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Time for a break with K2S, again!

Discussion in 'Snippets of Life (Non-Fiction)' started by knot2share, Mar 12, 2010.

  1. knot2share

    knot2share Gold IL'ite

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    <OBJECT id=ieooui classid=clsid:38481807-CA0E-42D2-BF39-B33AF135CC4D></OBJECT><STYLE> st1\:*{behavior:url(#ieooui) } </STYLE>Sipping a cup of tea in your own time is the best experience. I love my cuppa which I suppose some of you might know already as I keep mentioning it here and there and everywhere about it. It’s like a meditation time for me. I nurse a big mug of tea for a very long time and keep brooding over many pointless things. That’s my ME TIME and I have that twice a day. Earlier this morning when my hubby was sweet enough to make me a cuppa, he asked me if I wanted full cream milk or low fat milk in my tea. It got me thinking while I sipped my tea. Today if I were to go to a convenience store to buy a can of milk, honestly how hard can it be? Well there is this ad that comes on TV here which I am totally in love with. Please follow this link.

    Did you notice the varieties of milk available these days from full cream to low fat to no fat to reduced fat to thin milk to super thin milk to added omega to added folate to added calcium…………?? We get more and more confused as to what to actually buy. I am totally with that guy who comes in to buy a can of just normal milk and he is confused when he gets bombarded with all those different versions. You know, our present health condition has a lot to do with these different types of food items that have become available in the market. Look at the olden days when we had nothing of this sort. People were healthy and lived longer. The food was natural and organic. The more we feed ourselves these different versions; our health gets more and more bad and sad. And really the people behind manufacturing all these win a double lottery isn’t it? They process the milk and sell it as fat free or low fat or whatever and all the good ingredients are stripped off it anyway. And we the health crazy mob goes in to buy those thinking it is good for us. Then what do the manufacturers do? They add calcium, folate and what not and sell them back saying “with added calcium, omega, folate etc” and we buy those too thinking we are getting an extra doze of all those now. How silly can we be! By the way, did you know that Donkey and Horse milk have the lowest fat content!.......mmmm…C’mon I am not suggesting anything here.

    I turn around to quickly grab a bundle of mX papers! Yes, do you all remember the mX paper from my last post? Yep, that’s the one with lotsa colourful things to read through. I decided to keep them and after I have collected a few, I decided I would sit through and go through them to isolate the Kamalji kinda news items and save paper cuttings of them to share it with you all in instalments. Eppadi idea?? Actually when I woke up in the morning, everything in the house seemed a bit off-place, shifted a wee bit to one side was more like it. You know sometimes I present OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) characteristics at home and am very particular about how the things are cleaned and dried and mopped and placed etc etc. I remember hearing the news that the recent earthquake in <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 /><st1:country-region><st1:place>Chile</st1:place></st1:country-region> has actually resulted in knocking the earth by 7.6cms off its axis……mmmmm….. I wonder if that has got anything to do with the general shift at home! My hubby very promptly said by noticing the way I looked at things around, “You still have a hang over dear”. I spent some quality time going through a few editions of mX and came up with some paper cuttings. Let’s go through them in random sequence OK? I would still continue strongly recommending reading by mature audience only please.

    How do we elect leaders in our country? By voting of course and back home one need not even visit a polling booth for that because some unknown person would cast the vote in your name. Dutch officials are trying novel ways to entice voters to cast their vote in the municipal polls. How are they doing this? By installing polling booths on public transport and arranging a pop concert. They are trying to reach out to as many voters as possible. Instead of all that, I would say why not follow the policy here in <st1:country-region><st1:place>Australia</st1:place></st1:country-region>. Once we are citizens of this country, it is our duty to cast our votes. Well the same goes in <st1:country-region><st1:place>India</st1:place></st1:country-region> as well, you would say. But here in <st1:country-region><st1:place>Australia</st1:place></st1:country-region>, we get fined for not voting! Aha……that’s a simple technique isn’t it? How many would actually be willing to pay a fine? And the fine is not easy money to let go. It was $50 per head and now I am told it is even more than that. The government has all sorts of facilities available for the citizens to cast their votes, even if you were going to be out of station. They provide enough notice for everyone to make sure that arrangements are made for their vote to be submitted and counted. I love this system. There is no rush at the polling booths here. A day and venue is decided at each council/suburb and people go in, cast their votes and are out with the rest of the day’s work. There are officials who verify your id against their list and then you go, fill the ballot paper and slip it into a box that is always guarded and then Bob’s yer uncle! So maybe the Dutch officials should have a look at this system rathar than spending money on organising pop concerts.

