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Unconditional Love!

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by Rith, Feb 20, 2019.

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    Episode 27:

    “What happened Madam? Lost in your own world?” Sathya asked

    “Yes! A cute little world comprising only 2 people” she grinned

    “Ah nice! Who are they? A king and queen?” He asked in teasing tone

    “Lavendar blue dilly dilly lavender green, when I am queen, dilly dilly you are my king” she sung the lyrics of a kids rhymes and walked along

    “I couldn’t predict your mood. You were unusually calm but your cheeks are pink, your eyes are sparkling, smiling throughout” she blushed further when Sathya said this

    “You are blushing? Oh my god!” he teased her again laughing terribly placing his hands on his stomach. She hit him with her bag. He held her hand and asked “Tell me, what made you so happy today?”

    She unclutched his hands from hers, still smiling “met someone who stole my heart. I was falling for him and today I realized I have completely fallen for him already. It seems I can’t live without that guy.”

    Sathya felt a slight pain in his heart. Still he felt happy for the girl who is one of the best human he met in his life.

    Sathya “Happy for you Vadhana. Who is that lucky guy?”

    Vadhana stared at him. “you couldn’t find still?” Sathya nodded his head as no

    “Didn’t I tell you? You are a dunderhead really” she hit her head

    “Dunderhead…Who???Me? heyyy!” Sathya showed a fake anger pointing his index finger towards her. She mocked as if she is going to bite his finger and ran towards the lift hopping.

    “I am telling from the bottom of my heart. The guy is really lucky to have you in his life. You are a pack of positive energy. Pure soul. No one can even deny your friendship.”

    “Really. Wow. So if I propose that guy, he won’t reject me right?”

    Sathya “If he rejects, he is a dunderhead for sure. Who will reject you Vadhana? You are one of the best human. If he rejects, I will fight with him for you. That’s a promise from me, as your friend”

    Vadhana “Can I take that as Yes then?”

    “Yes?” he got puzzled with her question yet he answered “Yes. Why not? Yeah. Yes”

    She turned back. Happy tears blurred her eyes. She wiped it. Her face turned even pinker.

    Vadhana “Thank you Sathya. I am the happpppppiest person on this world, right now. I want to jump”

    They bumped their fist. Sathya couldn’t take his eyes off from her. She looked even prettier. He felt a slight pain thinking she would not spend much time with him once she starts spending her time with the person she loves. Yet he felt happy for her.

    “Hmm…Happy days…fine… We will start in another 15 minutes” she said and ran away. Her reactions are cute

    He recollected how happy he was all this week when he was with her. How much care he took with or without his knowledge on a girl for the first time. He craved that this friendship should last long even after she committed to a guy. “Will that guy accept our friendship?” he jerked with this question. He doesn’t want to leave this beautiful friendship. Whenever he thinks about her, he couldn’t deny the smile spreading on his lips and happiness spreading all over the body. He feels fresh. He feels energized. He feels positive. He feels strong.

    He went inside his room, refreshed, changed to a casual outfit and sat on the cot waiting for Vadhana.

    He prayed from the bottom of his heart that the guy should accept her love and she should stay happy with that guy throughout her life. He prayed that the guy should be good enough to take good care of her. His thoughts wandered around Vadhana.

    Vadhana placed her handbag on the coffee table and sat relaxed stretching her legs on the chair while browsing the mobile. She remembered Meera called her when she was in meeting. She immediately called Meera cursing herself for totally forgotten about her

    Meera attended the call at her second attempt. Her voice was so feeble that Vadhana couldn’t hear anything

    Vadhana “Hey darling. I am sorry, I was on a meeting da. Whats up? How are you doing?”

    Hearing her voice Meera broke completely. She mentioned how she miss her, how lonely she felt, how bad to know that there is no one to take care when she is not keeping well.

    “Now I realize how difficult it is to live our life without anyone. I miss you, Prasanna and Guna appa badly Vadhana. I can’t live alone” she sobbed

    “Good in bad. Isn’t that what I am keep on telling? Now don’t worry. Things will be alright soon”

    “I will call you Vadhana. Let me refresh and come. I am sleeping throughout the day” she hung the phone

    Vadhana felt sorry for that poor soul. She could feel her pain. She held her head in her palms. She started thinking about what she could do to unite Meera with her family. “It is high time to start working on it. I can’t leave Meera like this anymore. But I don’t know anything about her family. What I know is Guna and Prasanna. Only by these names, what I could do? I know well, Meera will cry for a day then again she will be adamant not to go back. But I can’t leave Meera like this anymore. I don’t want my best friend to suffer anymore. What can I do from here? My first task after going back is to take her to Chennai, take her to her family”. Tears fell down her cheeks

    Sathya realized more than half an hour passed but no signs of Vadhana. He called her but no response. He locked his room and walked towards her’s. He knocked the door but again no response. He checked whether the door is open and yeah, luck favours him. He went in and shocked to see Vadhana sitting with head down. He rushed towards her and further shocked to see her crying. He thought that Vadhana would have proposed that guy and he might have rejected her. He caressed her hands unable to say anything.

