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Ufff !! Is this love againn ???? Chapter – 26

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by shabanashaj, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. shabanashaj

    shabanashaj Silver IL'ite

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    Chapter – 26

    The Buntur airport was not so crowded… Pooja took a safe seat in one corner of the airport so that I can view all passengers once they enter the airport or try to leave the airport….
    I came here by morning 8 AM… Now its going to be 12 and nearly 3 flights have landed till now… But I was not able to trace Raghav or that lady Evanjelin… Have these guys fooled me and have went to some other place… exactly at 12.05 PM another flight landed… well this is going to be the last flight which am gonna wait for…. If Raghav doesn’t appears I will leave to cottage and wait for his arrival till evening…. She thought.
    A crowd of passengers with heavily loaded luggages were swiftly moving to the entrance… Most of them had an eagerness in their face which reflected the immense joy of being in the land of manali. In the crowd she was surprised to see that man. He was the man who rescued her from that hell… And I am seeing him after 5 years.But Javeed Looked pale as if he had been bitten badly by someone… Or is that my imagination ???? … Now let me meet him and warn him about the devil Suraj ….
    But to a bigger astonishment Suraj was behind him… No it should be hallucination… She rubbed my eyes again… Yeah … It was Suraj was he was walking right behind Javeed… And eventually I saw Evanjelin moving towards suraj… what’s happening here ?????
    3 hours before…. Blue moon hotel… room number 203….
    Raghav,Evanjelin,Ralston,Aejaz, Nithya and Mr.James were discussing something anxiously… There was a blue print of the hotel lying in front of them…
    “thank god you guys caught a flight from Chandigarh and came here on time…” Raghav looked at his team…
    “This is one of the exquisite suite of this hotel… “ Mr.James said… Well he is the Managing director of the hotel…
    “And we are gonna execute the plan in this room… Come with me.” Raghav arose from the place and went near a wardrobe…
    It was a wooden wardrobe and had excellent cravings on it…
    “Listen carefully… this the room we have planned for Suraj , Javeed and Zara to stay. They are totally eight . If my guess is right they wont take more than 2 rooms since they never split up…. So four in this room and other four in the nearby room… I mean 204… Evanjelin and I will make ourself sure to bring them here to this hotel…”
    “But suraj what if they refuse to come to this hotel??? Or what if they have booked another hotel ready??” Ralston questioned.
    “they might have booked … But am sure they will not go to that hotel…. Because hadimba temple is near to his hotel…” Raghav responded.
    “Temple ???” Nithya arced her eyebrows…
    “Well Me and Suraj are gonna have a meeting at Hadimba temple by 1 PM … So he will definitely accept the proposal for room in this hotel…“
    “What ???? You guys are gonna meet ???” It was Ralston again…
    “Well this sudden change of plan happened yesterday night… Suraj found Javeed’s mobile… And tracing my number from the dialed list is not a hard task… I know Suraj must have taken hell out of Javeed after that. I don’t want him to suffer anymore… Either we rescue them in this hotel or I will be the ransom myself to let them free…” Raghav sighed…
    “But how come???? Javeed kept the phone very secretly…” Aejaz exclaimed…
    “well seeing a man wearing his shoes even while he sleeps is an easy way to suspect…. Suraj is not a fool… And I talked with Suraj that I ll meet him at hadimba temple and he has to let him free. Suraj accepted…. “
    “You cant do that Raghav… We need you… “ Aejaz shuddered …
    “don’t worry. If this current plan works properly we can easily get Javeed and Zara out… first me and Evanjelin go to airport . I will be the car driver in disguise… Suraj will definitely accept this proposal to come this hotel since it has got very big fame… And of course he wont say No after seeing Evanjelin… “ Raghav smiled…
    “come on Raghav. am not that…”
    “K leave that Evanjelin. and Mr.James will allocate these two rooms saying more than 4 person are not allowed in a room…. So Suraj , one of his men and Javeed and Zara will occupy this room and Its in Evanjelin’ s hands to make them choose this room…. “
    “No probs. I will do that Raghav. “ Evanjelin smiled…
    “And the secret hidden in this room is this Wardrobe… See… “ and Raghav opened it…
    There were a pile of leather jackets hanging inside and a sweet fragrance filled that closet…
    “Now look this… “and he moved the jackets to one corner and pushed the wooden back of the wardrobe … It opened with a screech sound and there were footsteps behind that….
    “This is amazing… “ Nithya sighed…
    “Well there is nothing to get amazed. this is the emergency fire exit of this room. Normally costly suites have this exit… And me and Evanjelin just broke the back part of this wardrobe and have placed it exactly before the exit. Now the exit becomes invisible…. And this is way by which me and Aejaz will get into this room… Fine ???”
    “Yes… “ everybody nodded in return…
    “And to a higher count lets assume 5 members are here in this room …. They will be armed for sure… Our first goal will be to remove Suraj from the room…. That guy has high sensitivity towards sound… So Evanjelin after few minutes you call Suraj out for signing papers. Make sure he is with you for 10 minutes… “
    “K.” Evanjelin nodded…
    “then Nithya. You knock the door and ask one of the men inside to show the way to go to some room number. Using that chance me and Aejaz will enter the wardrobe… and be sure your mobile rings at that time with heavy noise so that they wont hear the noise of we getting inside the wardrobe… normally when girls ask for address guys never say no….” Raghav smiled.
    “fine… “ Nithya smiled …
    “and Ralston you be ready with a car near the emergency exit… Me and Aejaz will bring Javeed and his wife… “
    “But Raghav… are we gonna attack them… may be we can go for pistol… “ Aejaz looked Raghav with a question…
    “Yeah. Its going to be a pistol. but an encoded pistol… now lets start to airport. “ Raghav smiled….
    Back to reality….
    Evanjelin was moving towards the rushing passengers… and she stopped towards every rich looking person and advertised about the hotel and requested them to make a stay with them… Well most of them said. “Sorry mam. we already booked… “
    When certain man thought of changing their plan after seeing her but withdrew their idea with a counterpart from their wives….
    Suraj was stunned seeing Evanjelin. “Watta women she is….” And by the time he was admiring her Evanjelin went to Suraj straight.
    “Sir am Evanjelin from blue moon Hotel. It is one of the best hotel in Manali… you can have an eccentric view of the Beas river sir. and our hotel is described as the most romantic hotel in Manali. You can have a look at these photos sir and she handed an album to him….”
    Suraj never bothered about the album but was keen in noticing her beauty… She was wearing a blue top , low hip blue jean and was wearing a red muffler… The pink lip gloss added elegance to her beautiful face….
    “your hotel is magnificent. But we have already booked the room… I will cancel that room and come to your hotel tomorrow sweetie… “ Suraj showed all his teeth to her…
    “tomorrow ??? But today is my late date for appraisal. If I find a person for this exquite suite I will get a promotion. Please sirrrr… and our hotel is near to my tourist attractions… And Hadimba temple , Durga temple is just few yards from the hotel lobby… Our’s is a divine hotel sir…” She pleaded in her sweet voice….
    “Did you said Hadimba temple…???”
    “Yes sir… From the terrace of our hotel you can clearly see Hadimba temple and durga temple. I will take you for special arathi there sir….”
    “Then fine… We are eight people… we need a single suite to stay…” Suraj retorted…
    “eight people in single suite is not allowed sir. Can you please book 2 suites. I will be happy…” Evanjelin threw a naughty look on Suraj…
    “Yeah sweetie. anything for you… “
    “thanks a lot sir… You have made my day…”
    And they all got into 2 cars and left the airport… I was bewildered. Javeed has struck in a great problem… I must help him some way… So I started to follow the car….


