Uses For Tea

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    Deodorize your feet
    Boil three or four flo thru tea bags in one quart of water for ten minutes. Add enough cold water to make a comfortable soak. Soak your feet for twenty to thirty minutes, then dry and apply food powder. Do this twice a day until odor is under control. Then continue twice a week to keep odor under control. Tannin, which can be found in tea, is a drying agent.

    Dye graying white fabrics
    If bleach won't whiten a graying white garment, soak the item in hot, strong brewed tea until it is a shade darker than you desire. Then rinse in cold water and let dry.

    Highlight brown hair
    Rinse red or brown hair with brewed tea for golden highlights.

    Relieve sunburn pain
    Pat your sunburn with wet flo thru tea bags.

    Accelerate the germination of grass seeds
    Mix two tablespoons of cold, strong brewed tea into each pound of seed, cover, and set in the refrigerator for five days. Before sowing, spread the seed to dry for a day or two on newspapers on the garage or basement floor.

    Deodorize stuffy rooms
    Mix one quart brewed tea and four tablespoons lemon juice, strain through a coffee filter, and store in empty spray bottles.

    Soothe a sore throat or laryngitis
    Drink brewed tea with lemon juice or honey.

    Invigorate house plants
    Water ferns and other houseplants once a week with a weak, tepid brewed tea.

    Polish black lacquer
    Wash black lacquer pieces with strong brewed tea, then wipe dry with a soft cloth.

    Help relieve diarrhea
    Drink plenty of tea and eat toast. The tannin in tea is reported to be helpful in cases of diarrhea, while its liquid replaces fluids lost by the body.

    Soothe tired eyes
    Place flo thru tea bags soaked in cool water or lukewarm water over your eyes for at least fifteen minutes.

    Soothe a burn
    Apply wet flo thru tea bags directly to the burn, or secure in place with gauze.

    Stop gums from bleeding after having a tooth pulled
    Press a cool, moist flo thru tea bag against the cavity with your finger.

    Fix a broken fingernail
    Cut a piece of gauze paper from a flo thru tea bag to fit the nail, coat with crystal clear nail polish, and press gently against the break. Then cover with colored nail polish.

    Clean varnished woodwork
    Cold tea is a good cleaning agent for any kind of woodwork.
    Tenderize meat
    Add equal parts strong brewed tea and double strength beef stock to a tough pot roast or stew. The tannin in tea is a natural meat tenderizer


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