Truth About Marriage laws in India

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    Sisters, read my predicament in my earlier post...,i want you to know that 498a is not women law, it is the vindictive barbarian law. there were 58,900 cases of 498a in 2005, 2007 figures will be double that...
    in each case there are old mothers, young sisters, some of them not even living with the vindictive some cases they are living 1000 miles away, still they have to take bail and run around in police stations and clumsy courts....
    so get over it, this law is not for woman empowerment...they are only for breaking familieis and wife empowerment...
    i wont even call a wife empowerment, sometime bhabhi of a groom is named as accused so wither the good wives...
    now let us talk econmics...each 498 case is 1 lakh in lawyer fees..bail, charge sheet , cases so it is 584 crore industry...what you say of coke and ambanis....
    Now let me tell you the procedure of bail in a is taken once and then over..this way or that way...
    take 498 a, the number of accused is 5-6 times the number of accused in a murder...
    so first a guys takes a notice bail...3 days stay on arrest..
    then the fir happens and police invariably turn up to his house on friday or before diwali, holi, new year, summer all 5-6 members have to take bail again...
    after bail is granted then the husband goes to police station and gives the security etc..
    now after one two years chargeshhet is filed, so then the bail is taken again
    and these judges, they refuse bail even if wife falsely says my 2000 rupee garments are there..
    and the bail proceedings for husband tag for almost one or two year in courts....
    so the courts are crippled..and so are almost 10-20 lakh innocent people...and bail is routinely granted by email to tada accused...
    great indian barbarianism and i wont wake up till my own house is bombed....jago india jago...
    recently my friends mother went to ncw how she was harassed by her son in laws with compalints that were found to be totally false...what ncw per our are not a woman so we cant listen to your story..., do ILites has guts to spread harmony instead of violence hatred by raising their voice openly against these barbaric provisions...

    These misusers of law amount to 98% and even courts and newspapers and parliament is admitting that...
    you could be having a happy marriage but god forbid if your brother has a bad marriage...
    these laws spread venomous cuture in our society, sister...
    you need not take your anger on 98 persons X 5 for one real case....
    so go to any court near you to get the real situation and you will be innocent mothers, young sisters and 4 year old kids crying and one person taking vindictive pleasure in chaining so many women...
    jago...before it is too late....
    these text books you read were written 30 years ago about a situation prevailing 100 years ago...
    clean your mind of venomous agenda and thoughts..
    woman are equal and superior in todays work place and realise the truth that dowry laws are harassing women more
    because vindictive wives invariable pick soft targets like mothers, sisters and brothers wife....
    even four year kids have been jailed for demanding dowry...oops may be he or she asked for extra toffees and choclates...
    so are you brave enough to admit the truth or just harp on dowry burnt and witch burning in salem to justify your anger and barbaric laws

    Chief-Justice of Hindusthan Confirms that 498a and DV Act are Anti-Male
    watch this video on doordarshan where chief justice of highcourt are saying, how many cases are false

    60% of woman in tihar jail are under about crowding in jails and woman laws...
    YouTube - mens day jantar mantar 2
    watch these videos where a woman doctor is saying truth about this law

    YouTube - All India Protest on 498A & DV Act2005 - SIF Delhi
    this is the video of lady who put false 498a and now regrets it

    and i will post 2 3 more videos of girls who were arrested out a sudden from no where

    about caw the name points out Crime against women cell...this is the place where maximum crime against women are done...may be they should change their name to protection of women cell and nomenclature may save the harassment of lakhs of innocent mothers and sisters and bhabhis from shreemati 498a

    i am using the name shreemati 498a because calling the false accusers of 498a woman is insult to all us woman

    now the 98% misuse is so rampant that even if a real harassment case goes to police they treat is with same yardstick as false case

    you visit any caw cell and you will find shreemati 498a and her relatives taking perverse pleasure in accusing mothers and sisters and bhabhis....ab maja aayega jab tumhari ma behan court, police ke chakkar lagayengi....
    they get perverse kick out of it and that is the only thing they are getting now a days because once the shreemati 498a comes to police and court, her otherwise marriage that could have been saved is totally dead....

