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Unconditional Love!

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Rith, Feb 20, 2019.

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    Episode 30:

    “Prasanna calling” Vadhana said passing the phone to Sathya “Talk to him clearly”

    “Hello dude” Sathya paused. He couldn’t get words further

    “What’s that message Sathya? Is that true? How do you know? From where did you get this?” Prasanna bombarded him with questions

    Sathya “Dude. I will answer all your questions when I am there. I got this from a trust worthy source. Don’t ask anything more than this”

    Prasanna “You are appearing as a puzzle nowadays. You are not normal as before. I can neither believe nor ignore your message Sathya”

    Sathya said strongly “Prasanna. Trust me. Your Jaya is there, go get her. That’s the priority. I will answer all your questions. Please, leave me alone now”

    Prasanna couldn’t talk further. He was confused completely. He kept staring at the message for some time.

    Guna came there and saw Prasanna sitting on the cot staring at the mobile. His face looked pale. Rays of confusion was clearly evident on his face.

    “All ok Prasanna?” he asked patting his shoulders

    Shall I say this to Dad or not? He looked at him What if this news is not true. Let me not give any false hope.

    “Urgent work dad. I need to go to Coimbatore. I am starting tonight” Prasanna said

    “Go ahead Prasanna. Good luck” saying Guna left

    He called his PA and asked to book a flight ticket to Coimbatore in the next available flight. He felt nervous and excited at the same time.

    What if the news is true? What if Jaya is there? How will she react seeing me?

    He read the message again and again. He wanted to shout. He wanted to cry. He desperately looking at his phone for flight ticket confirmation. To his happiness he got a confirmed ticket for 1 AM flight.

    “Ufff” he sighed in relief. He quickly packed his dresses for 2,3 days and came down. Each and every minute seem to be years for him. He rehearsed what to talk, how to initiate the conversation, plan A if she felt happy seeing him, Plan B if she denies to talk to him and adamant enough not to come back, he decided to take Guna and Kalyani there. Rest they will take care

    This is his decision. Though he remained silent outside but lot of conversations were running in his mind. He walked down the stairs at 10 PM carrying his briefcase.

    “All the best my boy” he was surprised to hear Guna’s voice at this time when he put on his socks sitting on the sofa

    “Dad! You didn’t sleep yet?” Prasanna asked

    “I could see something wrong in your face from the time you planned this travel. Just want to boost you up” Guna let his trademark smile

    Prasanna smiled and put on his socks and shoes “Thanks Dad! I am kind of in a confused state. True, I am not stable.”

    Guna: “All is going to be well Prasanna. Focus on your goals. Though you are a single child, grown up in a well financially settled family, still we never tried to protect you at your difficult times. Do you know why? Because I want you to fall, then try to get up on your own rather than expecting you to wait for our hands to lift you up. That’s life Prasanna. We have to fall many times. That’s destiny. That’s why we never allowed you to get anything so easily. But also ensured that you should get whatever you want by putting some efforts on that. Failures are the lessons. But success is how you are managing to get up and start facing the challenges again. Don’t give up at any point of time. Try to handle such tough time with smile on your lips. That will help you to handle things with less stress.”

    “Dad. You are right! The thing for which I am going may or may not be successful. That’s what I am more worried about. I am thinking how to handle the stuff. Your words are, you know, kind of motivating me. I will face it Dad. Sure.” Prasanna gave a thumbs up

    Guna followed him till the entrance. Prasanna bent down and touched his feet seeking his blessings. Guna hugged him and kissed his forehead.

    “Much needed words! I felt like fresh blood is flowing in my nerves. Dad, at any point, I will never let you down Dad. I am more responsible for your happiness. I will try till my last breath to fulfill all your wishes. As you said I am not going to give up.” He hugged him again.

    Guna watched till the car vanished from his sight and came in locking the door. Kalyani came there rubbing her eyes “Guna! You didn’t sleep yet”

    “Prasanna left just now. Poor boy! He is under lot of pressure at this age. I just comforted him” his eyes turned moist

    “Guna! This is just a phase…”

    “I know” he interrupted her “whatever it is, he is our son. Our only son. We pampered him like anything though we taught him how to fight. This is real war. This is may be his first fall but worst fall. I couldn’t see the pain in his eyes. Even now I know well he is not going for a business trip. Yet, I don’t want to stop him. Let him walk freely Kani”

    “Guna! Our love on him is true. His love on her is true. Her love should also be true. True love never fades. Let’s wait and watch this play of God! We are just his puppets right?” Kalyani told casually for which Guna nodded his head in affirmation and walked inside followed by Kalyani.

