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Discussion in 'Poetry' started by rgsrinivasan, Jul 16, 2019.

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    That darker hue of gray which does
    Gently mingle with black doesn't
    Lift one's spirits; Instead shows us
    The aging one who's almost spent.

    As the gloomy canvas pales out,
    Slowly at first, a shade of green
    Comes from somewhere without a clout.
    Some say that it had always been!

    The cherubic one's just about
    To arrive, and she showed her joy
    By a shade of reddish gold aloud.
    "Fantastic!", exclaimed one cute boy.

    As time moved, the redness vanished,
    A melancholic blue replaced
    Reflecting the sky as she wished,
    Soon the second childhood surfaced.

    This time it didn't last longer
    And was mobbed by the shades of gray
    Adding that depth so much stronger.
    She's mesmerizing any day!

    p.s. Its about the sea, had you not guessed it already.
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