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Two In One Stories...

Discussion in 'Stories (Fiction)' started by twinsmom, Sep 9, 2007.

  1. twinsmom

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    Once I wrote 2 stories for the same question....

    I don't have to tell you what you already know about Chakkrapani. So do you think he should have done what he did at the restaurant the other day?

    Yes, yes, we both know Chakkrapani…I have known him from the days he used to run errands for me after dropping out of school. Didn’t I keep him with me for four years? Did he ever give me any reason to complain? Not once. Thangamaana payyan!( A dear boy!) Still, Srinivasa, when you begged me to find a loyal man to help you out with your business, half-heartedly I handed him over to you…
    Adellaam sheridaa, Subbu… aanaalum avan appadi pannalaama? ( That’s fine, Subbu…but ought he to have done that?)
    May be not! But you must try to think from his angle…As far as he is concerned, he must have had a good reason for having done that. Weren’t you a bit too harsh on him? Throwing him out like that? You should have at least intimated me about what he did before sending him back to the village, poor Chakkrapani!
    Poor Chakkrapani…poor Chakkrapani! What about poor Srinivasan? Why aren’t you concerned about me? The idiot, with all his good intentions, has jeopardized my very good name in the industry…
    In the last two days, I have had hosts of Food Inspectors eating for free and carrying take-aways for free…The amount I had to shell out to appease those money-hungry inspectors! Do you know with what difficulty I have set up a good reputation and built up my restaurant? Easynnu nenachayaa? ( you think it is easy?) As it is, we have to compete with all these Pizza Huts and Mc Donaldses ! Thanks to old customers like Gopala Chetty I am managing modestly.

    But, what did Chakkrapani do? He is such a loyal person…

    Yes, yes, loyal…Very loyal… That idiot found a dead cockroach in the thayir wadai tray…. And do you know what he did, he scooped it out and threw it and served the dish to the guests….. Madayan ( idiot)! At least he should have taken it back to the kitchen and done it… No…half hidden behind the partition near the wash- stand he has done it not knowing that Gopala Chetty’s wife and daughter in law were washing their hands there!!

    Take 2


    I know, Chakkrapaani wants to learn English. Ever since Kuttan Nair joined the restaurant, he is learning to read and write English… Fancies that if he learns to read and write English, he will get a job in Dubai… But that doesn’t mean that when you are making Janghiri for Diwali you make batches and batches of ‘cat’ and ‘rat’ and ‘mat’ instead of the traditional shape…! Pity I agreed when he said he will work overtime at night and finish the janghiris! What will I do with 1000 cats 1000 rats and 1000 mats in saffron colour???? I had to throw him out! Learning English indeed!

  2. Vysan

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    Dear TM,

    Great story.......

    Poor Chakrapani...... What will he do.... Too much injustice....

    On the otherside.... If you know what is happening in the kitchen side of the hotels/marriages....... You will never go to Hotel or have food in any marriage after that.... Since being a participant in those things......

    But still we enjoy food in the Hotels with great assumptions on hygiene et....


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