    Prasanna had a mixture of emotions dancing in his mind. He tried hard to divert from those emotions making himself cool till he board the flight. But as soon as he boarded the flight, his heart beat so fast. He felt something is pushing his chest. His eyes sans sleep. He stayed closing his eyes, hands crossed across his chest. He reached Coimbatore early in the morning. He checked in to the pre booked hotel and refreshed. He tried for a nap but his body didn’t cooperate. He felt excited, nervous and anxious all at the same time. Once again he rehearsed what to talk, how to initiate the discussion. When the clock hit 7, he quickly took a shower, decked in a casual outfit he walked towards her PG which is 200 meters from his hotel.

    For Meera, that was just another morning. Lazily she opened her eyes and let out a big yawn. Aimlessly she sat on the bed looking vaguely at the branches of the big tree that pass through her room outside. Hearing the chirping of the little bird, she got down from the bed and fed with grains and water.

    Within 20 minutes, she got ready and came down. In a jiffy she had her breakfast and came out. She doesn’t feel like riding a bike. She placed the keys back in her bag and decided to go by bus. As usual she go round the Ganesh temple and started walking closing the gate.

    Prasanna’s heart beat fast seeing Meera after 2 months. She lost down lot of weight. Her face sans charm. His eyes welled up seeing her. Meera held her bag tight close to the shoulders and walked slowly. Prasanna walked along with her. She stunned to see a guy walking along with her and continued walking in faster space without looking at him. Prasanna matched her pace. At one stage, she frowned and looked at the man disturbing at this very morning time, her eyes wide opened in shock, jaws dropped.

    “Prasanna??” she closed her mouth with her palm and hugged him so tightly. Prasanna didn’t expect such a reaction from her. He felt happy. As people passing by started looking at them with annoyance, he held her hand and walked towards his hotel. Meera followed him like a robot. She couldn’t believe her eyes. “How on earth he found me?” she was surprised.

    During the 10 minutes’ walk and in the lift neither Prasanna nor Meera dared to look at each other or open their mouth. They remained calm. He opened the door and let Meera in. she looked at him in embarrassment and put her head down. He held her chin and lifted her face. Unable to bear his stare, she leaned on his shoulders. That was an emotional moment for both.

    Prasanna pushed her from his shoulders and placed a tight slap. Meera looked at him without any reaction except her eyes shed tears. He hugged her again. She wrapped her hands around his back.

    “How can you do this to me?” he asked caressing her hair

    “Sorry” she mumbled

    Prasanna decided to play a game “Lets go. Your Guna pa is waiting for you with all arrangements”

    “What? Guna Pa? How do YOU know him? Arrangements for what? Between, how do you know that I am here?” she bombarded him with questions

    “You will get answers for all the questions. Let’s leave now” Prasanna called his PA and asked to book return tickets for both

    “I am not coming from here” she mumbled again afraid to face Prasanna

    “Enough with whatever you have done so far. Lot of people are grieving without you. Have some heart to those people who love you unconditionally, including me. You ran away from all of us. Tell me honestly, did you stay happy here? Do you think this is your destiny? Don’t make me act wild Jaya. Enough” he roared

    Meera stepped back frightened. He pulled her and hugged again. “I am sorry” He kissed her head and caressed. “Your Guna Pa is my family friend, his son and I are very close friends, from birth you can say. We were searching for you all over the country. I promised him that I will get you back no matter wherever you are, whatever state you are in”

    “Hmm! But you said Guna pa is ready with all arrangements? What is it about?” Meera asked

    “Your marriage” Prasanna replied casually

    “With whom?” she lifted her head from his shoulders and asked

    “With his son” he replied in calm tone

    “WHAT???” she pushed him away and almost yelled “With his son? But how come? He is not interested right?”

