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Thoughts !

Discussion in 'Interesting Shares' started by needawayout, Jan 18, 2020.

  1. needawayout

    needawayout Silver IL'ite

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    We can just pen down some random thoughts on the quotes we hear and how they impact us.

    this is some line I heard in some video .. ." Making decision is not about picking up one thing but letting go of the possibilities of many more ... "

    These random sentences make so much sense sometimes... More so in an emotional way. Let me explain.When I have to pick a job between the options that I have (say TCS and Infosys). We weigh pros and cons of each job. What happens if I join TCS. What are the negatives there. What are the positives in Infosys and the negatives there. I know I might have spent sleepless nights just to pick one. When I dig deeper into my thoughts, I think my fear was if I picked TCS, maybe I would miss out the opportunity of becoming the CEO of Infosys some day. Or if I picked Infosys, maybe my name would not be in the legacy of great companies in India. It is always the fear of shutting off the possibilities of what could have happened in the other choice.

    Maybe a personal decision would be a better example. I get a matrimonial match. He seems ok in every quarter. horoscopes, salary, attitude, blah blah. But I still dont say yes. Why? I keep wondering. I keep saying to myself that I dont get the "feel" BUt deep deep down in my heart, I know it permanently shuts down the possibility of the "dream" guy. That "letting go" of what might happen... is growing up.

    A simpler example is - I have two groups of friends - office group and college group. Office group planned a trip to New York. College group planned a tour to Thailand. I need to decide between two. I want to go to New York, but what if I miss out on all water sports my friends are going to enjoy in THailand? If I go to NY, something else. As a grown up, I just need to let go of the water sports and maybe go to NY.

    Some things are just not meant to happen the way we want them to. That doesnt mean its the end of everything. You just cant cover everything. Somewhere in the corner of the heart , there is a space for "contentment" Which is very forgiving. It would be happy if I am not in the legacy of great companies. it would be ok if am just a normal employee. It will fall in love with this other guy and dream guy will change to my husband. Maybe NY will become my go-to destination.

    hmmm enough of my rambling. Your thoughts ?!

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