    “2 minutes Sathya. I will refresh and come” she got up. Sathya was cursing the guy for making his best friend cry. He fell short of words to check with her about this. He has not faced such situation so he has no idea how to react about this.

    She came in 5 minutes. She wore a black Patiala pant and mustard & black tunic with a dupatta. Her face looks still pink and pretty.

    “Are you alright?” he asked in a caring tone which pacified her mind

    She smiled and both started walking out. They got into the metro train and reached the PG. Sathya liked it and found decent enough. Vadhana hesitated because she has to stay alone in that room. But the other PGs are not that good, so she accepted with half heart. They came back to the hotel then decided to stay sometime in the park nearby and sat on the grass.

    “Do you mind sharing with me what is making you this much down?” Sathya broke the ice

    “Yes Sathya. I will definitely feel better if I share this to you. Else I am afraid, this would eat me up completely” she continued after a pause “2 months back a girl shared my room, timid, kind poor girl who suffered nothing but failures. Even I just know outline of her story. Step mother torture, non-supportive father, fell in love with a guy, a new company which forced her for a marriage where the guy is not interested. She was blamed and accused. So she ran away from that place without anyone’s knowledge. She came to Coimbatore. She tasted happiness. She enjoyed every moment. I use to keep on telling her this is not permanent. She never listened to me. She is another close friend I got. I love her. I use to keep on telling her what she is leading is not called life. That’s just a temporary phase. She started realizing it after I came here. Today she is not keeping well and no one available on her side. She is feeling isolated, lonely. It’s high time to unite her with her family Sathya. I am afraid she would go mad. Before any tragedy happens I want to unite her either with her dad or with her lover. But nothing I do know about them except she is from Chennai. If I am not doing anything, she won’t go back. She stays in present state grieving for her life doing nothing for herself. Poor she”

    Sathya felt relieved. He sighed heavily.

    “Uffff! Is this what bothering you?” he asked

    “What do you mean?” Vadhana asked in annoying tone.

    “Seeing you in such a state, I thought you proposed the guy and he rejected. I was so worried how I am going to console you in that case. Huh! Thank god. That’s not the case. Its ok Vadhana. Don’t worry. I will help you to locate your friend’s family. I have a good influence there. Promise” he held her hand “now smile. That’s your trademark”

    Vadhana felt thankful that she has Sathya now to help her. She felt happy again “I proposed that guy already. But he didn’t respond yet”

    “Why so. How long does he need to think whether you are perfect for him? He is really a dunderhead”

    Vadhana laughed terribly “You are right. He is such a fool. Still I am not sure why I fell for him. But one thing I know. If he cares for a person, the amount of love and care he showers is enormous. That I didn’t see in anyone else. May be that’s what made me fall for him. May be that’s what I like in him. He is innocent. I discovered that now. I love him. I love him this much. I never know whether I can reciprocate the same care and love on him. But I can enjoy that throughout my life”

    After a pause she asked “Seriously Sathya? Are you telling this just because I am your best friend? Am I really perfect according to you?”

    Sathya “Why not Vadhana? You are indeed a perfect one. Kind, helping, chatter box. Your presence makes the entire place happy. What more a man need”

    Vadhana “Then why I didn’t get any response from that guy?”

    Sathya “What did he say after you proposed?”

    Vadhana “nothing”

    Sathya “Then?”

    Vadhana “Then what? He is casually chit chatting with me. But didn’t give any direct response about it”

    Sathya “Then ask him directly what he thinks about you, whether he is ready to marry you”

    Vadhana “Will he accept if I ask that question?”

    Sathya “Why not. You ask first. If he doesn’t respond, I will punch on his face”

    Vadhana ”Sure? I will ask him right away then?”

    Sathya “I am sure. I will stand for you. Ask him right now when I am with you”

    She smiled “what do you think about me? Are you ready to marry me? Will I be a perfect soulmate for you?”

    Sathya “Yes! Perfect. Ask in same modulation”

    “Ufff!” Vadhana knocked her head. “I asked” she said in frustration

    “You asked? Whom did you ask?” Sathya asked in conundrum

    “I asked the person whom I love” Vadhana said covering her face with her dupatta. She laughed till her cheek bones pained

    “When?” Sathya rubbed his head

    “Just now” she giggled again “you didn’t understand or are you acting that you couldn’t understand anything?”

