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Today's exam style in 11th and 12th Std.

Discussion in 'Ahmedabad' started by hoda, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. hoda

    hoda Senior IL'ite

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    :ideaWhat do you think about today's exam style in Gujarat???. It seems very impractical.If eduaction style would not be fruitfull to students how can we get good doctors,engineers.scientists,accountants,teachers??? .In gujarat it's semester system in 11th and 12th Std.,so first child has to run after study for 3years conti.,and so parents also.In exam school will give 30% marks ,which includes projects which are always done by parents bez child is busy whole day by running after school,tuitions and selfstudy.student has to attend school regularly though he-she getting coaching in private classes only but for formality they have to attend school.Due to 30% markes from school,child will learn MASKAPOLIS to teachers.
    One another question about this OMR sheet,if shade done by student in given circle is littlebit dark or light then it will gives wrong,though answer is right?

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