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Ufff !! Is this love againn ???? Chapter – 28

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by shabanashaj, May 8, 2012.

  1. shabanashaj

    shabanashaj Silver IL'ite

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    CHAPTER 28

    Raghav was racing his car on Manali road…
    “Where has Pooja left?? And why the hell did she leave the cottage??? And why didn’t she return back yet???” a series of questions was Haunting his mind…
    “Please god !! Wherever she is let her be safe !!! “
    I was amazed to find myself praying for Pooja… Its been years that I have raised my hands before God for something… exactly 2.5 years… Since the time Meha left me , I stopped pestering god . After all it was such a betrayal I have ever faced in my life… b@#$^….
    He had not been trained enough to use such filthy words against females. But one great infidelity could easily change your mind setup…
    He still remembered the day when he met Sheela again…
    After finishing my M.S project work I accompanied Javeed to his home at Mumbai… and there was Sheela looking very pale in one of the Mumbai streets. I was the first to find her. after all no one could forget such a beautiful face ever in their life time…
    “Hey sheela. How are you ??? Do you remember me ???“ I went near her and stretched my hand for a shake…
    “Sorry… You have mistaken. “ and she started to move .
    “Hey wait… Do you remember I helped you and your friend Meha in London… From the gangsters who acted like cops… We escaped in private jet… 2 years back exactly… “ I smiled at her…
    Actually we expected a smile and gratitude in her face in return. But her face became pink in rage… she was totally in excited state… and her eyes were like hot iron rod getting ready to tear our lungs apart…
    “So you were the b@#$##$ who have spoiled my life?? Happy??? “ She was screaming from her bottom of her lungs…
    “Spoiled… ???? no mam. I think you have mistaken. We gave shelter for you and Meha in our home … and we drove you girls to airport. And we did accompanied you till Mumbai too. Do you remember you and Meha got into your dad’s car and bid good bye to us.?? “ Javeed said in a single flow. I know was he was interested in Sheela , since the time he saw her…
    Each time I go for a date with Meha , He used to remind me to ask about Sheela…
    “My dad in Mumbai… Holy S***… Do you know he is the main man involved in Mumbai brothel ?? and you guys have helped that b@!$@# Meha to surrender me to that man… And you have helped her to escape from London cops… And finally you guys have spoiled my life “ she couldn’t resist her tears after that ….
    “what??? “ I arced my eye brows… I couldn’t believe my ears. It was like no powercut in Tamilnadu..
    “Sheela I think you are sick. Meha is my girlfriend… Stop talking non-sense about her. “ I winced.
    “you guys are sick… She is a lawyer cum criminal… when I was about to tell about her and her gang to London cops , you guys spoiled … you stopped the car in which I was escaping from that gang with London cops. and after she shot you guys helped her to take me from that place.” she was shouting in rage….
    I was completely speechless hearing Sheela’s words…
    Meha is the main culprit in kidnapping girls !!!.
    The cops which she shot at London were real cops and we escaped in a private jet that belonged to an international criminal gang… !!!
    And the most unbelievable part is that I have spoiled a girl’s life and am in Love with a criminal !!
    “But you were silent… we thought we were helping you… “ It was Javeed….
    “have you heard of Zolpidem??? “ she looked at him…
    “Zol. no never. “ Javeed said with hesitation…
    “It’s a drug used to depress the activity of central nervous system. with less doze you will know whats happening around but can’t respond back… and I was in that sedation. “ her voice was filled with frustration…
    Holy s*#% !!! I had acted like a fool … How didn’t I suspect that the girl whom we have helped could be sedation…!! Damn….
    “And do you know why she asked for sleeping in your home for a while ?? “ She looked at me again…
    I was speechless another time.
    “that drug will make one person sleep soon… And that’s why she rushed to your room and took me inside. and when I got my conscious little back she injected me the drug again… and she used that time to fool the cops… “ she was fighting to breathe meanwhile…
    “am sorry…. But what about the airport… we saw some cops there too… they must have arrested us. atleast they might have informed Indian govt about it… but nothing happened… “ Javeed posted his query…
    “Those were not cops idiot. they were from another gang… and inorder to escape from them she allowed you guys to enter the flight with her… “
    “But why does she wants to save us?? “ I looked at her….
    “See you guys are Indian students… If something happens to you guys it would have created even more headache to them. that’s why… “
    “And why did she loved me ??? “ I was feeling very bad at that minute…
    “You are rich Raghav. No girl will leave a duck that lays golden eggs. “ Javeed moped…
    And that was the second I started to hate Meha… She pleaded me many times to forgive her mistakes…But after all am not such soft-hearted to forgive a b!@#!# … And that was the moment I decided to never fall in Love again.
    Normally a guy could face any failure in life… But when it comes Love its really really very hard to digest…. And so I was I… that love made me not to file a case against her. With a last warning I left her….
