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Three Best Poems To Read On A Birthday

Discussion in 'Poetry' started by Anusowmyan, Dec 11, 2018.

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    For every human being birthday comes once in a year, it’s a special day to celebrate and cherish the life given by God. In the middle of the celebrations itself many slightly feel worried about the age factor. At the same time there are many who take up ageing gracefully and happy all the time irrespective of their increasing number.

    As a point of encouragement many say “” age is just a number”, and the way we treat it is within us. It is quite true, at this juncture, Literature comes in handy because literature is an interpretation of life and life shapes itself in the mind of the interpreter. Reading always helps to overcome any sort of situation and assures great hope and help. Literature holds in itself vast information, we may not be able to read and grasp the whole in a day. Poetry is such a form that there are many simple yet stunning, short &sweet poems that can be read again &again in a day. Even it is easy to memorize &recollect whenever you want.

    According to Edgar Allan Poe, the poetry is “the rhythmic creation of beauty.’’ Poetry, says Johnson, is “Metrical composition”; it is “the art of uniting pleasure with truth by calling imagination to help of reason and its “”essence” is invention.””

    There are many poets and poems in English Language. These three poems are my best choices to read on a birthday, it can be your own or others.

    YOUTH by Samuel Ullman
    Youth ( Samuel Ullman )


    When you 'll see you have nothing to change in your fear,

    When your dreams will come true through the trouble and grief,

    Then you will shine like a star, be the best you can be

    In your heart, in your life, in your dreams.

    Share all your shine with the entire world,

    Make people believe in love.

    In that time when you will shine like a star,

    You will see the path you 've chosen in your life.

    And no one can stop your shine.

    No one can stop you again.

    It's your time.

    Shine like a star, be the best you can be

    In your heart, in your life,in your dreams.

    Share all your shine with the entire world,

    Make the people believe in love

    Then you'll throw away your sadness,

    Then you 'll find again all your happiness.

    Then you'll keep forever your kindness.

    You will never be sad or brightless.

    Shine like a star in the sky,

    Shine like a star through the night.

    FOOTPRINTS IN THE SAND by Mary Stevenson

    Footprints In The Sand - Poem by Mary Stevenson : Pearls Of Wisdom

    These poems are sure to provide you the needed energy, courage, motivation, faith, to lead the rest of your life in a best possible way.

    Books are the best friends, they will stand by you at all times. For a book lover, the poem BOOKS by Gulzar, translated from Urdu by J.P. Das will make an apt read on his birthday.

    Books peek at me,

    sad and wistful,

    through the glass panes

    of my book shevles.

    These days

    I don't meet them

    for months on end.

    The evenings I spent

    in their company

    now pass by

    on the computer screen.

    The books are restless;

    they look lost

    as if sleep-walking,

    the human values

    of cells that never die

    that they taught me

    are nowhere in sight.

    The affinities they brought me

    are all stripped bare

    leaving only moist sighs.

    You can hear them sob

    when a page is turned.

    Their pages have lost colour,

    their words, meaning.

    They now look like dead wood

    which will no more

    sprout meanings.

    Phrases, sayings, maxims

    are strewn across the pages

    like discarded earthen cups

    made redundant by glass tumblers.

    There was a time

    when turning the pages

    would bring a strange taste to my tongue;

    now the click of a finger

    that opens up a whole world

    is only a flitting blink.

    All that is over now

    the intimate contact with books.

    One could lie down

    with a book in one's chest,

    or put it on one's lap,

    take it in hand,

    or place it on the knees

    crossed into a book-stand.

    They are not to be.

    We used to read books

    with a solemn bow,

    and touched them reverently

    with our foreheads.

    Now, God willing,

    knowledge will still

    come to us,

    but what about

    the little pleasures

    the books offered us

    dried flowers and perfumed notes

    between the pages;

    contacts crafted through pretexts of borrowing,

    or even,


    or picking up a book?


    they are never to be.

    Quote by Ella Wheeler Wilcox

    ‘’Tis easy enough to be pleasant,

    When life flows along like a song.

    But the man worthwhile is the one who will smile,

    When everything goes dead wrong

    Remember these lines and make your life smooth. Enjoy every birthday and accomplish your tasks.
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