    Blue Moon hotel….
    Evanjelin showed the suite to suraj.
    “This is one of the prestigious suite of our hotel sir… Our chief minister often uses this suite whenever he comes to Manali. It is highly secured….” She gave a fake smile at Suraj.
    “This is awesome… “
    “4 of them can stay here. Other 4 please follow me… “ and Evanjelin went elegantly out the room.
    The men were staring at Suraj for his approval…
    “just 3 of you go… Atleast 3 must ne here to guard these romantic couples. after all I don’t know where they have hidden another mobile .” and Suraj threw an angry look on Javeed… Zara was still in a shock. she wasn’t able to digest the fact that his husband was beaten like a dog yesterday night…. Both of them sat on the couch nearby and two men with pistols were near them…
    Then everything happened according to the plan. Evanjelin took Suraj out for signing some papers and Nithya came for asking address…
    Meanwhile Raghav and Aejaz glided into the wardrobe carefully…
    Raghav took out his so called encrypted gun…
    That was the gun used for sedating animals. It carried a needle at the end… A silent shot will sedate anyone for days. Raghav has reduced the doze since he is going to use that for humans… And he handed another gun to Aejaz…
    By the time these men said the way and entered the room Raghav and Aejaz pulled the trigger… when Suraj entered the room he was literally in shock…
    His men were unconscious and his hostage were missing…
    “@!$$ !!!! This is the worst day !!! “ and he bashed out of the room to check where these people have left….
    But there were no trace…
    He called other three men and slapped them for being so irresponsible…
    With his whole plan got devastated Suraj looked confused out of his window…
    “Well god is still with us !!! “He smiled…
    “What happened suraj…??” one of his men questioned…
    “Look there… “
    And there was Pooja peeping inside the lobby of the hotel….
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  2. amnilakshmi

    amnilakshmi Gold IL'ite

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    I am just waiting for your next episode..
  3. shashiv

    shashiv Gold IL'ite

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    Omigosh.... Will Pooja be kidnapped again.... Please post soon

  4. mshanj

    mshanj Senior IL'ite

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    Oh My... Pooja........ hmmm nice twist again... waiting for next post...
  5. swaran

    swaran IL Hall of Fame

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    oh god...a neat plan almost getting collapsed because of this pooja...she should have stayed in her room

    oh sahabana,please post the next episode...
    its so intersting
    i am already biting my nails
  6. esbanu

    esbanu Gold IL'ite

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    oh ho... pooja.... stupid... what happened next.. pooja again kidnap a..
    pls pls post soon...
  7. SuccessMinded

    SuccessMinded Gold IL'ite

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  8. Arunarc

    Arunarc Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    OMG So he will kidnap Pooja again.....

    Your narration is so interesting and excellent....... read around 6 to 8 episode in one go... :D
  9. sapthu02

    sapthu02 Gold IL'ite

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    O my god .. what will happen to Pooja???? Grr.. nailbiting state!!
  10. prashanthi9

    prashanthi9 New IL'ite

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    Trophy Points:
    ohh super storyyy , i browse and red past stories too :p :)

    please tell me is this only the last one ? 26th chap

    or did i missed anything ....

    if possible at the end of the story plz kindly put before chapter link, so tht it would be easy for beginners like me

    thanks you, waiting for next chapter :) good going keep it up :)

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