    about caw cell and courts trying to save the marriage... that attempt is straight out of horror and sadistic movies...
    they are trying to save marriage by showing threat of arrest...if shreemati 498a wanted to save the marriage, they should have gone to pschologist or taken their husbands to counsellor, they choose the easy money extortion route of police and then they regret when husband says no more.... this marriage exists no more

    then the drama in courts one court shreemati 498a says arrest my husband as he harassed me for dowry and in other court she refuses to give divorce, say i love my husband coz i want to save marriage...
    as you are a lawyer you must be seeing this drama in so many courts....

    so the caw cell and courts also are just a recovery and extgortion tool.... and we laugh when courts take strict action against loan recovery tactis by banks....

    they have unwittingly become that....

    so many things to write but you are set in your you have rightly said you help wives get you are a wife right activist.....not a woman activist...
    and because you are mostly dealing with harassed and vindictive woman, you and ncw and aidwa are nothing but vindictive owman activist......coz you even fail to acknowledge crime committed with the help of state against innocent womans, mothers, sisters, good wives, massi, chachi, mami

    shreemati 498a is the name of the movie that has been produced by a nri filmmaker and will be shown in many festivals and special screening will be in delhi in habitat centre in january to coincide with parvasi bhartiya divas....go there to see it...

    and on march 8, an ngo called forgotten woman will protest against national commission of unscruplous wives... these are not my comments, watch zindagi live on IBNLive News | India News Homepage

    HI, Uma challa was in USA and falsely accused under 498a and now she heads a ngo " Forgotten woman" and asha kiran that highlights the legal atrocities against innocents mothers, sisters and bhabhis and female relatives of the male"


    While everyone is still attentive, I want to announce that we are
    launching a two month campaign to highlight the woes of all mothers,
    sisters and other female relatives accused under IPC 498a. The
    campaign will culminate in protests/press conferences/other
    activities, depending on the response we get from you, your mothers
    and sisters.

    To kick start the campaign, I urge you to get all your mothers and
    sisters to register a complaint on the NCW website
    ( and if possible
    send a hard copy to NCW. Please retain a copy of the complaint and the
    online registration number. Please send me a copy of the complaint for
    our records and to help us with the next stage of the campaign.

    We need as many mothers and sisters to be represented as possible. We
    are not expecting any specific kind of response as of now but
    registering this complaint is a must to help this campaign.

    While we are at it, let us also give a face lift to the forgotten
    women website. I request all writers in the group to send articles so
    that we can post them on the website. I will take care of preparing a

    let us create some
    waves for International Women's Day, 2008. Just so that you know I
    will keep bugging you for the next two months.

    Yours in solidarity.

    I am rather xxx by your post.

    Because it challenges your mindset, it provokes you to think harmony instead of violence and question dramatic absurd stories you always believed to be 100% true without applying common sense
    hey mother in laws, sisters in laws and men are human too....they dont marry their brother or someone thinking okie we will torture ...come off it and grow up..there are good and then there are bad and they are on both side of the fence...

    so dont negaate one side completely
    98% percentage cases as you say are false, then I ask why is the high court and supreme court prosecuting altogether? When they know statistically then why daily judgments?

    our judges may be bright but our judicial system is the most absurd and stupid and blind and archaic....
    one case drags on for ten years....
    even in matrimonial cases, judges are afraid of their promotion and their sense of elevated narcissism....
    you have seen yourself in one hour judges listen to 100 cases.....high court is nothing but the extortion agents and the funniest part is they dont even know it that they are the extrotion agents....
    pay 5 lakhs to the shreemati 498a or i will put you in jail thats what happens in high court

    and about trying to save marriage, that action of court is nothing but out of horror movies....

    some body tell this judges and activists, hey you have called 10 innocent people in court every month and you are saying
    if you live with your shreemati 498a the cases may be dropped...

    hey stupid, if the case was about husband and wife living together or not...
    why are you calling the sister, mother and cousin of husband every time...

    what are we woman who just happened to be related to male whose marriage has gone awry
    a bargaining chip...........

    and last advice...
    look dont have very high expectation of your prince charming....

