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travelling to india for a wedding, want to carry my jewellery?

Discussion in 'IL'ites in Abu Dhabi' started by alokgowda, Mar 2, 2014.

  1. alokgowda

    alokgowda Senior IL'ite

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    i will be travelling mid march for a wedding, i have all my jewellery here half brought from here and half for india
    how do u people managage to carry jewellery purchased from here? i dont want them to be put in locker as its a wedding i want to used them all
    have any of u traveled will jewellery of 150gms to india? what is the procedure to declare?
    which is better way to take the jewellery in hand bagage or wear them?
    how is the security at chennai, banglore airports?
    any one recently travelled to any of these airports?
    plz help

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