    “I couldn’t understand what are you talking Vadhana” Sathya replied in calm tone

    “I proposed the guy again but he is pretending as if he doesn’t understand. Should I take that as yes or no” she asked calmly

    Sathya turned in all directions, then checked her phone “When did you propose when no one here except me?” he asked innocently

    Vadhana “if I propose here when no one around except you, then can’t you understand who is in my heart?”

    “Vadhana???” Sathya looked at her speechless

    “I love you Sathya. Can you answer now whether do you love me or not” Vadhana looked at his eyes and asked

    To Be Continued…
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    @Rith waiting eagerly for the next episode.
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    This pair is ultimate and lovely...so good..hope meera will be gng back with the help of them...
  4. Rampuri9

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    wonderful proposal :) enjoyed a lot reading it
  5. lakshya2018

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    Super episode. started to like vadhana more than meera. She s so lively. waiting for satya's reaction
  6. Bhoonzee

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    Hi @Rith

    What a romantic scene.... Only you can make it as a comedy one.... great writing dear.

    Thoroughly enjoyed the scene. Very lively. Thanks for the wonderful episode. Worth waiting.

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    Episode 28:

    Sathya froze on shock. He couldn’t believe what he heard. He recollected the events from the moment she spoke about her love till she proposed. One half of his mind felt very happy because marrying a person like Vadhana is a boon. But on the other side, he hesitated to accept immediately another relationship after a big blow.

    His heart beat fast. He couldn’t bear the feeling. He ran fast towards the hotel, climbed up the stairs without having patience to wait for the lift and entered the room without even closing the door.

    “Am I ready for next relationship? Am I ready for next heart break? Am I really fit for such a nice girl?” His brain bombarded him with lot of questions

    Vedhavalli’s words echoed in his words “What if some girl grows interest in you” “The girl for you would have born already on this earth. The destiny is still looking for some good time to make you guys meet and feel each other as soulmate. Don’t worry. It will fix the appointment soon. You will get a spark when you meet her. Your conscience will command you that she is your soulmate”

    My conscience is commanding that she has some close relation to me, So, Is she my soulmate? How should I react now? I have not proposed anyone. Even I didn’t propose Jaya. Is this destiny’s plan?

    He sat on the floor resting his head on the cot.

    Vadhana was completely dumbstruck on Sathya’s reaction. She could feel his pain and completely understand why he was broken that way. She smiled at his reaction

    If he doesn’t like me he would have told that upfront. Rather he neither wants to give commitment nor hurt me. But he likes me” she stood up and walked towards the hotel. She rehearsed what and how to talk to Sathya. She doesn’t want him to get confused, rather she wants to clear the air right away. She wants to understand what is eating him about the relationship with her.

    She opened the door and saw Sathya on the floor, resting his head in the cot, eyes closed. She quickly went and sat near him and touched his hands. He opened his eyes and smiled seeing Vadhana and turned his eyes away from her

    Vadhana “What happened yar? Why are you behaving like this?”

    Sathya avoided eye contact with her “I couldn’t handle that feeling Vadhana”

    Vadhana “Handle what?”

    Sathya “Handle that situation”

    Vadhana mimicked his tone in a teasing tone “handle which situation?”. Sathya looked at her “Ha! Eye contact finally!” Vadhana clapped her hands.

    Sathya chuckled closing his eyes with his palms. She sat casually resting her head on her right hand on the cot faking an angry stare at him.

    He clutched her left hand, she sat without any reaction still staring at him

    “What is this?” she asked raising her eyebrows pointing towards her hand. He tightened his grip.

    Vadhana “Excuse me! I demand a response for my proposal”

    Sathya “answer given”

    Vadhana “When?”

    Sathya “right now”

    Vadhana “I didn’t get anything?”

    He came even more close to her without leaving her hand

    “Arey. It’s paining. Leave my hand na”she tried to take her hand off from him

    Sathya “No I won’t. I have decided not to leave this hand ever”

    Vadhana raised her eyebrows. “Oh! You accepted my proposal? Then why you ran like a mad?”

    Sathya “because I couldn’t handle such a happiness in such an unexpected moment. A kind of pride that I am getting the best person as my love. Don’t ask me anything more Vadhana. Please. I am living this moment”

    “Ok Live. Let me go!” she got up. He pulled her back. “Don’t go Vadhana. I am not leaving you. Be with me”

    “How long you want me to sit like this Sathya. I am feeling hungry. Its 9 PM already”

    He kissed her hand. She felt a sweet current all over her body. Her eyelashes battled. “Sathya?” her body shivered. Her face reaction, her shivering hands clearly depicted her tension.