    life is not a movie....
    there are good and bad people all around...
    take time...get to know the guy....

    and if the marriage is only because of you and him....he may be 100% jerk....

    dont play sati savitri saying, my husband is okie but his sister or mother is spoiling him....

    your husband is a jerk if the marriage goes bad.... not his mother sister or bhabhi....

    go to police if you have to but leave the innocent women...
    dont implicate them in court cases and police to have a bargaining chip

    grow up and own up.....
    if your sister in law passes a comment...pass the comment back...
    dont put them in criminal courts for that comment...

    your mother in law haraases you, harass her back.... dont go looking for police to punish her...

    grow up , be human.....

    your marriage breaks only because of you and your are innocent and he is at 100% fault or whatever.....

    dont dare to impicate his sisters and mothers and bhabhis falsely.....
    this is the worst thing you will do and be miserable for a long time

    i am repeating the word falsely because thats what millions are doing ..falsely implicating....

    I am rather xxx by your post.

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]received from a sister who came at a press conference in delhi where christy danius also shared his side of story.........[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]i wanted to share my story with all of u but my mother was not well y'sday so i had to leave form there.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]My bothers marriage took place on 11th may 2005 . on 2nd day of marriage as per hindu rites my brother and mother took het to her mayka as pagphera rasam. then her mother said that we have insulted them bcoz we have given ver less ornamnets to her daughter in marriage. all her relatives and neighbours are making fun of them.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]even my mother could have said this kind of words because she is a saas biu mu bhabhis mother used this kind of words[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]after 3-4 my bhabhi statred to show off that she may have get married in very rich families. one faimly from U.S was wanted to make her their Daighter in law but ufortunately she got married wid my brother,[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]she always kept saying wt cheap bridal clothes and other things u have given me i feel shy to wear them.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]she took off her Red Chura after after 20-25 dyas & statred to wear white clothes she never put bindi and sindur. because she did not love my brother. she was used to behave like we were living in a hell.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]actly she was studying that time so she always make and excuse to go for Rohtak ( haryana) to check the date sheet, result Etc. 4 days in a week she spent in her mayka. very leass time she spent with us.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]mean while she statered to take all her & ours ( my moms & mine) ornamanets and costly clothe accsories with her to rohtak in every visit. the whole story was preplanned. [/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]and finally one day came when she returned in after noon on 30 th sep 05 with her mother and 2-3 cousins sister.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]and the same night they came again 12 persons and started using abusive language gave veru vulgur abuses to my bothher and me. then took bhabhi with them inspite our requestes. my mother was begging in fornt of them for not to take her with them. but they did not listen.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]then after many request and our grandparents also went to take her back but they insulted them and were asking for Rs. seven lacs.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif][FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]after they began the game of cruelty. they called us threatened to rape me my younger sister even myorlder mother. the big mistake we maide is we never reported to police b coz my mother said God will do the justice we will not go anywhere.we will ask to god to rescue us. she was sure that one day my bhabhi will relze her mistake and will come back. but how wrong my mother was![/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]then finally they reported to women cell rohtak. but with grace of Great God and our truth report cam in our favour b coz the head of that cell Ms. Laxmi devi could figured out that they pepole are leying b oz my mother them the truth very clearly. laxmi devi came to concustion that my bhabhi is not satisfied with my bhaiya she only want money. it is clearly mentioned in report thta wa have never asked for dowry.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]then they filed a 498 A case in rohtak on 13/08/06 . we got regulare bail we were not sent to the jail.[/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]thanks to Great God .[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]on the first hearing Judge that this not juridiction . 498 a should be filed in Delhi bcoz she had been tortured in delhi. form that Judge is giving Date on date nothing is finalized.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]whenever she comes to court a Boy comes with her. ( we dont know who is he)[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]till today we have not filed any case agianst her.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]Please help us we are innocent. we loved her so much bcoz we have only 1 brother. we dreamt for a happy family but she came and a in short span of time she took all the happinss form our sweet home.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]now we never laught bcoz whenever we laugh and try to be happy her cruel face comes in our eyes we agian bcome sad.[/FONT]
    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]please help us. our life is worst then a hell. i m sure Hell would be better then our home.[/FONT]

