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Tips for buying non-stick tawa and saucepan

Discussion in 'Spotless Kitchen' started by fionashrek, Aug 9, 2012.

  1. fionashrek

    fionashrek Silver IL'ite

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    Hi friends..

    Recently, I hired a new maid and she spoiled my tawa and saucepan by scrubbing them with steelwool! I know all of you must have grimaced hearing this! :) Yeah, I am a little heartbroken because both were really in a very good condition, wedding gifts, imported and were my favourite! Anything used to get cooked really well in them both!

    I need to buy a new one now - my in-laws will be here in a couple of weeks. Could you please suggest me a non-stick cookware brand which is not very expensive, but good. I cannot bear another incident when I am not around and my maid scrubs them and removes the non-stick coating! If they are too expensive it is VERY annoying! :(

    Thanks so much,
    P.S. I threw the steel wool in the dustbin yesterday. I was soooo annoyed having lost perfectly good pans!

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