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Unique Jackpot Programme By Jaya Tv With Hijras

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by sunkan, Mar 8, 2008.

  1. sunkan

    sunkan Gold IL'ite

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    Unique tribute on a woman’s day:

    To day the Arogya jackpot programme in jaya tv

    was very unique in its own way,
    What do we call them sexually challenged or socially challenged?
    I can only conclude as socially challenged, from all their expressions
    About appealing to society to understand them and not shun them only on the ground that they do not belong to any gender…

    We howl and cry and send people to the gallows over rape charges, here they have known nothing else from the society, when applied for jobs the first qualification is how well they can be physically abused by the manager there, or the collegues, it is pathetic to hear that.

    When questioned about the reaction of law they say only now may be a few do take heed on what they complain but on total it is very sad situation and they are shunned by society. Family who love and supporting are ridiculed so are scared to take them along for functions and occasions.

    They are also ganged along with the mentally challenged and the physically challenged.
    They who would equally contribute to their family if only the schools and colleges accept them as human in the first place, there is absolutely nothing wrong with their intelligence faculty, so why should they be kept away…

    Their tearless appeal did touch our heart and they walked away with the jackpot but how will they win the life’s jackpot of getting to be among people without difference, a society that has come to accepts gays and lesbians and so many other challenged should give these people also the place they deserve….sunkan

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  2. Arunarc

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    Dear Sunkan
    I have not seen the programme but what you have written is very true. There are a few geninue people who work so hard to make they life. These people are treated worst then untouchables, even this is vanished now but these hijras are life long strugglers.
    Enjoyed reading the article that you have shared. There is so much about them we still don't know fully. They are there for the Ramayan and mahabharatha times, who played an important roles.
    But there are some who take advantage about being an hijras. From the time of our ancestors these people are called to give blessings on auspicous occassions. But now they have done this as a business.

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