    [FONT=times new roman, new york, times, serif]you can invesigate where w e reside everybody was shocjed to know that she left us. becoa everybody know hoe kind we were towards her[/FONT]

    I was reading one post about save indian family (Save Family Foundation - Fight Against IPC 498A and DV Act 2006) and by one of the ilites hall of famer

    "I think that organization is formed by these kinds of guys where they torture their wives and form a group to defend themself"

    when i read these words from a Ilites hall of fame member, i could not stop smiling and saddened by her narrow mindset....okie, it is not narrow, i will call it innocent brainwashed oblivious of real reality mindset....

    first of all , it is the biggest malady of indian society today that any broken marriage is being turned into a criminal affair with innocent mother, sisters, bhabhis, co sisters getting jailed and hounded in courts on the whims of vindictive wives...

    these shreemati 498a are the drain on national exchequers and they have spoiloed the women name so much that now even if a genuine woman goes to police for action, she is taken as an extortionist shreemati 498a because there is 98% misuse of this law....

    so these guys in save indian family and their criminal mothers, sisters, bhabhis, chachis, maasis have come together to raise the bogey of national commisssion of unscuplous wives and will be holding a big dharna outside these vindictive club of family breakers...

    calling NCW a Natioanl commission for woman is an insult to woman hood as they have reamined total stoic silent on woman empowerment issue and have spilled all their energy in 498a, sucides due to depression that gets branded as dowry death and other archaic issues.....

    even in the light of truth that 113.555 angry wives not only got 250,000 innocent woman, children arrested.....

    hey, in most of the cases shreemati 498as get preverse pleasure in implicating mothers and sisters as seeing their mothers and sisters being branded criminals will pain a guy most....
    even 20,000 happily married co sisters are accused under 498a every year in delhi alone...

    so moment you start siding with legal terrorist and waste ur enery siding up with shreemati 498a, you are taking your focus of real development, progress and equality...

    join us on 8th march 2008 to raise the bogey off the national commission of unscuplous wives...
    and we have good wives, co sisters, happy wives, mothers, sisters on our side....

    any one except shreemati 498a who is spoling the name of all woman hood.....
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    I dont agree with your numbers and facts. I find them one-sided.
    Please also research to provide following numbers alongwith it:

    - How many women are burnt alive for dowry
    - How many women are domestically harrasssed by their In-laws and dear husbands
    - How many girls never get married because of our GREEDY society
    - How many girls are disposed off in name of abortion.

    We as Indian society have worked towards deserving these BARBARIC laws.

    Have you ever thought what has caused these laws to be made in the first place. If i were the law maker. I would still have made this law. I agree there are some innocent families trapped. But just see the plight of woman who goes to new family and get burnt alive for greed.

    Such case still exists . You can see enough threads in these posts where husbands continue to exploit their wives financially , physically and emotionally. I would say such a law should become nightmare for people. So that they can never think of disposing gal just like that.
    You are thinking of some years in Jail. How being "BURNT ALIVE " sounds to you?
    I would second such laws 100 times, if we continue to harrass our women, if Mother -in -laws continue to torture their Daughter-in-laws.

    I am not undermining your frustration of being dragged into court and police. But please dont undermine the other side of story too. There will be occasional MISUSERS of laws, but we all still need TOUGH LAWS to scare people enough.
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    And dont think I am just a "Feminist" I am not. I am a "human activist".

    I have both sides of this law in my family. I have lost two cousin sisters, who were "burnt alive" for dowry. And I have also see two of my male cousins dragged to ocur and police under this 498.

    I believe in "Truth should prevail". But as a society we DO need strict laws, who would give jitters to average man before committing any crime..
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    Hi Sonali,

    Sorry to hear your views. But I am rather skeptical about this article. Firstly, the IPC, Domestic Violence Act and Hindu Marriage Act is there to protect every women and every individual who is a victim. And I also believe there are many loop holes in the system which does not give the women any rightful remedy.

