Tips And Ideas Required For A Trip To Niagara And Newyork. Travelling With 3 Yr Old.

Discussion in 'Travel' started by gknew, Jun 6, 2017.

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    Hi ILs,
    I am planning for a trip to visit few places in east coast. We are planning to visit Newyork, PA, Niagara.
    My kid is three and half years old. I havent used stroller for him till now. As this gonna be a long trip and I wanna buy a new stroller for him. I would like to know,how do you all manage to carry stroller when u travel around.(from one state to another). Do you buy one when u reach the destination place?
    Need some tips or ideas..

    Also, pls suggest the must see places in NY,NJ,PA and around. We have 3 weeks of vacation and wanna spend it properly to visit most of the places there. Any suggestions pls.

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