    “That’s it. Don’t expect anything more than that” he winked at her

    She beat him. Her cheeks glowed in pink because of blushing. They stood up. Sathya took out his purse to check for cards. She hugged him from the back resting her head on his broad back

    Sathya held her hands “So? Someone need some more. I am ready” he winked

    “Hey no no. just a hug. That’s it” saying Vadhana ran away, Sathya followed her

    They decided to walk to the nearby Indian restaurant. They clutched their hand and only silence prevailed. Both felt happy and contented. Even the dinner time was quiet with just smiles and blushes, yet they enjoyed those moments.

    For Vadhana, this emotion is pretty new. Every thought about him, every minute, energizes her. His first kiss galvanizes her cells. The happy hormones keep dancing for a peppy song. She felt she is in a different world. “Is this heaven?” She thought

    “Let’s Meet tomorrow” he said while they have to move to their respective rooms. She just bobbed her head and walked silently

    Sleep need not take much time to embrace them as they were in such an excited mood already.

    Both woke up without the need of an alarm as their mind keep on reminding them to get ready soon so that they can meet each other. They quickly got ready and came out of their room very early.

    “You didn’t apply make-up today?” he asked while going down in the lift

    “I did but a light one. But yeah, I did. Why?” she asked while checking herself on the mirror.

    “Yesterday you were glowing. Your cheeks were pink. Today the charm is less. Wait. I will help you in that part” he came close to her adjusted her hair and kissed on her cheeks

    Her cheeks turned pink and eyes sparkled. “Perfect. Now its fine” he chuckled. The lift door opened as they reached ground floor.

    “I thought you are innocent” she whispered while blushing

    “I never said so” he shrugged his shoulders. She pinched his arm. They laughed together and walked towards the dining area

    After breakfast, they got in to the car. Vadhana sat on the extreme edge to escape from Sathya’s pranks. He keep on teasing her. Their cheek bones pained because of their continuous laughter. Her face glowed even more.

    At her office, everyone noted the radiance in her face. Couple of people asked her directly. Vadhana couldn’t respond to them except a coy smile

    As time moves on, she started getting busy with her routine work. Texts at the mid and little phone calls excited them.

    Sathya scheduled his appointments to meet his other clients and thought his sudden visit would help him to fill certain gaps, understand ongoing issues and promote interaction helping him to grow his business. He doesn’t want to leave this country as he loves spending some time with her. He wants to talk more, learn more about her and express more about him and his family.

    He leaned on the car waiting for her arrival tapping the car’s roof rhythmically. Seeing her walking towards him while talking to a Chinese lady, his lips widened. She bid bye to that lady and came near him all smiling. They got in to the car, she sat calm. Sathya instructed the driver to go China town.

    “So what’s up Madam? Looking bright?”

    “Keep quiet” she punched him “today entire office enquired”

    “Enquired about what?” he moved his fingers on her cheeks

    “Shut up” she whispered faking a cold stare

    “I love you” he whispered in her ears. She held his hands and leaned on his shoulders

    They reached China town. The place was heavily crowded. They wandered for some time and settled in the nearby sitting bay.

    “How was your day between? Your clients are happy?” she asked

    Sathya “Of course they are! My stay can extend for another 1 week”

    Vadhana “Did you talk to your parents?”

    Sathya asked “About what?”

    “About you in general. Nothing specific. They are worried about you as you said. Now you are back to normal, staying happy, living your life if I am not wrong. Talk to them na. Tell them that you are normal. At least they will live in peace”

    “Hmm..Makes sense” he mumbled and took his phone. Vadhana felt happy that he acknowledged and obeyed her words instantly

    “I will talk to her tonight for sure. I want to spend some time with you” he smiled at her rubbing his phone on her nose. She grabbed from him. He tried to seize his phone from her. She put inside her bag and hugged the bag close to her. They played chasing each other and settled in a place breathing heavily. They didn’t leave each other’s hand. After some time they decided to leave “Shall we move” Sathya asked

    She nodded her head in acceptance and they had a casual talk. They dined in a street shop, travelled in metro train to reach the hotel. They liked to be with each other. Sathya followed her in her room.

    “Gentleman, can you go out” she said pointing to the entrance

    He shook his head as no stepping towards her. She moved back. Her heart beat fast.

    “Sathya. No” she whispered. Words stuck in her throat

    “I need it right now” he whispered moving further closer. He bent down and she closed her eyes holding the TV stand leaning on it. Her body felt light tremors when she felt his warm breath very close to her face

    To Be Continued…
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    Thank you Deepika, I have posted the next episode
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    Sure Ammu. Those days are not far. Thank you for enjoying this story
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    Thank you Rampuri :)

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