    You have studied your subject well. Do you also know that there are up to a staggering 47,649 cases of dowry harassment were not even reported in Delhi. Yes, I would agree that the women who misuse the law genially affect the other victims which are genuine in asking their rightful justice.

    C.AW cell was devised with an objective of listening to the two parties and come to a compromise, a settlement and Protection to the women. Firstly, if there was a problem in the house then that would have been detected by the in-laws, Secondly, the Indian Police system also have a system to follow, a FIR is submitted on which basis the police actually take further steps. THEY DO NOT JUST GET UP AND START ARRESTING PEOPLE.

    No, the 498a is not a barbaric act at all... and the legal system in India is not weak to see through if the case is a reality or not. Primarily, the C.A.W quarantine ever case, summons each party to a table to talk then after querying the case they follow up.

    In court usually each case is argued on merits and then the law and court go through a process of either giving the women the right to stay with her husband under terms and conditions, a mediation between the two families and lastly a settlement if the marriage has come to a dead lock.The court does make effort to save any marriage. If these fail then the charge sheet is failed and the criminal case is argued on merits and severity of charges are filed. For your information a lot more charges come under the 498a and just saying dowry is not sufficient enough to convict a person. Law seeks proof. I state again, the FIR does not happen in 20mins and then the in-law's are picked up in the next 5mins. So hence I question your case!!

    How come you say there are 98% cases which are false? did you get these figures from??..and where is the parliament quoting this, which newspaper? because our news channels and parliament would shut down every NGO and erase the law's lied down..

    You mentioned this is an industry, so is dowry.. so is the fact that every day women are dieing because of cruelty by in-laws, everyday they are being victimized torment and burnt and abandoned by their husbands. Lets not over look this as well.

    There was a case in which I was involved in which a women who was married for almost 7 months and pregnant by 5 months was abandon by the husband and in-law's and she was desperately trying to go back to with her husband.

    Another case only last week where a girl married for 4 years was sent home with divorce papers, drugged and intoxicated that she didn't even remember her journey home and who dropped her. Her whole body was marked with beating by her husbands belt's... she was made to abort 4 times, Its not only heart wrenching to see a young girl going through this but the parents grief is unbearable.

    I ask you what remedy would you give a women who has three girls, the husband abandon's his wife because she is uneducated and then remarries and has two other children by the other women?? Will you house her or settle her? give the girls a education?and what will you compensate her grief, pain and her helplessness... what was her fault she asked...... a women cant stand her husband talking to another women let a lone marrying and having two boy's by another..At times I feel 498a is weak and we should have stronger laws..

    It makes my blood boil when such articles are written trying to portray innocent in-law's, showing that the police just appear out of thick air and the Indian Legal system as being weak.. Believe me it not...,NGO's and Women's cells where devised because of the problems and issues in society and also that women are rightfully housed.

    Sonali, I am quite disappointed with your article because it's not at all factual. But just gives society the wrong picture about Law and the Indian police.

    My advise to you, when quoting statement's please mention the newspapers, and articles you are referring too..

    Thank you


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    Hi Sonali,

    Give me one case that a child was prisoned in a 498a and I will investigate this case my self and get the local fundalmentist who protect children involved.

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    I totally agree with Mr/Ms CAW 's predicatment.

    However Sonalie.

    My questions to you are not based on 30 years old textbooks or 100 year old situations. The cousin sisters I am talking were not even born 30 years back. She was university topper and prettier than anybody I have seen. So please do the homework before quoting such "JAGO INDIA JAGO" compaign.
    Personal grief amd mess should not sully your over all picture of country's situation. You may have been trapped innocently, But if that s the case. Truth will prevail. Dont underestimate other side as well.
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    Hi Ria,

    I work along side women who have gone through horrendous torture which will lead them in to depression and mental trauma all through their life and studying Law. I stand with them in court so I have faith in the Legal System of India.

    Just as a info: Judges who sit in Delhi Courts are intellectually sound people who can see through cases and if they feel the case is false they can dismiss the case. Often this has happened.

    I also has a friend who was extremely beautiful, down to earth and very educated and in-love with her where she got married they were good educated people but her jealous sister-in-law and mother-in-law made life hell for her that her husband gave in and abandoned her..

