The unfaithful Husband

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    Whenever a man philanders, I hear people say that he did it because his wife was not good to him. I don't buy this hypothesis. But here is a case which tries to prove the same.

    The wife comes home early &finds her husband in their master
    Bedroom making love to a beautiful, sexy young lady!

    "You unfaithful, disrespectful pig! What are you do ing? How dare
    you do this to me the faithful wife, the mother of your children!
    I'm leaving this house, I want a divorce!" The husband, replies, "Wait,
    a minute! Before you leave, at least listen to what happened"

    "Hummmmm, I don't know, well it'll be the last thing I will hear
    from you.
    But make it fast, you unfaithful pig you"
    The husband begins to tell his story .
    "While driving home this young lady asks for a ride. I saw her so
    defenseless that I went ahead and allowed her in my car.I noticed
    that she was very thin, not well dressed and very dirty. She
    mentioned that she had not eaten for 3 days. Wi th great
    compassion and hurt, I brought her home and warmed up the
    enchiladas that I made for you last night that you wouldn't eat because
    you're afraid you'll gain weight; the poor thing,practically devours
    them. Since she was very dirty I asked her to take a shower. While she
    was showering, I noticed her clothes were dirty and
    full of holes so I threw her clothes away. Since she needed clothes, I
    gave her the pair of jeans that you have had for a few years, that you
    can no longer wear because they are too tight on you, I also gave her
    the blouse
    that I gave you on our anniversary and you don't wear because I
    don't have good taste.I gave her the pullover that my sister gave you
    for Christmas that you will not wear just to bother my sister and I also
    gave her the boots that you bought at the expensive boutique that you
    never wore again after you saw your co -worker wearing the same pair."
    The husband continues his story . "The young woman was very
    grateful to me and I walked her to the door. When we got to the
    door she turned around and with tears coming out of her eyes, she asks

    "Sir, do you have anything else that your wife does not use?????"


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    Prathi, I really enjoyed this one !

    Dear Prathi,
    How a man can twist things to his favour !
    A very interesting post.
    Love & regards,
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    Not only men, his relatives too..

    Dear Chithra,

    Not only men, many a time his relatives twist things in his favour too.

    If a guy is philandering, all his relatives/sisters have to say is "SHE was not good in bed..that is why he strayed" and they make it seem so true. Do they really know what is happening behind the locked door?

    I feel that is absurd. There might be few cases but not all. What if the woman was to stray. Would they say the same of the hubby?

    Justifying a mistake is the first step towards killing one's conscience.
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