    But the sin of helping Meha was killing me inside… And that’s why I decided to help innocent girls… After all I don’t want another Sheela in Mumbai… And with her help I started to rescue one or two girls at the beginning. eventually my friends joined me. and now we are a big gang with no name and am Its BOSS !!!!
    “This cottage is beautiful Raghav… “ Zara brought me reality…
    It was really surprising that he have drove the car correctly to his cottage even after having lost in his own thoughts…
    “Yeah It is… “ he smiled at her…
    The doctor was standing at the entrance of the cottage and he smiled at Raghav….
    The receptionist brought the key and handed it to him…
    “Did you got any calls from my wife?? “ he queried her.
    “No sahaab. “
    “did she said anything while she left the keys to you?? “
    “No sahaab… But she asked me to call for a taxi. And I did so… “
    “Can you give me the taxi number ?? “
    “Sure sahaab… just a sec. “ and she said a number to him…
    “Thanks. “
    “and sahaab. This the key for another room which you requested yesterday… “She gave me another key too.
    “Fine “
    And Raghav left the reception followed by his friends…
    Another room was for Javeed and Zara. After leaving them in that room and also instructing the doctor to give best treatment , he left the cottage…
    “Hey Raghav… where is your wife ??” Shyam questioned me.
    “She might have gone for shopping. You guys take rest in my room. “ he handed the keys to them and left that place…
    he tried Pooja’s number again… It was switched off … Damn… Why the hell is her phone switched off ??
    Next he tried with the Taxi driver number….
    “Hello… am calling from Dream valley cottage… “ I tried to sound like cottage owner.
    “Yeah sahaab… you want taxi now ?? I will come there in a minute. “ His voice was fishy.
    “No. I have got a complaint on you. Heard that you have looted the purse of a south Indian lady who travelled in your car this morning. “ his voice was very harsh.
    “no no sahaab. I will never da such a work . You know me… I left that girl in airport and returned back… promise. I didn’t steal anything. believe me sir. “ He was about to cry and Raghav was able to identify the restlessness in his tone…
    “k leave that… I think that lady is insane… bye. “ and he disconnected the call…
    Pooja has left to airport !!! But why ??? I asked her not to leave the cottage till I return back…
    He recalled all the events that happened yesterday. Pooja followed me till hotel last night. and she suspected me with Evanjelin… If she had followed me today she must have to came to hotel. But she has left to airport… that too after an hour I left the cottage… where She might have gone ??? I was left with no random guesses…
    Meanwhile he received call from Evanjelin…
    “Hey Raghav… Evanjelin here… “
    “Hey I will speak to you later. I have some important work over here… “
    “Hey wait. Its urgent… Suraj has vacated the rooms… “
    “whats the big deal…??? He will vacate obviously . after all he has no work left here. “ he sighed in frustration…
    “but. our security cameras at the gate has found a girl inside his car when he left… “
    “a girl ??” something sparked in my mind…
    “hey wait… I will come there in 5 minutes. “ and he raced my car in the Manali road to the hotel…
    And I was praying deep from my heart that It should not be Pooja. But I know it will be Pooja , because no girl can be as crazy as her… I sighed.
    A cottage in Nagar Village…
    (Taken as an excursion from Kullu or Manali, Nagar also known as Naggar, is a very lovely village set on a hill surrounded by forests. Naggar was the capital of Kullu valley in the 16th century and the monuments in the region are witnesses to the glory it had once lived in.)
    “This place is awesome Suraj… “ a man with thick mustache smiled…
    “Yeah it is… This is a very small cottage hidden amidst forest. Not many tourists knew this place… “ Suraj smiled…
    “and where can we hide this girl?? “ another man asked pointing Pooja…
    “Ofcourse here… The cottage owner is little greedy. I will take care of him. Now you guys take her to the room… yuvraj and Rohit be with this girl. never leave her alone… and we will be outside … I don’t want that f*!@!$$ mistake to be repeated again… understand. “ he threw an angry look on them….
    After Pooja and two of his men got inside the room , Suraj called others to listen him.
    “What are you going to do now Suraj??? “ a bald man asked him.
    “Where’s that girls mobile phone ?? “ Suraj asked…
    “Here It is. “ a guy gave a phone to him.
    “Now make a call to his husband… His name is Ra Ra Raghav or Ramesh… not sure. Tell him If he wants his wife back he must pay 20 lakhs… ask him to come to hmmm Rohtang pass. and do all the usual threatening k. “
    “Yeah k boss. “ and the guy left that place…
    “Now shall we call that group’s gang leader Suraj?? “ the same bald man asked him again.
    “There is no need to call. He will himself call me. “ Suraj smiled…
    “but how come ?? How will they know that we have kidnapped her… ?? “
    “If my guess is right , he knows many in that hotel. It has security camera at its gate. I noticed it the time I first entered the hotel. So he will definitely know that the girl is with us. Instead of calling him straight lets make him to call… I bet he can’t find this place without my help.” Suraj laughed like a thunder,,,
    “But what if the girl’s husband come and ask for the girl?? “ another man asked.
    “I won’t leave her unless I find that mastermind… “ Suraj grinned

