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Throbbing ache

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by poons, Jun 23, 2010.

  1. poons

    poons New IL'ite

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    Passing through my veins, to my heart and then hitting my brain
    As I see the blood and I hear the screams
    I don’t know where to go or where to turn.

    A careful thought pierces through my imagination
    And away it floats
    Leaving me in desperation

    You killed me and through me out
    Like trash
    I was chucked about

    Feelings of hate and anger were hidden
    Underneath the wounds
    My feelings are left bitten

    But don’t you sit in peace for too long
    As I will be back to fight you again
    And give the ache back as to you they belong.

  2. Arunarc

    Arunarc Moderator Staff Member IL Hall of Fame

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    Dear Poetry lover

    I want you all to join in the Marathon that is been started for the new year. I will be getting all the old threads on top for you so that you can be the 1st one to answer it. As soon as I see a FB in this thread I will be deleting my post from here.
    Do read about the Marathon here Answering Marathon Contest the rules and regulations of the marathon and the wonderful prizes won for this.
    I will be adding 5 poems everyday. As soon as these are answered, will get in the new ones again on top.

    So my dear friends get started...Ready set go...........
    Let me see who is going to be the 1st one to answer............Come on let us all have some fun around. You can even join the snippet section and stories where I have added a few threads for all the members to answer.
  3. Saraswathipv

    Saraswathipv IL Hall of Fame

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    Hi poons,

    This seem to have been penned down with llots of pain :(. Wish things are better now.
    We look to read such nice but happier words from you.


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