    Prasanna “He accepted for the sake of his dad. He is ok to marry you now”

    Meera “What about you? Are you ok for me marrying your friend? Have you all ever thought about my feelings” she frowned

    He smiled at her naughtily without her notice. She continued “I love you. I love only you Prasanna. I can’t marry anyone else”

    Prasanna “But you accepted and promised Guna pa right?”

    Meera shouted “At what stage? At which situation? Doesn’t that matters? He seeked the promise when he was dying. I have no other choice at that moment. Only I know how I felt when I promised. I was dying equally”

    Prasanna “Then why did you block my number immediately?”

    Meera has no words to reply. “Prasanna, come on. I know I am wrong. But no other go. I had no options left at that time. I wanted to honor the promise given to Guna Pa. I promised him that I will marry his son. I should be loyal to my words and hence me and hence to that guy. What sort of human am I then?”

    Prasanna “Well, then why did you ran away without informing anyone breaking the promise. You broke the promise with mine, which you will be with me forever. You broke the promise with your Guna pa, that you will marry his son. You neither honored those promises, rather you chose to lead a different life, breaking both the hearts, didn’t you?”

    Meera “Because his son is not interested in this marriage. He has someone else in his mind. I don’t want to spoil the life of four people”

    Prasanna “Only four? What about the other people? Do you think marriage is only between 2 hearts? No Jaya. The entire family is involved, impacted, benefitted. The success and failure of a marriage impacts the entire family. Marriage is not just husband and wife Jaya. It unites and bring in lot of relations together and multiplies the emotions into manifolds.”

    Meera chided “What are you trying to justify now, tell me in crisp. No its and buts”

    Prasanna “Marry as per Guna Pa’s wish”

    Meera “What about us then?” Prasanna turned back and laughed mutely “End of our relation for the sake of family”

    Meera bellowed “Who the hell are you to decide that?”

    Prasanna “Not for me. Do it for your Guna Pa and Kalayani ma, can you? and you know what? Guna Pa confidently told that you will come back to him before this full moon day. He didn’t trust anything other than his love on you. He said that the true love on each other will bring you back to him. He also mentioned that, if you are not back by this full moon day, then either of the love is not true. NOW, DO YOU HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY?” she sat on the couch rolling her fingers into her palm. She hardly has strength to cry. She hardly has mood to think about anything. One thing is for sure. She wanted to go back to Guna and rest her head on Kalyani’s lap. She felt a choke in her throat. She felt that moment should come in real. By closing her eyes she could feel the warmth. She laughed while tears rolled down on her cheeks. She covered her eyes with her palms and sobbed in happiness. FINALLY! I am going back to him. She is determined to go back to them.

    “I am coming with you” she said in stern voice. Prasanna smiled

    “And marry him?” asked Prasanna faking an innocent face for which she moved her head up and down. She took his hand off from her knees and turned her face away “But you should do all the work for my marriage, you should be by my side, without any feelings, can you” she gawked at him

    “Very difficult. I can’t. I am sorry”

    “If you are not by my side, I can’t marry” she sounded stubborn

    You can marry, only if I am by your side, after all I am the bridegroom na, Idiot?” he smirked

    “Let’s go to my PG. I will have to pay my dues and leave after bidding adieu to Padmini aunty”

    Prasanna “That’s it. What about your office? Going to abscond from current office as well? That’s what you did with your previous company as well right?”

    Meera “No! No! Not again. I will relieve formally. I want to meet Guna pa right away. I will apply emergency leave for now. Let me take care of those formalities later”

    “Yeah! Cool idea! May be you shall finish your formalities when you pass by for honeymoon” Prasanna replied casually

    “Are you a robot? You don’t have feelings? Your lover is going to marry someone else in front of your eyes. Are you not worried?” Meera held his collar and asked

    “I am not a sentimental idiot like you. Moreover our love lasted just for a day. But your love on Guna Pa and Kalyani ma is not like that, Am I right?” Prasanna asked. She loosened her grip and pushed him away.

    “You guys are killing me. Fine. I am coming to see Guna pa and Kalyani ma. Not for anyone.”

