Today's Saturday Is Very Special And Beneficial For Us

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    Dear Brothers & Sisters,

    As most of you are aware that Today (18th July 2020, Saturday) is 'SANI MAHA PRADHOSAM' day.

    In order to get rid of all our past / present sins, Do ANY ONE of the following on this Sani Pradosham Day:

    1) Doing PARAYAAN of Lord Shiva Puranam Or Datta Puranam Or Sripada Vallaba Charithraamudhaam

    2) Observe strict fasting on the day of Pradosham abstaining self from eating and drinking.

    3) Doing Abishekam to Lord Shiva and Nandi using any of the items include milk, honey, ghee, turmeric,
    sandal, rose water, rice powder and panchamirtham (a mixture of 5 items).

    4) Recite Shiva Panchakshara Sostram

    5) Chant the Holy Nama 'Om Nama Shivaya' as many times as possible during pradhosam time

    6) Meditate on Lord Shiva

    6) If possible, Do Dhaanam of Sesame Seeds ('Ellu' in Tamil) on this day which is having a huge benefit of
    resolving our sins


    Brief about Sani Pradosham:

    Pradosham is an auspicious 3-hour period, 1.5 hours before and after the sunset, and is observed bi-monthly on the 13th day of every fortnight. When a Pradosham falls on a Saturday, it is called as Sani Pradosham.

    Significance of Sani Pradosham:

    Saturday is the day dedicated to Lord Shani (Planet Saturn). He is often related to karma and troubles based on his position in your birth chart. Everyone fears him for the adverse effects he could bring to our lives. To appease the Lord and avoid such ill effects, people usually keep fasting for Lord Shani on Saturdays. When a Pradosham falls on a Saturday, worshiping both Lord Shiva and Shani on that day adds more divinity.

    Ideal Time of performing the Pooja on this day:

    The ideal time for performing the Pooja is the Pradosham time window, 1.5 hours before and 1.5 hours after sunset.

    How are our sins get resolved by doing worship on this day?

    Lord Shiva is the deity of Shani or Saturn. Shiva is the chief of transformation and destruction, while Shani is the Lord of justice. Shani would destroy the fame, credentials of a person obtained through false ways, and restore honesty and faith in a person, which shall transform them into a better person. This transformation is the ultimate way to reach Lord Shiva.

    Benefits of Observing Sani Pradosham Vrat:

    Observing Vrat (fasting) on Sani Pradosham for Lord Shiva and Shani can bestow you with the following blessings:

    This day is considered ideal for the worship of Lord Shiva and Nandi (Bull).
    Lord Saturn, the planet of Karma rules Saturday, and worshiping him and offering your prayers to Lord Shiva on a Sani Pradosham is believed to resolve your sins and karmic effects.

    Sani Pradosham Vrat is highly beneficial for those who are experiencing 71/2 years transit of Saturn or major/minor planetary period (Dasa/Bhukti) of Saturn in the birth chart

    Absolve your sins and bad karma

    Purify and cleanse your mind and body

    Blessing of progeny and a life filled with health, wealth and prosperity

    Grant progress in career and help recover from financial losses

    Help attain Moksha or liberation from the continuous cycle of birth and death

    Categories of Sani Pradosham:

    Uthama Sani Pradosham:

    It is the Sani Pradosham that comes during the Tamil months of Chithirai, Vaigasi, Aippasi, and Karthigai, during the waxing phase of the Moon (Shukla Paksha)

    Mathima Sani Pradosham:

    It occurs during the Tamil month of Chithirai, Vaigasi, Aippasi, and Karthigai, during the waning phase of the Moon (Krishna Paksha)

    Athama Shani Pradosha

    All other Sani Pradoshams come under this category Athama Shani Pradosha


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