    Sonalie, it seems as though you have not come to a comprise with your sister in law... Law & Order give opportunities for both parties to come an agreeable term/s and if your sister in law has not then that means she has vagarious charges against your family. My guess is if your charge sheet is filed then she is in very good position to give evidence with proof.

    You also need to understand that when matters reach court it is not fun for either side. I guess she is also going through a lot of torture and pain and cases in India run a long time, in fact years. And no women I think no women wants to waste so much time unless she has gone through immense torture and pain.

    A girl get's married with a lot of dreams. She leave's behind her friends, family, her home, her state even her way of dressing, Just on one faith and entrust - her husband and in-laws will give her love and affection as a wife/daughter... what happens in fact and usally in most cases is that the mother in- law and sister in- law become possessive about their son/brother and feel as they have lost him to another women... Then start the games and then start the mind games and torture.

    Instead of supporting the girl they start to make life hell for her. That is the hardest thing.

    The husband who should be the girls pillar often starts to mimic his parents and own sister so its a no win situation for the girl altogether. However, each case is different. But my absolute key point come to one thing.. The husband. He should be strong for her.

    Sad but true.
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    same explanation is given by terrorist to bomb innocent people in usa in the name of happening in bosnia hezkogvania...even supreme court has called this practice of misuse as legal terrorism.....
    first of all, for murder, put the husband and other guilty parties in jail but law and police and society should dare to raise fingers at maasi, chachi, naani living thousand miles away...
    grow up, today we live in nucleaar family
    apne ghar ke kisse hi nahin khatam hote and no one has time to meddle in any other family affairs...
    our law does not recognise it...
    read the news report in times of india...where a aunt was arrested and kept in jail and five months later police found out that wife was not murdered but was alive and living in different village... and aunt faced the brunt already....

    Jailed for killing wife, who's alive-India-The Times of India

    you will justify that too without shedding a tear for the aunt..
    she does not qualify to be a woman may be....
    aunt still faces criminal charges of dowry harassment now, first murder charges she faced but shreemati 498a was found alive ...and now charges that will cripple and harass the aunt for god knows how many years....
    offcourse you cant do much in this cases...
    but atleast you and caw can acknowledge the misuse......she being a lawyer....

    the problem cant be whisked away and acknowledgement is all that is required...98% misuse....see a chief court justice and newsreader on doordarshan saying that....
    see earlier post for link to the video...
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    I am rather xxx by your post.

    98% percentage cases as you say are false, then I ask why is the high court and supreme court prosecuting altogether? When they know statistically then why daily judgments? Why hasn't your case been rejected? lets not over look the fact that every 3 mins there is a crime against women and that's a grim reality AND 1 IN 6 woman is burnt to death, beaten to death and rapped. Like I said before crime does go with out being notified to the local authorities. Can you dig out the actual numbers for this?

    Which CAW cell are you talking about? you really have misinterpretation of how its run... money is only exchanged between the two parties coming to a mutual settlement through dd, cheque and through court NO CASH is handled their.

    Indus Ladies section of 'Relationship with in-laws and spouse' is full of women who are desperate to seek help? Or are they just false (98%)? have you read shilpa987 's post - where clearly the girl is asking help because she does not know what to do? and she does not want to end the marriage? have you read what her in-law are doing? Women do everything to retain harmony within their relationship and when abuse is generated by a lifetime of chastity some women reach out for help ..Why should she be subjected to mental cruelty? why should be chased out of her matrimonial house? the IPC and DV was bought in to protected women of their rights..clearly.

    shreemati 498a - I was laughing.. oh god , you know a marriage isn't a movie.. but for some it becomes a movie in which it changes the lives of some women forever. Maybe you should watch Lajja on the contrary. Times have changed but peoples mentally and the way they look down at women has'st. If we ask a man to stand up for our rights even in today's era they run like a dog with their tail twisted between their legs, on the instructions of his own parents. Should a women always sacrifice? sita ma, gave agnipariksha for her sincerity, faithfulness... today women are saying NO.. we want respect and dignity. Today women are asking their men to take the jump.. Which man will become Satee for his women after her death.?? Why should a women be forced to abort simply because her in-laws don't want it to be a girl? If people are saying no to dowry, and people don't take it still it is expected. And when expectations are not fulfilled then start the games and beatings.