    Since we recently celebrated International Women’s Day, here is something very promising. <st1:country-region><st1:place>Saudi Arabia</st1:place></st1:country-region> will soon be allowing women lawyers to appear in courts, but they should be representing other women in marriage, divorce, custody and other family cases. New rules are being drafted to this effect. Now that seems like a very positive step don’t you think? Here is a new dimension to empowering women. Swiss prostitutes are given training on how to use defibrillators to prevent clients from dying on them!!! Some brothel owners are of the opinion that electric shock treatment to restart a customer’s heart is needed because so many elderly customers are using their services. This step has come into effect after a series of health concerns, some fatal, hit brothel customers in a particular area.

    Now here are more incentives for women. Apparently <st1:country-region><st1:place>Japan</st1:place></st1:country-region>’s All Nippon Airways always asks their passengers to visit the toilet before boarding to help the environment. I quite like this idea. But now they have decided that they will fit its jets with 1 women only toilet per aircraft on international flights. Reason: That was the second most sought after service after being served desserts, from a survey of women frequent flyers! I would like to double check this with OJ da, as he probably might know better. Talking of OJ da here, I stumbled upon just the perfect solution for him, though it has come a bit too late in a certain sense. It’s called the Instant Translator. When tourists have problems interpreting signs or restaurant menus or road signs etc in a foreign country, Instant Translator finds them the answer. All the tourist needs to do is take a foto and Google does the rest. The technology is in its primitive stages right now. On further tweaking one should be able to just point their phone at the object to get the translation. It sounds very similar to our Pranav Mistry’s invention isn’t it? Imagine if this was available when OJ da had been in <st1:country-region><st1:place>Japan</st1:place></st1:country-region>! It would have saved him those few long horrifying minutes of trying to relieve himself in the women’s toilet…..C’mon haven’t you read that episode of his? Go on, it’s hilarious and you will enjoy it. The post is titled A sigh to remember.

    I have finished my cuppa too, so will continue later again but not before sharing something interesting for our Cheeniya ji / Sri uncle! I just received an email which also fits so perrrrrfectly for you Sri uncle and it has come to me in a very timely manner especially after your I am a complete man! post. Here is the copy/paste version of that. I now know how much you love to exercise!

    You don’t need to run marathons; just follow this simple routine. Those
    above 50 can also try.

    Begin by standing on a comfortable surface, where you have plenty of
    room at each side
    With a 5- kg potato bag in each hand, extend your arms straight out
    from your sides and hold them there as long as you can.

    Try to reach a full minute, and then relax.

    Each day you'll find that you can hold this position for just a bit longer.

    After a couple of weeks, move up to 10- kg potato bags.

    Then try 50- kg potato bags and then eventually try to get to where
    you can lift a 100- kg potato bag in each hand and hold your arms
    straight for more than a full minute.
    (I'm at this level)

    After you feel confident at that level,

    put a potato in each bag.

    Have a good weekend folks!
    And oh for some, have a great week ahead!
    Good Night from me.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 13, 2010

  2. sathya

    sathya Gold IL'ite

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    this post simply is informative
    and hilarious

    varieties of milk...
    we still get it from the
    moo moo
    the not so watery ????
    they add on things
    of which they know little
    was i shocked to know
    baby food cost a whistle...!!
    pediasure the big dabba cost 800 plus...?
    the doc assures that it is good
    for lacto in----tolerance...!!
    here we have milk price ranging
    from 15 to 25 and a small tumbler
    of dahi to cost 25....now whatever
    was added to it that it costs all high...??

    the other details from your
    dear mX sure arent new
    but i loved the last red lines the best
    wow wow some exercise routine i thought
    till i read the last sentence...!!

    thats a perfect 2k share...!!

  3. Raji01

    Raji01 Bronze IL'ite

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    ur cuppa sure gives u lot of inspiration and ideas to share with us.:bowdown
    i liked the last gym session :rotfl
    Last edited: Mar 12, 2010
  4. Kamalji

    Kamalji IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear K2,

    What a lovely blog.Here is my answer.

    You are very very naughty writing about brothels and all that.:rotflBut i love it.
    The penalty for not voting, is an idea i like for i never vote, and this will force me to vote at least, some criminal in the power.

    Dying on the prostitute, first time im hearing. HAHA.Just imagine how the female must feel to hve a guy die on her.Now let me tell u a real interesting tale, now that u have jogged my memory.

    This is about 6 to 7 years back i read, i have the cutting somewhere.
    tehre was this fellow in Germany, he had some 4 discos, divorced , now single.

    He gave an ad in the paper, saying that he suffered from various diseases, and could die anyday, he was 70 plus i think.

    And he said, in whoseso ever's arm he dies, while he is with her in the night, in bed, he has instructed his lawyer, and the bank to give her some 2 million dollors .

    So there is a line of women every night, for free for this rascal, and he has a ball, and is still not dying.:rotflIngenious fellow , isnt he ?