    “S%*# … Its Pooja . “ Raghav was stunned seeing the web cam video…
    “Pooja?? Your wife ?? “ It was shyam…
    “shyam… how did you came here ?? “ Raghav was surprised to see Shyam, Ralston, Nithya there…
    “Evanjelin informed … “ shyam replied.
    “You look worried. Don’t worry she will be fine. “ It was Nithya…
    Having friends who can console you at odd times of life acts as an energy booster… These days I was able to think a lot for rescuing unknown girls… But when it became my wife I was startled a lot. My mind disagreed to cooperate for a while… but I have do something. Meanwhile my cellphone ringed…
    “Raghav… pick up the call.” Shyam brought his consciousness back.
    “hello. “ Raghav answered the call in a pale voice.
    “Listen. We have kidnapped your wife. come to Rohtang pass with 20 lakhs cash in another 3 hours… If you call police , I can’t guarantee that you can find your wife alive again… “ and the call was disconnected…
    F@#% !!! Raghav threw my mobile down… His hands were shivering unusually…
    “Hey Raghav. relax… what happened?? “ Ralston asked him in a humble tone…
    “Those b@#$$# have kidnapped my wife. and they are asking for a ransom of 20 lakhs. “
    “Give them and get your wife back Raghav. “ It was Evanjelin…
    “Money is not a problem Evanjelin… See they have kidnapped my wife from the hotel. And Suraj has wontedly disclosed her face in web cam… did you notice that??? “ He asked her.
    “Yeah. so what. ?”
    “He wants our gang leader that’s me to take that as a hint and reach him … Even If I give 20 lakhs to Suraj am sure he wont leave Pooja. He needs the man who is rescuing girls… understand ??”
    “yeah. now we understand… Raghav. why cant we take our men to Rohtang pass and rescue Pooja ?? “Shyam asked.
    “If my guess is right they must have hidden her somewhere away. We must find the place first… “ He exhaled.
    “So now what can we do ?? ?” Nithya looked at Raghav…
    “Leave me alone for a while… “
    And all left that place…
    I have go to meet them as her husband… and similarly I have meet Suraj as a gang leader. This time I don’t want my friends life to be at stake by sending someone else… what shall I do ????
    After 10 minutes Raghav called his friends back…
    “I have got a plan. “ he exclaimed and detailed his plan to them…
    “Raghav you have gone mad!! “ shyam sighed…
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  2. Pallavi4me

    Pallavi4me Platinum IL'ite

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    Wow what a faboulous story!! Did n't expected Meha is of such a criminal. Your twists & turns are too good. Way to go girl!!
  3. shashiv

    shashiv Gold IL'ite

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    Waited for so long for this episode Shabana...thanks
    Wonderful narration. How could Meha be such a cruel person...What is Raghav's plans now...?

  4. Lalitha Shivaguru

    Lalitha Shivaguru Platinum IL'ite

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    Another good twist on Meha....

    please do not make us to wait for so long.... iam going nuts as to thinking wat will come next :)

    Waiting to read more.....
  5. Sofea

    Sofea IL Hall of Fame

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    Wow, Meha is the culprit??? And here I was, thinking that she might have been helping the poor victims and probably died during one of the rescue incidents thus prompting Raghav to take over the baton!

    Am curious to know about Raghav's plan now...sounds dangerous!
  6. swaran

    swaran IL Hall of Fame

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    omg,i never imagined megha to be this cruel...yuck!!!!
    thank god raghav dint do the mistake of keeping her with him thinking she would change for him...good for him!!

    shabana,the story is wonderful..seriously with so many traps/tricks..you have great brains dear :)
    the way you are taking the story,,extraordinary fantabulous...
    you should publish this story :)

    but pleaaaaaaaaaaase post the next episode soon :)
  7. prashanthi9

    prashanthi9 New IL'ite

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    awesomeeeeeee \m/ super twists and good narration
    but pleaseee sooooon sooooon soooooon ......please come back sooooon wth next episode
  8. sapthu02

    sapthu02 Gold IL'ite

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    uh.. you made us wait.. hmm.. that was a good one indeed!!
  9. SuccessMinded

    SuccessMinded Gold IL'ite

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    very nice... hmm hope she'll be safe

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