    Thank you for posting links.. and it seemed like it was a men's day out altogether.. do you really think men will agree to something the DV and IPC has bought in. So that is a natural reaction. Any moment for women fighting for equality results in such campaigns... Nothing new. In the olden days if a women stood up she was either burnt, beaten or humiliated. Is there any difference in today's date? So women like us who stand up we get reporter's and people with nothing better to do standing in front of Jantar Mantar.

    Seriously, I am not a wife right activist.. I am a person who believes that in doing my job correctly for women who have suffered. I am not set in my own ways, my ways have been set by my own experiences and women who have not experienced such things really have only little things to say. Often as much as you..

    I was married to an Indian who was posted in the USA, naturally when we married I was to moved to USA after a month. I was very very happy with the person I was going to marry and the in-laws were just dream parents... when I moved with all of them, my sister in law made hell for me.. even though she was married she would make a point that she would ring the house every day and on her visits she would leave us all fighting's... taunts, torture, and beating followed.. Demand for a flat was made.. my in-laws came back to India and I remember thanking god.. but that was not the end, after a month.. my husband took me to a court in US and I did not have a clue about US let alone the courts.. I had no money, nothing.. I was chucked out of the house of my husband and I was flown back to India by a cousin sister.

    On returning to India in desperation I went to first to my parents house then I went to my in-law house.. and guess what? they had obtained an x party order of removing me from my matrimony house... I was asked to leave and they called the police on me.. and my husband had applied for a divorce. Does that not look like fraud and conspiracy?

    For that year, I didn't understand what went wrong, what I did wrong.. I tried all means to compromise, talk and even asked to go and have counseling.. but no avail.. I couldn't sleep, I lost my job, my own self and even my father through all this.. I took things to the police and after arguing the case in court I did not get even one relief.. and I gave up and gave signed away my divorce...

    Its been 5 years since.. and till now I remember what I was subjected too.. the taunts, the beatings and my sister-in-laws voice. I have not married and neither wish too.. but I ask what was my fault.. what wrong could I have possibly have done to have gone through all this? you see Sonalie when I decided to remarry, I was always looked down at like I was at fault and used... which made me even more hurt as this society we live in doesn't do further justice to women. when one goes through such torture its a life time they have to pay for it, its not just momentary. Its ok for the man he moves on marries and sleep's around but people wont point a figure at him. But a women standing next to even her brother people start talking.... So rightfully the law has done one good thing by bringing in law for the security and safety of women.

    The matrimonial institution mean's a lot for some women and for years women take salient abuse, they sacrifice themselves over time because of society, children and often because they depend on their husbands. But women are become more aware of their rights today and why should they have to go through immense torture and pain? its only when men violate their relationship that women are forced to take their own set of measures.

    Maybe you should have a look at the following links... or would this be false? and scroll thorugh pages in the indus colums you can read some other cases.

    YouTube - Laxmi Burns

    Bold Woman walk sexy, against dowry demand !

    YouTube - Bold Woman walk sexy, against dowry demand !

    CNN-IBN Debate on Domestic Violence Act , 2005 Part-2
    YouTube - CNN-IBN Debate on Domestic Violence Act , 2005 Part-2
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    And do you think that your postings promote any harmony? I am just pitting your mind set.. altogether.

    The CAW cell is an extortion racket for you.. and today the high court is for you... umm I think in your eyes everyone is easily bought.. It does not work like that MS Sonalie...

    Mothers and Sister-in law's are very much part of the abuse the girl takes in a house... Like I said before, if you have not gone through it then you actually have no right to eliminate this factor... Yes, husband is the jerk.. yet the mother and sister- in laws are the underlying factors in many cases of igniting many relations in to flames.

    Yes, many women, many women suffer... because of dowry...

    Sonalie.. how can u even think that woman who want harmony can talk back to their in-laws... you are missing the point completely. And like I said before.. women only approach the law when their torture becomes unbearable... Again missing the point!

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