    The potato thing, pls tell Cheniya not me.I already look liek a potatoe.HAHA

    About the ladies toilet, listen to this one.Also 5 yr odl

    china has told Air passengers to use the loo at the airport before boarding the flight, for when u flush in the airline topilet a lot of petrol is wasted.They calculated they could save some tens of millions of dollors .Imagine if they had no toilets in the flights, what would happen, people would have to carry diapers.

    And they can sell diapers in the flight, nahin? what a money making idea.HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    Great one, made me laugh a lot, and keep giving us this.

    See who told u writing blogs is difficult? Just let yr self go
  5. Tubelight

    Tubelight Bronze IL'ite

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    Knots Dear !

    It was a lovely tea break and enjoyed that cuppa with you. So long as the cup is filled to the brim with heady chit-chat like this, I dont mind if the tea is green, dust or naturals ; if the milk is fullfat, toned or skimmed ; if the sugar is sucrose, fructose or aspatame.

    Reading labels on packaged foods is becoming a major chore these days. You cant just pick up any old carton of any old thing just like that. And after making sure you got all the variables in the combination deemed correct for you, you end up chomping on something that is certified healthy, but tastes like soggy cardboard.
    Mother's simple motherly advice of " Eat Veggies, drink milk " isn't so simple any more. You pick up stuff from the market and keep worrying the whole day whether the veggies are transgenic or have residual pesticides,if the milk has urea content more than permitted levels. Or, eeek, do you think the cows were given steroid shots or were grazed on DDTed pastures ?
    BTW, have you ever wondered why dish washing liquid always "contains real lemon " and bottled lemonade is always "artificially flavoured" ? Signs of the times maybe ?

    The Aussie method to ensure voting is awesome. If promulgated in India, it could fill the national treasury !

    Yeah, I read about the training given to those swiss ladies .( see? our desi papers are very informative too !) Throwing in a 'health insurance' as bonus never hurt any business,no ?

    Yeah, Instant translator is very Gen.Next. But my newspaper informs me some others are already a step ahead . Do away with language itself ! I believe with some tweaking and smart wiring of the brain, you can henceforth transfer thoughts ! Think of the possibilities ! Its mind boggling !

    Oh ? so you have to put a potato in the bags too for advanced training ?:bonk And here I was wondering why the tiring exercises were not paying off inspite of all my diligence!

    Bye for now Knots. Looking forward to more Tea breaks with you.:thumbsup
  6. susri

    susri Silver IL'ite

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    Dear Jaya ,
    I feel as if I am reading a news paper and tasted different types of cookies. So you are conserving all the interesting news isn't it. :thumbsup

    That's a good exercise....:rotfl . Funny part is that you are following it religiously ?:biglaugh
    Thanks for sharing your cuppa with us. :)
  7. Soldier

    Soldier Gold IL'ite

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    Hi K2S,

    That was a nice newspaper reading session along with you. Felt like I had my coffee break with u.

    We get updated with global news reading to such posts from you.

    I love your style of writing. Hope voting is made compulsory in this fashion even in India.

    The news item on trg to Swiss ladies was hilarious. Instant translators would be a real boon to tourists and everyone.

    I have read a couple of similar news posts from u and enjoyed them. Probably u could also come out with weekly or fortnightly editions like Pranoy Roy's the news this week.!!
  8. ojaantrik

    ojaantrik IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear K2s:

    It was a great read and this for two excellent reasons. First, it helped me solve a problem that I thought was unsolvable. Second, (despite the typos that found their way in on account of the fact that you were too groggy while you were writing the post) it is truly a piece worth reading.

    Let me go to the second reason first. The number of solutions you have offered, guided as you said by your mX papers and ecouraged into thinking by the two XL cuppas are not just humorous and wise. They hold the potential for further research.

    Take for example the Cheeniya solution. The exercise routine you suggested for him has its merits. But cynical as I am, I began to think further. He has clearly indicated to us that he looks the same whichever direction you decide to stare at him from. (You need to ignore his Platonic beard of course, but that's easy. Just reserve your glimpse for his posterior, if you can manage to distinguish it from his other perspectives, and then close your eyes and imagine what the rest of him should be like. And in case you can't figure out which way is which, assume that the beard does not exist.) He is what geometers call a sphere. Chitvish assures me that the sphere is somewhat large too. In fact she said that even I am a smaller sphere than Cheeniya. And that's no mean achievement. For Cheeniya I mean.

