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UK illites GUIDE ME - My daughter's higher studies

Discussion in 'Indians in UAE' started by Shreesundaram, Mar 16, 2010.

  1. Shreesundaram

    Shreesundaram Silver IL'ite

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    Hi UK illites,

    my daughter is fifteen years old and is currently writing her cbse boards in Abu Dhabi, UAE. :)

    Since she is very interested to do her higher studies in the UK, she is writing her O level exams also side-by-side. :rotfl

    However she wants to do
    'A' levels (equivalent to grade eleven and twelve in India) in a UK boarding school. She has currently looked up one called - Bell Bedgebury in Kent (an hour from london) which caters to the interests of International Students.:bonk
    Please guide me on how far are these boarding schools effective for my child's future and whether such boarding systems are really safe to rely on. :spin

    Please give me your opinion and Guidance also i welcome suggestions for other better schools in the UK.:hide:

    Awaiting for your replies:drowning

    Thank you,



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