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Traditions in Indian Weddings!

Discussion in 'Married Life' started by RiddhimaT, Jan 6, 2013.

  1. RiddhimaT

    RiddhimaT Platinum IL'ite

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    Hi All,

    Everyone of us cherish the wedding season, with celebrations extending from 3 days to a week and the pre-wedding shopping, jewellery, menu discussion, music, decorations, wedding cards etc etc.

    In India, we have so many cultures and each culture has its own traditions and way of celebrating that special bonding.

    I being a Punjabi, there were so many things which really stayed in my mind as sweet memories of my D-day. Let me share some:

    1) There is a tradition on the day of the wedding when all your female friends and sisters bring long decorated threads known as 'kalee-re' which they put on your hands signifying not to forget them after the wedding and after they are done, those kalee-re are shook hard by the bride on their heads, if any one thread breaks and falls on the head of any of the friend, it is believed, she will be the next person to get married.

    2)After the 7 pheras around fire, a thread is tied from a bride's thumb and is held by the parents which is given to the husband.

    3)After the last ceremony, parents put some money be it a Re. 1 coin, in the hands and tell the daughter that we have given you everything that we could according to our capacity. Be a good wife and never make us feel ashamed.(A very emotional moment) :cry:

    I am sure we all definitely have a couple of moments of our D-day be it related to any traditional ceremony or any other surprise that was related to your wedding.

    Why not share them :)

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  2. MansiS

    MansiS Bronze IL'ite

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    Hi Riddhima,

    Very True...these simple traditions are such a fun and memories of life time..

    There is a custom in our culture, when after the pheras, all the friends and sisters of the bride hide groom's slippers/shoes and finally you make a bargain to give those slippers.

    I remember, my DH side offered some very good looking guys instead of money :wink:

    but then all said and done, it was real fun and I could see my friends lighting the spirit of Doli :thumbsup
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