    Now, ask yourself what your exercise plan will do to the sphere. Will it change into an hour glass, a wine glass or simply a smaller sphere? Not being too imaginative, the last alternative appeals to me to me most. And if I am right, then by the time he reaches the 100 kg time 2 potato carrier level, what will he be looking like himself? I could be wrong of course, but I suspect that you could mistake him for one of the potatoes he would be carrying the bag. (Of course, the Platonic beard could cause problems. No potato wallah would find it easy to sell him in the market.) But I am worried. With Cheeniya turned into a small potato from a larger one, what's going to happen to the earth's axis? Read earth for IL of course!

    Next, the milky part of the post reminded me of my suspicious wife. She was convinced that they were feeding her camel milk wherever we visited during a Rajasthan trip and had a cup of tea. Now, if you ask me, I have absolutely nothing against camel milk at all, but she was not convinced that it had lethal potential. Could do unknown damages to her she said. She was excited by the sight of the cute baby camels though in a Bikaner Camel Farm. But when it came to camel milk, she refused to turn into a baby camel herself. Incidentally, you haven't given us much information about the food value of camel milk or, for that matter, what it tastes like. I am thristy, not for the milk, but the knowledge. And when you find the time to think about the matter, please try and let me know if they can make icecreams from camel milk. Just curious you know.

    Btw, the Swiss thing reminded me of Salinger's Catcher in the Rye. The immortal scene where the son, in response to a frantic call from his mother, entered the parental bedroom to discover that his dad had had a heart attack atop his mom!! Not funny, but Salinger in his inimitabe style, turned the page into a fascinating read!

    Fining a person for not voting, from an economist's perspective at least, appears to be a less effective mechanism for vote extraction than paying one to vote. We in India have adopted the second option. We come up with schemes like midday meals, NREGA and so on and then ensure that the money reaches only those people who are sure to vote for the money generator. The only problem is that a part of the money is syphoned off by middlemen too and, in effect, people keep paying the fine of poverty. Whether they vote or not. We have acquired supreme efficiency, now that we have been independent for over 60 years.

    Now, why on earth would you wish me to use a translator to prevent me from entering the ladies' room. May be I told you a lie. Who knows? I could have been pretending that I was not the pervert that I actually am!! No, I don't want translators. I'd much rather learn the language and use it to my advantage. Such as pretending ignorance and do the "no no" stuff.

    Well, I guess I have made my penny worth of observations on more or less all the topics you brought up. So, let me get back to the first of my reasons, in case you have forgotten that I have so far been dwelling upon the second reason alone.

    Well, the first reason is that I discovered, after reading your post, that it more fun to read and comment on the posts you enjoy reading than trying to write something yourself and then begin to rant and rave that no one was commenting. You have shown me the way. It's better to comment than to lament.

    And writing a comment is writing too. Besides, you are sure that the author would read you, so you don't get a zero rating for your endeavour. And you can spend as much energy polishing up a comment that you do in writing an independent piece.

    Thanks for showing me the light.

    All the best.

    Last edited: Mar 13, 2010
  9. Meenupanicker

    Meenupanicker Senior IL'ite

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    Dear K2S

    Thanks for the break and you meant it correct

    I also :confused2: seeing such a series of milks wondering what I have to take and wheather it suits my DH.What you said is correct may be all these are contributing to new generation diseases.
    OCD , I have all the symptoms but got diagonised now.So next time when DH become angry with me for rearranging things :idea I will simply say its not my fault its OCD.
    Life saving equipments for senior customers at brothel ,that is hilarious :biglaugh.Who know may be in near future they will appoint full time duty doctor also.
    Fine for not voting is so wonderful idea, but in some of our states if people go to polling booths they are attacked .Then if we implement the law they will be between sea and fire.
    Thankyou for such a wonderful breakBow
  10. Padmini

    Padmini IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Knot2,
    In a very brilliant manner you have made us know all facts by viewing the monitor.
    Your reference about " milk" made my head:spinIn olden times we had only " cow's milk or buffalo's milk but now " fat free" different percentage of fat my goodness. above all one more news which made me
    Milk has been part of the diet for thousands of years. Despite the fact that milk is one of the most nutritionally complete foods available, there are many myths relating its consumption that blame milk and dairy foods for a variety of ailments. Many of these myths have been part of the folklore for centuries and are not founded on science.
    Regarding the voting system, in India, nothing can change the politicians!!!!They may even find loopholes in that!!!
    The plan to increase women's access to court was announced less than a week after a Saudi reformer told American media that empowering women in Saudi Arabia is the key to spreading democracy throughout the Arab and Muslim world.
    The swiss prostitutes episode is after the recent happenings there I think!!!!
    The most recent victim was a pensioner, thought to be having fun with the help of anti-impotence medication.
    <!-- BEFORE ACI --> His death followed a series of other incidents, some fatal, in which heart attacks have claimed brothel customers in the area.

    The "gym' part I really relished it and immediately want to try from today itself!!!!soon you can see a slimran out of me!!
    with love

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