    “Your dad! What about him? Even he will be expecting you, longing for you, doesn’t he?” Meera remained calm. Her silence said it all. Prasanna continued “Let’s leave. Its time. We have just 4 more hours to leave this city”

    Just 4 more hours. I have to leave this city in 4 hours? Vadhana? Padmini Aunty? My Ganesh Temple? My office? My little bird. Just 4 hours to bid adieu to all these people?” while thinkingMeera moved to balcony and dialed Vadhana while Prasanna texted Sathya “Thanks for the help dude. I found her and taking her back to Chennai

    To Be Continued…
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    lovely rocking episode :)
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    Rith Dear

    Most awaited episode!:grinning::grinning:.

    Please bring some more romantic scenes for both the couples...:hearteyes::hearteyes::cheer::cheer:
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    Wow that was so touching...good one...loved it ....poor meera..let her stay in happiness from now on
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    Episode 31:

    Sathya noticed the message when he was in a meeting. His lips widened letting a broad smile. He tried to focus on the work as he couldn’t move out nor message as he sits with the clients. He was excited to know what happened there.

    Vadhana was not surprised to notice Meera’s call at her late morning. She knows Prasanna is moving to Coimbatore to meet Meera. She took her phone and ran out of her bay. She sat comfortably on the sofa. She knows she needs to talk a lot to this girl as she was damn sure that this girl might try to confuse things.

    Vadhana felt so happy that the thing which she thought would be so difficult to complete has finished so easily without major efforts, thanks to Sathya.

    She took a deep breath, still smiling “Hello! Meera?”

    “Hi Vadhana!” Meera paused unable to continue further

    Vadhana “Tell me darling. Started to office? How is it going?”

    “Vadhana! Prasanna…Prasanna has come here”

    “Yes!” Vadhanajumped in excitement then in normal tone she spoke “Good na! Problem solved!”

    “He is asking me to come with him right away to Chennai” Meera complained

    Vadhana “That’s what I was keep on telling you. Good that he found you and come to take you back. Please go. Don’t create further fuss. Enough of sufferings. Enough of loneliness. I want you to go with him right now”

    Meera “But Vadhana. Prasanna is here to let me back to Chennai and marry Guna Pa’s son. He can sacrifice, but me, what about me?”

    Vadhana almost shouted “WHAT??” She thought “Oh! Oh! This guy is playing is it? I like you Prasanna.” She then spoke to Meera “Look Meera! I want you to marry someone and settle in your life. Don’t worry! Guna uncle and his wife will take better care of you. Eventually things will change. He will start liking you”

    Meera “I am not going to marry anyone. But I will be with Guna pa and never leave him for anything. I will stay there as their daughter. Let his son marry the person he loved. I don’t want to spoil anyone’s life. But, I won’t leave them ever. That’s sure”

    Vadhana chuckled. “let me see whether you say the same thing after you come to know that Guna’s son is none other than your Prasanna”

    “Ok fine! You are stubborn in your decision right. Why do you need to worry then? Without any hesitation start with him. Meet your Guna Pa first. Lets decide about other things later”

    Meera “Hmm! Yes! I will leave. If at all not for me, for Guna Pa let me go there”

    Vadhana “Please go! A wonderful, beautiful life is waiting for you Meera. Trust my words”

    Meera “Sure Vadhana! Bye! I will text you”

    She hung the call and turned back, Prasanna was standing there smiling at her “All good? Shall we leave?”

    “Yes” she replied and took her bag. They started walking.

    “How is He doing now? Healthwise all ok?” Meera asked

    Prasanna “He is recovering now”

    Meera “How is Kalyani Aunty?”

    Prasanna “Hmm! She is good”

    She looked at Prasanna. His face didn’t look normal. She kept quiet

    “Come soon. I will be waiting here” Prasanna said pointing to the nearby shop as they reached the PG.

    Meera went in, met Padmini and told that she is leaving the city for good. Though Padmini was surprised, she felt happy that she is reuniting with her family. She informed her office that due to emergency, she has to leave the city and applied leave accordingly. While packing her belongings, she noticed the wooden little bowl and plate and remembered how passionately Vadhana and she selected that from a small gift shop for the little bird.

    She smiled at the memories she gained in that room. When she was about to lock the room, she heard the chirping of the little bird. At once she opened the door. She looked at the time and wondered it is not the feeding time for the bird. Usually, the bird comes every morning and at times during evening before dusk. She happily ran towards the bird. The little bird hopped and tweeted seeing her. Meera smiled heartfully, opened the window and let her index finger. The little bird sat on her finger. For the first time she touched the bird. Its body was so soft. She moved her fingers gently on its body. It battled its wings and sat comfortably on her fingers. Meera admired the beautiful bond between her and the bird. The bird then flew away.

