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Vacation to Alberta from toronto...need info!!

Discussion in 'Indians in Canada' started by mini983, Feb 24, 2012.

  1. mini983

    mini983 New IL'ite

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    Hi ladies,

    Good day! I am planning to visit alberta with my hubby and 14months old son in this summer. I now live in toronto.

    This is our first trip outside ontario.Earlier visited Niagara..!!
    Recently saw few pictures of alberta when browsing...Alberta is simply mind blowing..!!! I cant wait anymore to visit this lovely place.

    But quite worried about the expense and my LO..is it a safe to take my son? Ofcoz..i cant leave him behind... but..is it safe?
    Eagerly awaiting all ur inputs on this....

    Pls help me to get the following info:
    1) Bus or train travel..which is cheap and best? duration of travel in bus or train?
    2)How about air travel for one way n the other by bus or train?
    3)Hw much would be the hotel rent for a couple per night?
    4) How much would be the total estimated cost for the whole travel to alberta(including travel, food n stay)? Is one week sufficient to visit alberta?

    am sure many of u wud have visited this lovely place...pls share ur experience:help


  2. Sumathii

    Sumathii New IL'ite

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    Hi Mini

    I have not been to alberta. But, the cheapest and comfortable option from Toronto that I can think of is - travelling thru Safeway Tours or Taipan Tours.
    They take you thru bus from Toronto and the way back is thru air. It is a 9 day tour.


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