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Tiger-Chinese Astrology

Discussion in 'Astrology Numerology & More!' started by Tridev, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Tridev

    Tridev Silver IL'ite

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    I wish to discuss about Tiger star sign as per Chinese Astro. I have read about the characteristics, that tigers are very aggresive, strong, bold, that they can be very dominating and controlling, I even read on one of the sites that in China some people avoid to have child in the year of tiger, for the worry that if they get a girl child then the woman will become furious and in west they term such lady as Dragon lady.

    When I got married I was not aware of anything in chinese astro, as we in India or Hindu never follow it, slowly when I saw problems erupting in my marriage, I started getting all the feelings that my wife is controlling, dominating, aggresive, strong and bold, all these before even I read anything about chinese astro, and then when I happened to bump into chinese astro Tiger profile I was shocked, I was also devastated to know that I will have no hope in future due to this characteristics, moreover

    my wife is born in Tiger year(1974) , she is also born as Taurus, so the combination of both is very deadly and I have come to beleive or become so negative that I dont have hope that relations can improve or that I have to live like so so life If I have to live with my wife.

    I am a pig as per chinese, even though the combo works website says, but it also warns they are totally opposite and if tiger does not check on aggresive ness it can lead to disaster

    Just want some people to brainstorm , have people come across such personalities and what is the future.
    Last edited: Apr 24, 2010

  2. sabarimathi

    sabarimathi Gold IL'ite

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    I don't believe in astrology. But, i love to read them. Anyway, my ppoint is would have u said so if y'r child were born in the tiger year? Come on, u would then play the devill's advocate . Instead of fearing somebody's predictons, check if u're making a mistake and that would help the family benefit in the long run. Let whatever u've quoted abt y'r dw be true, there is a good and bad side to it . If u're a dutiful dh, u would look only at the good side of it . Just as Ramakrishna PAramahamsa used to say, ' u're in a mango grove to quench y'r hunger and not to go abt counting the no. of mangoes in it; that way u would be lost and there is no solutiion .

    Well i also wanted to comment abt one thing, which u quoted a s' if u love a person so much , u would equally hate her too " . I don't buy this statement. Hold this statement against y'r kids and see if the statement prevails or love alone prevails . If love knows hatred, then the whole purpose itself is defeated. Just think abt, before u start applying .

    All the best.
    Last edited: May 11, 2010

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