I placed my hands on his shoulders.

    “Raghu, when you handle a case like that just remember this scene. Your heart will be at peace. At the same time I can’t give you a table of what you should read for what kind of stress.

    Start reading from today. Soon you’ll find perfect antidotes for every kind of stress that might come your way. Believe me I’ve been doing that for ages.”

    My next job here on this stage will be to blast the myths surrounding the self-motivation books. ..
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  2. satchitananda

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    Can't agree with you more on the above statements Varalottiji. Was just curious though what you would have to say about the scores of "extremely well-read people" who lack sorely in the department of "human" values and emotions. Frequently I have seen this very fact - that they are very well read - makes them think they are God's gift to humankind.

    There is a beautiful composition by Sant Kabir which says:

    "Padh padh kar iss jag mua, hua na pandit koi
    Dhai akshar prem ka padhe so pandit hoye"

    Reading and studying endlessly does not make a pandit. One who reads just one and a half words of love is a true pandit.

    I guess unless people put their egoes through a wringer, all that remains is a vain pride in their own "knowledge:.

    SARASVADIVU Silver IL'ite

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    Dear Sir,

    Whether it's called main course or just starters, it has been extremely sumptuous!!!

    The anecdote of the Wall street broker was very touching:
    >If only Henry’s mind had been emotionally enriched by great works in literature he would not have given a piece of sheet metal (that’s what a BMW or for that matter any car is) more value than his first-born.
    -perhaps you really did make a point there sir.

    This time too the photos spell class!!
    Waiting for the next part in all eagerness.
    Regards & love,
  4. AkilaMani

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    You have the ability to make a person cry even with a story that one already knowns!! I truely truely wish i was there to listen to the speech... isn't there a video recording published in youtube that i could watch??

    waiting for more of the speech....

  5. shobna

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    Sir, I sincerely wish I was there to hear your speech in person! what a beautiful way of presenting how reading relieves one from stress... So true..! I cant wait to read the next part. The photos are also lovely..thanks for sharing!
  6. vjbunny

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    Dear Sir,
    What you have said about this
    is so true...Unfortunately in todays world health is for earning loads of money and all their intellect gets wasted in this...As Satchi rightly put...I wish they will learn Dhai Akshar prem ...which is reiterated by Vibhishana as well....
  7. sreemanavaneeth

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    Hello sir,

    Good evening. An excellent speech well coordinated with the right things sir. Hats off.
    Aren’t they worth more than any Kingdom in this world? I beg of you, my Lord and my Master, please place your feet on my head.
    It shows vibhishana's humbleness and his great love towards Rama. It is really true when we read this we will be surely away from stress and our mind and soul will be more peaceful. Correct medicine you gave it your friend. If we are not physically fit we will always lag in other areas.Automatically anger,forget to do the important work everything will start pile up. Your speech relieved me from my tension and made me very happy sir. :bowdown:bowdown:bowdown
  8. nihasvin

    nihasvin Platinum IL'ite

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    Interesting speech Uncle!! Audience definitely had a treat :)
  9. Malathijagan

    Malathijagan Silver IL'ite

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    Dear Sridhar,
    That was an excellent speech! I am sure you clean-bowled the audience as you must have, our ilites.
    I think there is one more part to this.
    You have proved that you need not be a poet or a person with exposure to literature nor holding a doctorate all you need is heart and soul and oratorical skill. You have them all and I am sure yours was the best speech.
    Waiting to know how you are going to blast the myths surrounding the self-motivation books.
    The pictures posted here is an added treat for people like us who could not attend the function. Waiting for the III part.
  10. omsrisai

    omsrisai IL Hall of Fame

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    Sridhar sir..

    It was really a wonderful feast for us...and i am sure it was the same for the audience who have attended the function....

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