    Meera felt nice for the love of the bird. It melted her heart. With all smiles, she went down, handover the keys and due amount to Padmini “God bless you my dear. May you get a life as you wished for? Be in touch” Padmini blessed her when Meera touched her feet.

    “You are one of the reasons why my stay here turned pleasant Aunty. I will never forget you in my life” Meera hugged her.

    “Good luck dear” Padmini placed her hand on Meera’s head “don’t confuse your mind for anything and take stubborn decisions. Success is all yours”

    She waved bye and left. Prasanna came and picked her luggage when she opened the gate.

    “All good?” he asked while walking

    “Though it is just 2 months, I gained good experience here. Yet, I missed you Prasanna” she said for which Prasanna let out a subtle smile

    “Emotionless idiot” she chided and walked fast. Prasanna controlled his smile but he felt happy that he was in her thoughts throughout.

    He ordered lunch and placed a check-out request in the reception. Prasanna could see the excitement in her face. This charm was missing when he first met her in the morning. “She stuck to the decision just because she took it. Otherwise she is not interested to be here” he thought

    Meera noticed that he is admiring her. “Ahemm” she adjusted her throat. Prasanna turned his face away.

    Prasanna unlocked the room and sat on the couch. She sat on the bed. “I am coming Appa” she smiled

    She thought about Boominathan. She recollected his words when she spoke to him after she came here. She imagined how beautiful it would be if she is pampered by the much awaited love from all these 3 people. She smiled again. She felt excited. Prasanna noticed and he felt happy for her

    Prasanna “Whats up madam! Your lips forgot to contract or what. Looking smiling always. Feeling excited to meet your dear ones, isn’t it?”

    “Yes! This is the day I was longing for. I regret how foolish I am to take such a hasty decision. But there were few good things. I got a best friend. I understood about my dad and his love on me. I got a new companion, that cute little bird. Gained experience about life, especially from Padmini Aunty. These 2 months I can never forget in my life. I understood the real meaning of life. I understood I can’t survive alone. I realized I can’t live as an orphan. Without love, I will be an orphan. I know I can’t live like that Prasanna. A very good learning” she sighed.

    Prasanna “Good one. A much needed learning. I hope you won’t take such a hasty decision hereafter”

    Meera “Never Prasanna. I am counting each and every minute to meet Appa. Does he know that I am coming back” she asked for which Prasanna moved his head right to left as no.

    “Let that be a sweet surprise for him, for his son too” Prasanna winked

    “I am sorry. No plans for marriage. I will remain as his daughter forever. I can’t change my mind every now and then. If it is not you, then no one else”

    “Hmm! Well! Someone said I have to take care of her marriage work”

    “Not required. No need of anything. I am living this moment. I will live every such moment. I don’t want to complicate my life further. This second, my heart is cherishing the moment I am falling on Kalyani Ma’s lap, he caressing my head. For the first time to my knowledge, I am going to clutch my father’s hands. That’s more than enough. I need to search for a job again. That is more than enough. I don’t want to think about anything Prasanna. I am feeling contented. Happy Days!”

    “Nice! I mean, it is really nice to see such a transformation in you. I expected you as a cry baby. Rehearsed lot of things how I am going to convince you, how to react….you know, lot of things. I was so surprised when you hugged me. That said it all. You have pushed yourself into a circle unnecessarily. Anyways. No worries. Now your face portrays all your feelings Jaya” She smiled. They had lunch casually chit chatting. The long time waiting is over. Her heart jumped in joy.

    To Be Continued…
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    Wow wow super good episode ...:hearteyes::hearteyes::hearteyes: good days are waiting for Meera...
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    oh..all happies so far..
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    Hi Rith,

    Super episode.. eagerly waiting for guna pa and meera reunion. waiting for meera's reaction when she came to know about guna pa's son is none other than her prasanna.
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    Everyday I m looking for new update. its habbit now. please update it as soon as possible.
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    @Rith read the remaining episodes in a single stretch.waiting for next episode.come soon ma

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